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As preferred Digital Marketing recruiters, we partner with a wide spread of brands and agencies across the UK. Our employers ask us to find the creme de la creme of the Search Marketing community for their career opportunities.

Phrases like “proven”, “demonstrating great potential”, “experienced”, “ambitious” and “successful” are all on the tip of a hiring manager’s tongue when we ask what they are looking for.

Whether our task is to find an SEO Manager, a PPC Group Lead, a Data Scientist or a Head of Online; we know we’re looking for skilled professionals who  have the personable qualities to match what our employers are looking for.

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It does seem there is a lot of complacency amongst the job seekers of  today. CV’s are supposedly ready come to us without a real sense of where an individual’s strengths are.

Naturally we anticipate seeing a document which has correct grammar, punctuation and  spelling – this varies greatly throughout our average day! Equally important is the need for easy to read formatting and a reasonable length of CV is no more than 2 pages covering the ins and outs of one’s career.

I write this blog in the hope of helping job seekers out there. If you’d like to discuss how to go about putting together a great CV, Email Natasha.


We always look for a PERSONAL PROFILE. This is the summary section of your CV; whereby the reader (your potential employer) can read just this summary and know whether they want to consider you for their job opportunity.

Many people write the generic terms like “focused, driven individual” or “highly analytical, focused marketer” – whilst these phrases are great, they could describe anyone. What you want to do in this personal summary is make a description relevant to you.

An introduction to who you are, what’s your background and what your achievements have been. If you have technical expertise – list the skills / tools you use. If you have language skills – tell us here. If you’ve a degree / MBA / industry qualification – tell us! These facts differentiate you from another applicant and can make the difference from you being selected for interview as opposed to being put into the pile of rejected applicants.

We then come to the content – the area we call PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE. Surely in our industry of digital we know the CONTENT is KING. The content of your CV is so important.

Content is King in CV writing
When giving the history of your professional experience, we’re not looking for a running commentary of your job descriptions. We’re looking for tangible indicators of what you’ve been responsible for , what you’ve achieved etc. These could be technical (SEO, Social, PPC or any other), clients, projects, deal sizes, location ie Europe as opposed to UK, people management (how many?),  budget (how much?), reporting into (the Board, the Marketing Manager etc).

We also look for indicators that you have had clear career progression ie if you’ve been with a company 5 year but been promoted 4 times. This is a little different from someone who has been in the same job at the same company for the last 5 years. Written differently you can make this distinction.

Be sure to be accurate with your dates of employment. We really only look for the month and year you started and completed each role. If there are gaps or you put no months in place, there is the possibility the reader guesses there have been career gaps and then questions start being asked – much better to have the information in place and head off these curiosities before they arise.

We then have EDUCATION. In this section we look for a clear summary of your qualifications. Make sure you give the overview of your education ie Diploma / Masters / Degree with  grade, date and institution. A’levels, and GCSE’s also the same info required.

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The more senior you are the less relevant your school education becomes as these are over taken by the employers desire to see your proven professional experience ie 5+ years in … how relevant is it you got a D at GCSE Maths?  You will also want to include your industry qualification ie Google Analytics / AdWords accompanied by the dates achieved.

Finally you’ll want to include your INTERESTS. The phrase “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is so appropriate. Our industry if full of creativity and employers like to know the people they employ have passion and interests outside of work… they may be highly relevant to the job but also they may be someone you as an individual love doing.

These specs of information give a glimmer of an insight to who you are and can be highly valuable to getting yourself seen as an individual.

With over 17 years in the Recruitment industry, clockworkTalent’s Founder (Natasha Woodford) has the ability to spot improvements that can be made to CV’s. If you’d like to have a confidential conversation about your CV and how to go about advancing your career in the industry, you can send your version of your CV to Natasha for a confidential critique. Email Natasha or call 0203 7514108.

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