Valentines Day…it means something a little different to us!

For most people Valentines Day is all about romance, cards and chocolates. Here at clockworkTalent we’re a big fan of all of those, don’t get me wrong… we love chocolates and champagne. But for us, it’s all about the office dog, Valentino. Or Beans!

Valentines day heart

Valentino arrived with his family on Valentine’s Day 7 years ago and became the centre of unconditional love. Last year when clockworkTalent was formed, Valentino brought that love to the office.

Brett and Tino sharing a moment

He’s embraced each individual giving them undivided attention; although he  has become particularly besotted with Digital Recruiter, Brett Dickinson…. It might have something to do with the sharing of McDonald’s breakfasts but never the less Valentino is devoted (seemingly it’s reciprocated by Brett too!).

Skippy and Valentino besotted

We had a sad moment in the office this week as our beloved Aisha Kellaway (or Skippy, our #1 Bucking Bronco rider in April BrightonSEO 2013) leaves us to return to Australia to continue her studies. It’s not goodbye but more a”see ya soon”… Either way Valentino has promised to Skype his beloved Skippy on a regular basis.

So there you go… Valentine’s Day is all about the love for us here at clockworkTalent…. oh, and by the way – we’re really good at Digital Recruitment too.

Beano with a pink duck

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