Our Office Dog has unwavering focus! Are you as committed to your Digital Marketing career?

Our office dog, Valentino (or Beanz as he’s known to the team), is totally committed to “fetch” – after all he is a working gundog…


Finding things is his vocation.

See how he’s un-waveringly committed to locating the ball. He does this time and time again; and can’t (or won’t) hear anyone’s advise. He’ll continue wagging his tail and “look” for the ball… even if it’s not there… But notice how once he does stop and listen to advise, he immediately changes direction, locates and pounces on the ball. Success! 

We see a lot of similarities in his ball-finding activity to our candidates’ job searches.

We know as Digital Marketing professionals you’re focused and determined, but sometimes you have to take a little advise from those around you, especially when you’re aiming to advance your career. Like Beanz, you’re determined to achieve your goal, getting that foot on the career ladder, and if you take the time to listen to those who know, we can guide you into making the right choices.

We love working at the Golf House (a converted Golf Club building) in Mid Sussex. Our team of Recruiters have ample space to challenge Beanz in his commitment to playing “fetch” when not busy hiring Search Marketing talent.

During the wet winter months we’ve been sticking close to the building, but roll on Spring when we can go out to the old driving range and whack a few golf balls. Nothing like practising your swing to celebrate getting someone a new job in Outreach or locating the the right candidate for a new Head of Digital job!

If you’re like Beanz and committed (albeit to your digital marketing career progression instead of fetching balls!); irrespective of your digital channel specialism, get in touch with clockworkTalent to help steer you in the direction of getting that right career move.

Our Co-Founder has over 20 years Recruitment experience, building clockworkTalert on the principals of providing a professional, quality recruitment service to both job seekers and employers. Using our substantial knowledge and experience in recruitment, we’re able to make CV’s the best they can be to get that interview request; drawing out details of your experience and achievements and using them to make your CV have impact to hiring managers.

Our knowledge of the industry is substantial. Hiring for brands and agencies, both big and small – across the UK and overseas, we’ve a vast network of contacts reaching far and wide.

Once we’ve located the right job possibilities for you, we hold your hand through the interview process – giving you insight into who you’re meeting, the process and feedback. We manage your expectations as well as your future employers. We aim to ensure there’s a match in every perspective.

We also help you with the negotiation of your offer, guiding both you and the employer into an offer which is mutually acceptable. If you are fortunate enough to achieve the job offer and accept, we stick with you.

Helping you through your on-boarding progress in the first few months with the company.

Let us help you (like we help Beanz) achieve your goals! Get in touch with Natasha

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