Who Was The Most Competitive At brightonSEO?

Another brightonSEO done and dusted… But who won our coveted competition? 

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As many within the Digital Marketing industry know, Rough Agenda’s April 2014 brightonSEO was another roaring success. With over 2,000 attendees, the free event was delightful for us to hear that our business partner has yet again raised the bar!

The variety of podium speakers ranged from SEO veterans to first time speakers; all sharing their knowledge and experience with their usual high-spirited enthusiasm and generosity.

Round tables pulled together people who might never under normal circumstances sit round the same table sharing their concerns, experiences and ambitions.

Throughout the day, clockworkTalent had an exhibition stand with a job board highlighting our current jobs. I’m delighted to say we had wide levels of interest for majority of our roles. We also had a high level of interest from employers asking us to help them in sources new jobs.

Accordingly, if you are interested in looking at digital marketing career opportunities I suggest you email Natasha with a CV to ensure you get considered for these jobs.

Towards the end of the day (when the bar had opened) we brought a new game to brightonSEO resulting in a fierce competition between a number of our competitive SEO’ers.

The game was Batak– a challenging, quick paced game perfect for testing your reaction times and stimulating the natural competitive fire. The aim of the game is to touch as many of the targets as you can on the Batak Wall within your allotted time of 1 minute.  The top score is reported to be 152 in 60 seconds… check out the video on how it’s done.

Not that our guys got anywhere close, it did prove to be extremely fun with players coming back over and over again. Initially to better their own score but it then took off with personal challenges. An inspirational start came with Rainmonda, Founder of WeFill Ltd.


Raimonda-Founder of WeFill Ltd

Raimonda-Founder of WeFill Ltd


Then Olivier from iProspect scoring a healthy 51…


Olivier - iProspect

Olivier – iProspect


to be rapidly shunted down the list by Bobby and Dan from White along with Raphael from Search Metrics


Raphael - Search Metrics

Raphael – Search Metrics


who battled it out for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place… With Dan securing the winning score of 71!! Not bad after a couple beers!

BrightonSEO April 2014 - Batak winning Score Baord
In addition to our very own clockworkTalent game, you’ll have been aware of many other challenges being held. Some obvious and fun like Fresh Egg’s Omelette Challenge, some more covert like spot the brightonSEO’er on your journey down to the event…

One blog I really quite liked was slightly clandestine I read was Kristy Barber’s Plaid Hall of Fame!! Have a read and a giggle.

After the Brighton Dome, we moved on to The North Laine pub, a newly converted nightclub in the heart of the famous Brighton Laines.

Drinks and conversation were flowing as BrightonSEOer’s mingled and networked till the early hours. The drink of choice was Sambuca for many, until some bright spark introduced Pickleback’s into the mix. A rather unusual, and pretty lethal drink which consisted of a shot of bourbon followed by a chaser of…. Wait for it… pickle juice. Not the tastiest drink, but it was certainly popular.

Some of the hardcore Marketeers partied on till the early hours. I hope their heads weren’t too painful for their journey’s home the next day.



All in all, I know like us you’ll have had a great time at brightonSEO; Rough Agenda have surpassed all previous events with nearly 50 industry leaders imparting their knowledge and sharing their findings.

Thank you once again not only to all the RoughAgenda / brightonSEO team but all you wonderful Digital Marketers who made the event what it was!! Awesome.

See you soon

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