Great Start To 2014 With New Jobs In Abundance

We’ve come into the New Year with half the office sniffing and snuffling… but there’s no time for that… We’ve got an abundance of new digital marketing jobs to hire!

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As we thought, Brands and Agencies across the UK (and likely across the globe) have started their January revisiting with a vengeance the roles that hadn’t managed to be hired at the end of 2013 as well as offering us newly released headcount. In addition to these,  clockworkTalent have been given the opportunity to hire for a whole host of new companies, further opening up our network of potential new careers for our candidates. Exciting times!

As yet we haven’t seen the notable distinction of which digital channels are in more demand in the job market – it’s too early to tell. Although we see an indication in the hiring there has been a marked increase in the hiring of Analytic roles…. with companies looking for what’s now been labelled “report monkeys” – not a derogatory name but one which intimates the demands of their role – a data loving, report creating Analytics Profession.

Lots of numbers and equations, signifying data and report monkeys

In addition to the Analytics jobs, we’re also hiring for Technical SEO, Account Managers for various digital channels. PPC professionals, Heads of Strategy, Ruby on Rails Development Leads, eCommerce Managers, Display professionals both Mid and Senior, SEO Executives (in abundance) and many many more… You can see them all HERE!

So if you are contemplating looking for a new career step on either a permanent or contract / freelance basis, get in touch with us at clockworkTalent for a confidential conversation. We’ll help get your CV looking it’s best, introduce you to some awesome opportunities and work with you to secure a great career move.

You can reach us on or call 0203 7514108.

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