Digital Recruiters Build Partnership With Agency Oban Digital

It’s always great to get to work with a industry-respected Digital Agency, even better when we assist them in making a speedy hire! 

Don’t you just love it when you start working with someone new and everything falls into place?

clockworkTalent has been fortunate to build a healthy recruitment partnership with Oban Digital, the international digital marketing agency based in Brighton.

Led by Chief Executive, Matt Owen (formerly of JellyFish) Oban Digital is on a wave of growth, powered by the core Sussex team who are digital marketing experts across natural search, content, online PR, paid media, data and analysis.

Oban Digital

Most recently clockworkTalent’s recruitment team helped Oban hire an innovative paid media professional. Now some months later it’s great to hear both parties continue to be pleased with the match (more from the job position holder in a later blog).

Speaking with Head of Operations who helped on-board the new hire, Oban have been pleased how quickly this individual has integrated himself into the business.

This new hire brings with him not only strong Paid Search skills which he is developing into more strategic work, but also fluency in both the French and English language – an added bonus when delivering international campaigns as you can imagine!

Oban Digital continues to grow, expanding their teams’ professional expertise. So it has been great to hear clockworkTalent’s recruitment expertise and digital knowledge has been recognised by the Oban team and we continue to support their recruitment plans.

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Working with clockworkTalent has been a real pleasure. Natasha is a true professional who combines honesty with being fun to work with.  When working on our recent Paid Media hires she took time to find out what was important for us, not just in terms of skills but also fit. She then spent time with candidates to ensure that the opportunity was right for them before submitting.

She cared enough about her successful candidate to follow up throughout onboarding, something which many agencies neglect to do,  and still asks after them each time we speak. This meant that it felt like a real collaboration working with clockworkTalent. I wish more agencies worked this way.

James Smith, Head of Operations, Oban Digital

We took the time to review the mechanics of the Paid Strategist job being hired happened. It turns out it is almost  a text book hire, have a look for yourself below:

  • Day 1 we were given the job to recruit for
  • Day 1-2  we sent two candidates to be considered for the role
  • Day 4-5 those candidates were interviewed
  • Day 14  first candidate interviewed for 2nd time
  • Day 15 candidate offered the job
  • and then just 47 days after being briefed on the vacancy, Oban has their new Paid Search professional start their new job (this is after having served their one month notice period!!)

Anyone involved in the hiring process knows it takes a lot of hard work behind the scenes to make this happen (along with a little luck!). Which is why we bring this to your attention. Collaboration of employer and recruitment specialist goes a long way to improving these statistics.

The recruiter has to really understand the job, the employer’s expectations, the company culture and much more – which is why we take the time to do this, not matter whether the employer is a new partner or one we’ve worked with for years).

Also the recruiter needs to know their candidates, know their ambitions, know the skills they will bring with them. As well as manage the process, act as the go between in booking the interviews, providing feedback, managing expectations and more.

This all goes without saying that the employer and the job seeker need to do their parts to make it happen! We write about these in another blog post but for now it will suffice to say:

  • For the job seeker, you’re doing your own due diligence and at the actual interview – you’ve got to pull it out of the bag and be “yourself at your best”.
  • From the employer’s perspective, yes you’re the interviewer BUT you also need to “sell” the opportunity. Digital Marketing is such a fast paced industry, it is tending to be a candidate driven market – so whilst you do want to have the creme de la creme join your company and it’s your prerogative to choose who you want to join, you do have to make sure the candidate understand why it’s such a great opportunity, not only the job but the company and it’s future.

Apply Now

It’s worth me mentioning, we are hiring a Head of Paid Media for Oban. This is a key client facing role with team leadership responsibilities.

If you have a strong pedigree in delivering paid media campaigns, are innovative and ahead of the curve in your knowledge of Paid Search and Paid Social then this would be an interesting Brighton based opportunity for you. To be considered for this role, apply to or call Natasha directly on 0774 7778390 to discuss the opportunity further.

Meantime if you, like Oban, find yourself in the position of needing recruitment support to hire quality digital talent, whatever the channel or job function, reach out to clockworkTalent or you can always get in touch with the team in another way… A digital way! Follow our Social Media and feel free to send us a message on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+!

Natasha Woodford

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