Digital Marketing in the Tower of London

Whilst most of you will have thought last night was a bleak, cold and rainy night in London… myself and a small group of friends from the Digital Marketing industry had an amazing night at the Tower of London.

Invited by Yeoman Warder, Crawford Butler for the traditional Tower of London’s Ceremony of the Keys.

Yeoman Warder Crawford Butler

This is an event, run like clockwork for the last 700 years; involving the Chief Yeoman Warder at exactly 9:53, dressed in Tudor Watchcoat, meeting the military escort. Together, the Chief Yeoman Warder and the Yeoman Warder ‘Watchman’ secure the main gates of the Tower. Upon their return down Water Lane, the party is halted by the sentry and challenged to identify themselves:

Sentry: “Halt! Who comes there?” (yes they say “comes” not goes, they don’t care who “goes”!!)
Chief Warder: “The keys.”
Sentry: “Whose keys?”
Chief Warder: “Queen Elizabeth’s keys.” (identifying the keys as being those of the current British monarch)
Sentry: “Pass Queen Elizabeth’s Keys. All is well.”

Following this, the party makes its way through the Bloody Tower Archway into the fortress, where they halt at the bottom of the Broadwalk Steps. On the top of the Stairs, under the command of their officer, the Tower Guard present arms and the Chief Warder raises his hat, proclaiming:
Chief Warder: “God preserve Queen Elizabeth.”
Sentry: “Amen!”

He then takes the keys to the Queen’s House for safekeeping, while the Last Post is sounded.

We were fortunate as guests of a “BeefEater”to get out of the rain and be invited for traditional fish and chips (from their local chippie) at the Yeoman Warder’s own Pub (yes, they have their own pub in the Tower!)….

tower of london

Here ending another Ceremony of the Keys and a wonderful evening out for our Digital Marketing adventure.We were fortunate to share the evening with my brother Jason Woodford, CEO of Digital Marketing Agency SiteVisibility.

It was great to have Sam Vadermark and Matt Whelan of The Digital House join us for the evening. As well as Kat Pouwer, CoFounder of +Mustard and her lovely husband Jeremy.

What a wonderful evening, thank you Yeoman Warder- Crawford Butler,  from us all! 

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