Our Specialist Digital Recruiters Have Moved!

It’s not just job seekers who get to have a fresh start. Our Digital Recruiters have upped sticks and moved to a new office! 

Many of you will know and have even been to visit us in our offices in the Grade2 Listed building called the Beehive. It’s been our home for the last 1 1/2 years.

Next door to Gatwick Airport we’ve been surrounded by some of our lovely Travel and Consumer Brands in this iconic managed service building.

The Beehive Building in Crawley


It’s the breaking of a new dawn as this weekend we left our home and venture out into the big wide world. We’ve moved into splendid new offices just off the M23 at Pease Pottage. Ever quirky, we’re now in what was a Golf Club House!

The Golf House entrance


Stripped back to bare bones, we’ve been having fun changing the 80’s cream and brown over to our corporate ID of white and “digital pink”. Taking down walls and putting up walls, its been fun getting to know which decorator, carpenter, builder takes how many sugars in their tea (well, actually they’re all on health kicks currently – completely blown my impression of builders and 6 spoons of sugar!).

new office in process


With all this great space, we thought it was essential having a break out area alongside the work space. We’ve yet to find the footie table with an accent “digital pink” pitch. Although we are now focused on hunting down “air hockey” as so many of our clients are just too good at table football.

new office pinked

So as you all headed off for the weekend to pub gardens perhaps to the Festival of Speed at Goodwood or maybe you headed over to Glastonbury or even chased water spouts along the south coast (yes, that was our own Digital Recruiter – Brett Dickinson).


So back to the last push…the weekend was all about getting the carpets down (all 900 square feet!!), white boards up, furniture put back together (like a jigsaw!) and chairs wheeled in. Finally all the little bits and pieces; kettle, mugs, microwave, dog bowl and much more (oops we forgot the tea spoons!!).

final touches

At long last Sunday night it was complete, for the clockworkTalent team to come on in this morning. Plugging in the laptops (wifi working at super fiber optic speed!!), music on and away we went.

new office about there

Well almost. Some of the team needed a moment as they were really pleased to be back together!

Brett and Tino reunited

Already it feels like home… back to our regular rituals. Although it seems some of us are a little more obsessed with playing ball than others! The rest of us are now busy resourcing digital marketing professionals for awesome jobs we’re hiring. (Did you know we’re looking for a Head of SEO from the UK for an Agency in Sydney, Australia?).

Tino in new office

 I’m sure you join me in wishing all of clockworkTalent the best of luck in our new home.

clockworkTalent can now be reached at The Golf House, Horsham Road, Pease Pottage, West Sussex RH11 9SG. (Just 2 minutes from Pease Pottage Junction on M23 with ample parking). Feel free to drop in if passing, for coffee and donuts.

coffee and donuts

If you’re interested in a career move in Digital Marketing or looking to recruit digital marketing experts into your team (whether it be SEO, Content, Analytics, Paid Search, Display, Mobile, Social Media etc) get in touch with Natasha or her team on 0203 7514108.

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