We Helped A Search Executive Find His Dream Role!

We helped Brian Foley find his dream job as Search Executive with a “freaking awesome” Agency – The Digital House…

Finding a job can be an utterly grueling process.

There’s nothing like creating an immaculate cover letter, only to send it off into cyberspace where the only token you get for all your effort is an automated reply confirming your submission.

It sucks.

When I first got a call from clockworkTalent, the initial company I was supposed to interview with lost a major client and ended up cancelling the interview I was scheduled for. clockworkTalent said they would let me know if something else comes up, and they actually did!

Natasha gave me a call 2 days later saying there was another opportunity in an SEO position if I was interested. She took the time to talk with me, figure out what I want to do with my career, what experience I had, and what my strengths were.

She helped me through the whole process; from interview questions to preparation strategies, and picked up her phone whenever I had any questions. I was always kept informed, I knew what was expected of me, and that gave me time to concentrate on putting my best foot forward and properly preparing for the interviews.

Afterwards, when Natasha called me to tell me I got the job it was the best feeling in the world. I believe at the time I described it as “freaking awesome”.  I had gone from sending out mass applications and handing in CVs to the local pubs, to a job that is relevant to my career with an amazing company that I enjoy going to work for.
clockworkTalent is phenomenal, and I can’t recommend them enough.

Brian Foley, Search Executive at The Digital House

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