A Word From the Team – clockworkTalent Are Hiring Again!

We love coming to work, working among a team of great professionals and speaking with loads of incredible Digital Marketers… It’s about time we hire again! 

I’m really fortunate to work with great people (I have to say that don’t I? I chose them!!)

No seriously, here at clockworkTalent we’re really fortunate that we like what we do and we love who we work with. And that’s not just our clients (both the employers who are hiring and the candidates who are job seeking), but also our team.

Having just come back from a quick trip to France, I thought it’d be nice to buy each of them a bottle of bubbles (after all it’s so cheap in France, who’d notice another few bottles in the back of the car!).

Popping them on their desks before they came in this morning, it was lovely to see their faces light up (was it the alcohol or was it that they were just pleased to be remembered, who knows?). From my side it was just nice to see them happy – it’s a bit like buying a holiday souvenir for one of the family.

With all the holiday chit chat over, it was a great time to ask them… “what makes clockworkTalent a great place to work?” We’re hiring again, so how do we tell someone what it’s like here?

From my perspective, I know I enjoy it. I am continually saying coming to the office is a bit like going into the Tardis. You start your day, and then in what feels like the next minute it’s 4 o’clock. You look up again and it’s gone 6 o’clock. How does that happen?

It is relentless but when you love what you’re doing and you’re working with great people, time flies by. Lo and behold we’re in mid July and we’ve no idea where time has gone! It’ll be brightonSEO again soon!!

Valentino, a black working cocker spaniel

I was speaking with Laura, who we only hired earlier this year. She’s hit the ground running as a digital recruiter. To date, amongst her successes, she’s already tracked down several “unicorns” for global agency iPropsect – a Data Programmatic Director and a German-speaking SEO Account Manager.

Laura tells us she “loves the inclusive feel of working in a digitally savvy, like-minded and hardworking peer group”. That she loves the open plan office in the countryside! She also tells me she loves having an amazing boss to work for (but at this point I think she was going for brownie points!).

I also spoke with CJ, our most recent hire, who graduated in Media Studies and is now the Social Media voice of clockworkTalent. CJ tells me what he loves is working with equally passionate people, where there is always something going on. He said that the strive for success is infectious and the general ethos of team comradely makes it a beautiful place to work. (Again looking for brownie points? Who knows, it might be true!).

I also asked the real boss of the office – our VP (Vice Pooch) of Talent, office dog Valentino or as he seems to have become known “Beano” – what he thinks of working at clockworkTalent. In short, he loves it!

The office is a converted Golf Club House, we’ve acres and acres of countryside surrounding us… so regular break times come with ball throwing, ball kicking, teeing off and yet more ball throwing. He also tells me it’s a great place for him to snooze, tucked up with his favourite golf or tennis balls and possibly his favoured toy of the moment (a crinkly racoon). Do note, he’s the only one allowed to snooze!!


If you can see yourself fitting in with this lot, and you already have a genuine interest in digital marketing and/or recruitment, do get in touch. We’re ready to hire again.

If you’ve got a natural passion for success, have a curious mind and genuinely like people then perhaps we’re the place for you to start your career.

clockworkTalent hires Digital Marketing professionals across all channels for Brands and Agencies, throughout the UK and overseas. With a business partner in Kelvin Newman, who founded our industry’s much loved conference brightonSEO, we’re the only recruitment agency to exhibit at all the Rough Agenda events & conferences.

As you can imagine this partnership leverages an incredible network of contacts for clockworkTalent throughout the industry.

If you want to find out more about the role including how to apply, follow the link: Junior Digital Marketing Recruitment Executive

For all other Digital Marketing jobs from our Brands and Agencies, click here: Job Board 

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