What’s Your Career Utopia?

Finding the perfect career move is surely something everyone strives for? Find out what our expert Digital Recruiters believe goes into making the Utopian job…

What Makes a Job “Utopia” For You – Money? People? Culture? Career Potential?

One of my pet phrases which seems to pop into our conversations with candidates time and time again, is “what does Utopia look like to you?” – “What’s your perfect role, perfect company, perfect career path?”. The team have not gotten bored of “high-fiving” every time this word comes out my mouth!

With the pressure to be successful at the back of everyone’s mind, clockworkTalent strives to support our Digital Professionals in driving forward their growing careers. We recognise that whilst not everyone is motivated by money, it is what makes the world go round.

Interestingly, when we start our dialogue with job seekers (candidates) we discuss the types of jobs they’re interested in. What are their strengths? Ambitions? Once having refined what they might be looking for, only then do we begin to discuss possible job options– on occasion, however, it only takes a couple of minutes, sometimes seconds, before some people ask “what’s it paying?”.  This normally indicates to me that the finances are going to be important. However, some people don’t ask about the money. Literally, not at all.

Stepping Stones

The questions these people ask run along the lines of… “what’s their training budget?”, “what are the career prospects of the role?”, “what’s the team like?”, “who does this report into and how long has he/ she been there?” “what kind of tools are already in place?”. These questions help us, as the recruitment partner, understand what really interests the individual and, therefore, what motivates and is important to them.

We’re all different, we recognise this, and the more you as the job seeker can share with us, the better we can do in finding you (and I’m sorry team for using my favourite phrase) utopia – the perfect career move!! This is our goal, to find you the best possible advancement of your career… and if that’s not possible then the next best one!

We aim for utopia and work backwards from there! We endeavour to meet and match your personal requirements… the job function, company culture, training possibilities, allotted clients, industry specialism etc etc. For each and every one of you I guarantee it’s different – this is why we spend so long getting to “know” you… discussing your options, your thoughts and ambitions.

Interestingly, the differences between what is important aren’t related to the level of experience the individual holds. – it’s our personalities that dictate this… and as we know, everyone is different!


So we recognise money is important to some people but not as important for others.  I’ve heard people say, I’m happy to move for the same money but I really want to work in a work/life balanced company, or with a peer group I can relate to, or in a company that recognises the contribution of individuals, or a company which will enable me to contribute to the conference circuit. These “non-financial factors” can be vital non-negotiables to a job seeker, more important than the money they are paid.

Interestingly in my “almost 20 years” of recruitment, I’ve found that securing someone the “right job” in the “right company”…. the money nearly always follows.

So if through our careful questioning and your own soul searching, we find you the “right company”, with the “right team”, doing the “right job”, with the “right career path potential”, then I’d be pretty certain we’d see the “right money” follow in the offer.  There are lots of conversations going on in the background, which you as a job seeker are not privy too.

clockworkTalent provides offer management as part of our service, meaning that statistically we’re more likely to secure an offer which both parties are happy with. But as you and I had initially diagnosed, you weren’t moving for the money, it was these immeasurable components making up the culture, environment and career prospects which were the determining factors for you.  It demonstrates how these early conversations we have with our job seekers are so important.

The more you’re able to share and enlighten with your preferred recruiter, the better we are working on your behalf, to find you that elusive Utopia!

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