Valentino On Valentines – Why I LOVE My Job

The Head of Dogital here at clockworkTalent is not only a key member of the team, he is by far the most excited to come to work each morning. “Why?” we hear you ask. Well, as a little treat for Valentines, let’s find out…❤️❤️

Valentino, a black cocker spaniel

Oh boy, I love work – it’s the best!

When I wake up it’s all I can think about. Mum is rushing around the house, drinking some hot brown stuff and getting her things together, and I follow her so she doesn’t leave me behind. Sometimes I’m so excited, I even forget to eat my breakfast!

Then we jump in the car and I sit in the front – I am a big boy after all! We drive for a little while… I can’t tell the time so no idea how long for but it feels like forever! When we get close to work, I recognise the buildings and my tail wags like crazy. Mum parks the car and I can’t control myself… We’re here, we’re here… Let me out, let me out, let me out!!

Mum grabs her bags and goes to open the front door to the office. I am ready, my nose is pushed up against the window, as soon as the car door opens I am going for it! She walks back to the car… Oh boy… She reaches the handle… OH BOY… She opens the door! Ahhhh!!!

I run in as fast as I can, pushing the door to the place Mum calls “work”. The door swings wide open and I sprint to the end of the office looking for my favourite tennis ball!

No one else is here yet, we’re the first to arrive. It’s just me and Mum in the whoooooole office. I know what I’ll do, I’ll wait on my bed for the others.

The time seems to go so slowly waiting for them. Mum goes straight on the phone, talking about feedback, jobs and something called a “unicorn”. I like feed and I do big jobs, but I have no idea what a unicorn is!

It feels like hours until the others come… Are they coming? Where are they? Are they coming?! It has been only minutes (I think!).

Then I hear another car. That must be them, it just must be!

I run towards the door and stand on my back legs with my front paws on the window ledge. It’s them, it’s them!

I can hear them walking towards the door… Oh boy, oh boy!

The door opens and it’s Emma! I run to get her a gift… I know just the one, my tennis ball!

I grab my ball and sprint back towards her! I am so excited it’s not just my tail which is wagging, my entire bum is!


Oh-uh, her scarf… It’s really long! It goes all the way around her neck and down towards the floor. Its got me, I’m tangled! Must. Wiggle. Free!

Emma goes and sits down while I follow her, making sure she gets to her seat safely.

I return to my bed, ready to get on with the day… Then the door opens again.

It’s CJ! AHHH! I run towards him to say hi, go to get my tennis ball, then back towards him again.

Hi CJ. Hi CJ. HI CJ!

That’s all before 8:30am, I think… did I mention I can’t tell the time?

I return to my bed, now it really is the start of the day. Time to have a nap.

On some days, Dave from upstairs comes in, he likes to give me a rub! I like Dave.

I try to sleep, but every now and then I am woken up by Mum who is on the phone… she does that a lot. She’s always happy though, doing something called “emails” and speaking about “utopia”.
Time flies so quickly and before I know it it’s lunch! Everyone always has such amazing smelling food. Emma has a ham roll or soup or leftover pizza. CJ has an orange or a banana or some biscuits. Mum has a salad or soup or Sharon fruit… Whatever that is!

I want all of it. I may be a bit greedy at times, but I love food so much! Sometimes I get a little bit of something, and it makes me so happy… and a little drooly. Sorry about that.

I’m usually peckish, so I will stare at the tin which has gravy bones in (yes, I know where they are hidden!). I know it’s cheeky of me and I don’t always get one straight away, but my puppy-dog eyes wear them down eventually! Gravy bones are the best. They even play a little game with me, leaving some around the room to find – I love doing that!

Valentino, a black cocker spaniel

I also love getting cuddles. I sit next to my colleagues and scooch closer and closer, just so they know I’m there. When they can tear themselves away from those weird screens, they give me a stroke… I like it most behind the ears!

Towards the end of the day, they even let me sit on their laps! When I do that I get to be the same height as them. It’s amazing the things you can see… like the tin of gravy bones…

We get to play ball as well. I love playing ball. We go outside into this huuuuuge grassy place and they throw the ball for me. I go get it and then bring it back. It’s such fun and I can do it again and again and again! Sometimes they throw it into this tree and I have to go find it. My nose has never let me down!

After that, I am usually tired, so I sleep again.

At the end of the day, it’s time to say goodbye to everyone. I say goodbye to Emma, to CJ and to my tennis ball which I am told to leave by the door.

Me and Mum go outside and she opens the car door. I love work so much that I don’t want to go… but when Mum goes to her side I don’t want to be left behind so I jump in.

Then we head home… and I’m already missing work, but I know I will get to go back real soon!

That’s why I love work, it’s the best.

Valentino, Head of Dogital at clockworkTalent.

Want to see what Valentino gets up to when he is hard at work? Check out this video –❤️❤️ A Day In The Life Of Valentino ❤️❤️





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