The Benefits Of Social Media When Job Seeking

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest. All social media platforms that could stop you from getting a job, OR they could help you!


Over the years, much has been published heeding warning to job seekers in their use of social media – with the majority fear-mongering how it can hinder their success in securing a job! Well, we are here to tell you this is not entirely the case.

Social networks can be used for as much good as they can for bad. It has been suggested that a third of all employers will now use social media as a screening process, making decisions upon candidates according to what is, and what is not, on their social media pages.

Yet this is not a statistic to be frightened of, instead it presents a huge degree of possibility and can be used to the advantage of a job seeker. You can completely manipulate the path for a recruiter to walk upon, digesting carefully considered pictures or statuses which you think may enhance your application.

Social Media – Soft Skills

Looking at a job seeker’s social media profile can give an employer an indication about their soft skills, skills which are obtained through activities outside of a professional or educational capacity.

We have spoken of this previously, where voluntary work and/or travelling can gather valuable attributes for a job seeker which are not always visible on a CV. Thus, by conveying these via social media, whether by photo or text, a candidate can appear more appealing.

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Connecting With The Industry 

You can also use social networks to connect with the industry you want to work in. Considering Digital in particular, the entire profession lives online, with LinkedIn being a focal point for professionals and brands to connect with one another. Job seekers should use this to their advantage.

By demonstrating their connection with the industry, recruiters can sense commitment and passion, both attributes found in successful candidates.

Most importantly, you can show interest in the company you are attempting to work for by following, liking, favouriting or retweeting them; generally engaging with the brand. This, of course, extends to all social networks, with greater reach and regularity increasing the chance you will become noticed.

Do’s and Don’ts

With careful consideration, social media accounts can be hugely beneficial when job seeking, enabling an employer to see you outside the parameters of a CV.

Of course there are a list of things to avoid; conveying inappropriate / unprofessional behaviour in image or text; using particularly expletive or offensive language; lying; disrespecting the industry / company etc.

Something also to avoid, especially in Digital, is to use technology or techniques incorrectly, such as using #unnecessaryhashtags which do not bolster a status or tweet.

According to a recent study, 59% of all professionals do or would amend profiles on personal social media accounts to make them appropriate for employer viewing. Are you a part of the majority? Or are you missing out on a good trick?

Do not be afraid of social media when job seeking, invest in it, spend some time making it advantageous for you, you may find it can get you places – maybe even your dream job.

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