Talent Churn In Digital – Are we expecting too much?

Today, you are working as a new, excitable PPC Executive for a boutique Digital Marketing Agency in Brighton. Tomorrow, you are leading your own business and about to employ your 65th member of staff.

Digital moves fast (maybe not that fast but you get our point). As Digital Marketing Recruitment Specialists, we see, meet and get the pleasure of working with people from all walks of life. From fresh graduates straight out of University ready to embark into the big wide world of Digital, to highly experienced business owners with a story for every occasion. The busy-bee, London commuter who works a 60 hour week, to the countryside-loving, rural freelancer who posts one Facebook status every few days about their escapades across the country. We know them all. Yet, they still manage to surprise us.

Since our humble beginning 4 years ago, we are constantly astonished by the rapid career movements of Digital professionals as they progress from job to job.  Still a relatively new industry, the pace at which Digital is expanding does not appear to be slowing down, with new agencies sprouting up all over the place on what feels like a daily basis! New faces keep appearing at our doorstep, wanting to join the Digital steam train and become another checked shirt in our sea of plaid. We secure for employers their ideal candidates and we find candidates their ideal careers. It’s a win-win. Yet, in less than two years, we have those same candidates coming back to us wanting to go through the process of job hunting all over again, but at that next level. What happened?!  Where has the internal career progression gone? Where is the succession planning?

Apparently, this is not just the case in Digital. A recent study into career changes by the London School of Business & Finance (LSBF) found familiar sounding results as to that we have been witnessing. According to them, 47% of the UK work force would like to make a career change, and within this 66% of Millennials also want to make a change (people aged 18-34, which is the dominant age group within Digital). Surprised? To be honest, we weren’t; this is what we see on a daily basis. There are of course a huge list of variables which determine an employee’s unhappiness / reason to leave a role, which we will not risk diving into in this post, but should always be considered.




Everyone and anyone is welcome to speak to us if they are job seeking, and what we are seeing more and more is people, of all ages and backgrounds, contacting us because they do not know what they want to do as a career. Which career path to take in Digital? What do their core skills mean they will be good at? Most industries are expanding, more jobs are being created, and the choice of career is so much greater than it ever has been before. Result being, people keep choosing careers which are not right for them because they know no better. As a recruitment agency, our approach is to know a job seeker better than their own families do, but on a professional basis. We want to know as much about you as possible to find you the perfect career in Digital. We can identify the indictors which mean you should be in Digital (passion for the industry is obviously a key criteria). If you do not have these qualities, we will be upfront with you, and offer the best advice drawn from our experience that we can to put you on the path of your ideal career route.

You may find the treatment you get from other recruiters out there, especially generalist ones, not as understanding as you might hope. They may place a candidate in a role just to say that was job done and they can move onto another. For us it’s not about bums on seats, it’s about finding the right hire for an employer, but importantly the right job, team, company and career for job seekers. We would much rather spend the time necessary to find one candidate the right move than to have over 100 candidates shortlisted just for the sake of an interview. We’d rather send just 1 or 2 people to the interview who are so very right, than 7 who could all just do the job!  General UK labour turnover is high, as proven by the LSBF’s study, yet there are ways to reduce this. We spend time and commit to our candidates to ensure that the job they get placed in is the right one, with the right people, the right career path and the right company!

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