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We Helped Him Once. Now He’s Back, And We’ve Once Again Found Him The Next Stepping Stone In SEO…

We meet such great people doing this job. Providing a professional recruitment service to such a niche industry like Digital Marketing, after a while it feels like everyone is your extended family.

Everyone knows everyone, and if they don’t then it’s pretty likely you’ll both have a mutual acquaintance!

So I share with you a recent scenario where we’ve helped someone progress in their Digital career. Twice!

As a rule, our recruitment agency will never “come back in” and re-approach someone we’ve placed in a company. However, if that person reaches out to us directly, that’s a different story. In our mind, it’s all about having a good conscience, morals and scruples.

It would be as if the job seeker were proactively making job applications (this is acceptable) by reaching out to us, rather than clockworkTalent headhunting someone out of a job (this is an unacceptable practice) –  we just wanted to make this clear before any of our employing partners query the following.

Hiring in Digital Marketing Means Finding the Perfect Candidate

A recent project will stay prominent in my mind as it stemmed from an introduction 2 1/2 years ago! The MD of a great agency in Manchester, Simon Wharton, recommended one of his own staff to me. Said staff member, Digital Marketing & SEO expert, was looking to relocate back down to Brighton, to stay within our tight-knit Search community.

Casting my mind back to early 2014, I am pleased to say he was snapped up by one of the now larger agencies in Brighton where he had the fortune to advance and fine tune his Content, SEO and Digital Marketing expertise.

So it was to our delight when he recently reached out to me, asking whether I knew of any local challenges which would play to his strengths, yet keep him within Brighton’s vibrant digital hub.

Timing is everything, because at that moment we were expanding the SEO team within our Integrated Digital Marketing Agency, SiteVisibility. This is the Brighton agency behind our much loved brightonSEO conference – and also so happens to be a partner agency to us here at clockworkTalent!

SiteVisibility is an Integrated Digital Marketing Agency

This is how, a couple years after a mutual introduction, we’ve been able to help someone’s career progression not just once, but twice! Dan Collier has now started in his new role at SiteVisibility and left these kind words for us on our Social Media channels:

Natasha and clockworkTalent have helped me find two jobs now since my move back from Manchester, and I couldn’t have asked for a more helpful, transparent and encouraging recruitment process. I’d happily recommend Natasha and the team to anyone.

Dan Collier, SEO Manager at SiteVisibility

I am sure you join me in wishing Dan continued success in his career at SiteVisibility, and if you, like Dan, are looking for career progression and are a skilled digital marketing professional – why not get in touch with the team via or call Natasha on 0203 7514108.

As always you can get in touch with the team in any Digital means you choose, including: TwitterFacebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

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