SEO Hire Made Easy As Specialist Recruiters Employ The Personal Touch

September 2016 was a memorable month for the team at clockworkTalent, exhibiting at a legendary Search Marketing Conference and assisting in multiple, successful Digital Hires; just like this one!

Not only was it another sensational brightonSEO at the very start of September, but we were also involved in many great moments of recruitment. One in particular was for an agency whom we have known for many years but had never had the good fortune to hire for… until now! As the Director of our specialist recruitment agency, I (Natasha) nurture many relationships across the digital landscape, and one who has just recently been recognised as an award-winning agency, Gravytrain, were in need of an experienced SEO Manager.

Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency GravyTrain

Looking at our records, I note we first started speaking with one of their co-founders back in 2013 after a brightonSEO conference – Managing Director, Kevin Taylor.  Over the years we’ve seen Gravytrain move into new offices, put down their roots in Teddington and build an award-winning team, led by the sensational Head of Digital, Dan Whitehouse.

With a relationship developed over a few years, we had got to know each others strengths; with clockworkTalent coming to understand Gravytrain’s  company culture, their clients, their successes and where their ambitions are taking them. At the core of this agency is a philosophy which underpins everything they do. Their mantra is to:

“Be Brave” 


For Gravytrain, to be brave doesn’t mean aimlessly diving head first into the unknown, but to fully commit and focus on achieving a goal. This is their approach to work and has been the backbone of how they operate.

The Drum Search Awards Logo

It’s been really great to see the industry recognising the achievements they have made. Most recently by The Drum Search Awards 2016:


Best B2B Campaign – SEO

Best Use of Paid Search as part of a Programmatic Strategy – PPC

Best Use of PR – SEO (Commendation) 

Best Financial Services Campaign – PPC

Best Financial Services Campaign – SEO


Best B2B Campaign – SEO

Time To Expand

When Dan told me of plans to expand the SEO team, I knew I had just the guy for the job. An experienced technical SEO practitioner, who could hit the ground running. He would bring with him a breadth of experience and knowledge from running site audits to building a strategy for a key client. He would roll up his sleeves to get the job done, and to cap it all off – he’s a really nice guy! The kind of guy anyone would be delighted to have on their team!

We arranged the interviews to take place on the day of brightonSEO. For me personally it’s always a complex day which involves wearing many hats. Networking with 4000+ Digital Marketers at this amazing search marketing conference is paramount, but also ensuring all was progressing smoothly on the recruitment front. Believe it or not there were some digital marketers who were not at brightonSEO… although it did feel like clockworkTalent had them all out at interview!

When hiring or job seeking with clockworkTalent you may notice we’re a little different in the way that we work, liaising very closely with you throughout the entire process. Employers look to draw upon our recruitment expertise and job seekers look to us to hand-hold them into the right job with the right offer; resulting in accepting something awesome. It is this close management that resulted in a speedy call with Dan, post first interview, asking if the interviewee (who had just finished the interview and was heading home) would mind hopping back onto the train and returning to the Gravytrain office to immediately meet with the MD!

Match made. We knew this guy was going to join the team!

Perfect Fit with Jigsaw Pieces

This SEO Manager had thoroughly liked everyone he met, the commute was great (heading against the tide of London-bound commuters) and he loved the digital marketing campaigns and strategies Gravytrain was executing. The timing was perfect and the job could have been made for him.

By the following week we had a confirmed offer for him, and by the next Monday he was already at his new desk and everyone was delighted in how quickly he hit the ground running and became a “brave” new member of the team!

So having checked in on all parties over the last few weeks, ensuring everyone was still happy, this was indeed another superb recruitment match. It was great to receive a recommendation from Dan about our recent SEO hire:

Natasha has a very personal approach that creates an everlasting connection with her clients. She works with you to find the right candidate rather than sending across an unrelated bunch of CVs. I feel her investment in the people sets her apart from the rest

Dan Whitehouse, Head of Digital, Gravytrain

Big thanks to Kevin, Dan and the team, we look forward to seeing even more awards added to the list! 

If, like Gravytrain, you are seeking a recruitment partner who knows the digital marketing landscape and will take the time to get to know you, your company and your hiring needs OR if you don’t want to sift through hundreds of CV’s to find that one gem but prefer a recruiter who shortlists for you, only presenting the right people for the job – then reach out and contact the team at clockworkTalent by either calling 0203 7514108 or emailing

You can also reach out through digital channels, through our website or social media: TwitterFacebook, LinkedIn or Google+

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