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The reason why our job is one of the best in the world is because we are lucky enough to make people truly happy, and it has happened again!

In mid May we received a speculative email from a Digital Marketing professional. As a result of her partner finding a new job and their subsequent relocation from Hampshire to Hertfordshire, she was seeking a career move. Sam was just the person we love working with. Over the phone she was self-assured yet modest, and knew she wanted to further her career in Digital Marketing.

In 2013, Sam graduated from the University of Essex and decided to pursue her true passion by taking on a wide range of Digital Marketing responsibilities. With a strong emphasis on Content (she was a English Lit graduate after all) and good exposure in SEO, Social and Analytics, she’d also undertaken personal development in working towards Google Analytics Certification. In addition, some of her campaign work had received industry accolades! We knew this was one bright bunny.

Everything about Sam told us she’d be perfect for one of our Global Travel clients, as well as many of our other clients! Here’s what Sam had to say about working with us at clockworkTalent…

I contacted clockworkTalent when I was seeking a new job due to a relocation to another part of the country. Natasha was one of the first recruiters to return my call, and spent plenty of time talking to me, figuring out my personality, skills, and ambitions to see where I what type of role and at what type of company would suit me. 

By the end of the phone call, Natasha had established at least three potential roles that would suit me, one of which was already in final decision on a candidate.

After some seriously quick work, less than two days later I had a telephone interview with the company in last decision. After fifteen minutes on the phone, I’d been offered the job.

I believe that many other recruiters would not have had the foresight to put me forward for a position with the interview process so far along, and I am hugely grateful for Natasha for taking that risk – it paid off!

Getting the job so quickly has made the whole relocation process far less stressful, and I can’t wait to start my new job with a global travel company, with great perks, exciting projects, and lots of opportunity! 

Samantha Chilcott, SEO Executive

We wish Sam all the best with her new career and hope she stays in touch. We are sure she will go on to achieve many more accolades!

If you’re in the Digital industry and are thinking about your career options, feel free to get in touch with the clockworkTalent team to discuss what would be right for you.

Check out our Contact Us page to get in touch with Natasha and the team!

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