Senior Technical SEO Consultant Secures An Awesome Career Move!

It was my great delight when one of our industry friends rang to tell me he was looking for a career move. We knew William from meeting him at our business partner’s, Kelvin Newman, industry events (brightonSEO etc). I’d always perceived William to be a smart guy – intelligent, articulate, motivated and ambitious – all of the qualities so many of our Employers look for. Knowing Organic Search was his background, with both solid tech SEO and content SEO skills, this made him so attractive for all of our clients hiring SEO jobs at the time.

However, speaking with William and hearing what he wanted to do and what was important to him, we knew the right home for him was with SEO and Content Agency, BuiltVisible.

Upon introducing him and scheduling meetings, William worked hard; doing his due diligence, preparing himself for the interviews and presentation. Lo and behold it was a match made in heaven with both parties, and we were able to make the offer to William only 2 weeks after his first initial contact with us. Once the contracts were signed, William was able to head off on holiday knowing he had a great company and career path to return to.


Below are the kind words William said about his experience as a job seeker looking for a SEO career move in the digital industry:

After meeting Natasha at a conference and being considerably impressed by her knowledge of the industry, Clockwork Talent were my first port of call when I started looking for a new position.

Unlike other recruiters I’ve talked to in the past, Natasha really took the time to know me as an individual – my strengths, experiences, preferences, etc – and only suggested opportunities she knew I’d be interested in.

Throughout my interview process, the support and advice provided she was invaluable; enabling me to prepare effectively, perform well on the day, and, ultimately, secure my position.

Clockwork Talent would always be my number one recommendation for a digital recruitment agency.

William Nye, Senior Technical SEO Consultant at BuiltVisibile

If you’re in the digital industry and thinking about your career options, feel free to get in touch with the clockworkTalent team do discuss options which would be right for you.

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Natasha Woodford

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