Self-Taught Digital Marketer Secures Dream Career Move

“I realise that I would not be here without the support and help that clockworkTalent provided me with and cannot recommend them more highly as a recruitment company for the Digital Marketing industry”

You know you’ve found talent when raw ambition and tenacity shines through, none more so than with Nick Adams (wait until you read how much determination Nick brings with him when he tells you about interviewing for this job!). We had met at one of last year’s BrightonSEO conferences and it was clear to all of us that he was a nice guy with a great personality.


Having seen his portfolio it was also clear he was an excellent photographer. However, a recent new addition to the family meant he was looking to utilise his marketing skills in a new career direction. During our series of discussions we talked through a lot of the challenges this career switch could bring him, all of which Nick convinced me he would embrace and overcome.

We then set about looking for the job opportunity. It had to be “right”.


Having worked for himself, Nick brought with him a wealth of life experience, but he would need a carefully balanced environment where an employer could recognise this and allow Nick to feel empowered yet still support him into an environment of working for someone else where he would become, in the short term, one of the least experienced digital marketers in the team.


Nick has been kind enough to share his story of how clockworkTalent supported him into landing his new digital marketing job at the top Online Management Training Company, Mind Tools.


The transition from freelance to full time work can be a difficult one. Due to a change in circumstances I made the decision to make this career move from Freelance Photographer into Marketing. I had been very successful in marketing my own business and had learnt many of the skills needed to find a job in the digital marketing industry. However I didn’t really know where to start. I was put in touch with Natasha from clockworkTalent who after a lengthy conversation assured me I had the knowledge to secure a job in the industry.

After our initial telephone conversation we met face to face at the BrightonSEO conference where we discussed potential job paths and companies. Natasha wanted to ensure that the job she put me forward for was both suited to someone transitioning from freelance into full time work as well as allowing me to continue with my creativity. Natasha also had to ensure that she paired me with a company that understood the value of real world experience of marketing which having marketed my own company was one of my main selling points. What I lacked in formal qualifications Natasha could see I made up for in real life experience and knowledge in both marketing and business.

The process of finding a company that suited a candidate like myself was never going to be a quick one however I was very surprised to be told by Natasha that she had found me an interview at a company called Mind Tools after just over a month. Natasha briefed me in and told me to do my due diligence which I proceeded to do using the information Natasha provided as well as my own research. I arrived feeling prepared to my first interview and immediately realised that Natasha had paired me perfectly with a company which I felt I would fit in immediately. I was successful in my first interview and invited back for my second interview!

On my way to my second interview I was nervous but determined, then suddenly “pop” my tyre exploded and my car shook violently. I was extremely frustrated but decided that I would try everything I could to get to the interview. I managed to limp my car off of the motorway and pull into a nearby layby. I then abandoned the car and put on my best “I’m friendly” face and stuck out my thumb. I was picked up by a friendly man who drove me the whole way to the office where I think my story definitely helped influence their decision to offer me the job!

I have now been at Mind Tools for over two months and honestly could not have asked for a better match in terms of a company. The attitude towards work and towards employees has definitely helped me with the transition into full time work. I can truthfully say I come home with a smile on my face knowing I am working in a company that appreciates me and is actively interested in helping me to develop.

Nicholas Adams, Digital Marketing Assistance, Mind Tools

As a recruitment partner to Mind Tools, clockworkTalent have assisted with the hiring of several key members of digital marketing team. It will be our pleasure to watch Nick’s career continue to progress as he fine tunes his best practice skills and experience in Digital Marketing. I am sure you will join us in wishing him continued success!

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