Recruitment and Pinterest – Pinning the Perfect Placement

The image is prestigious, somewhat meticulous. It’s ambitious, yet ambiguous. Hilarious and serious. Frivolous yet generous. Ostentatious, conspicuous and pretentious. But how the ruddy hell are recruiters meant to use it?!

Our previous blog post looked into how Instagram could be used from a Marketing perspective, with the power of the image at the forefront of most modern marketing. When considering such, recruitment is not known for its relationship with the image, mainly due to the fact there is no physical ‘product’ or service to advertise.

Yet this should not prevent recruiters from using such Social Networks. Only recently have we truly adopted Instagram as a way of showing our followers what it is we get up to behind the scenes, which is a great way of making us appear human!

Beyond Instagram, one of the largest image based Social Networks to consider is Pinterest. As of the beginning of 2012, Pinterest witnessed the daily amount of unique visitors increasing by more than 145%, with a report indicating that of January 2012 there were 12 million unique visitors. At this time, it was further reported 97% of all users were women!

Of course these statistics have more than likely changed since, in particular the demographic of users has reportedly shifted from almost a complete saturation of female users, to between a third and a half of all new users now being male.

How Recruiters Can Use Pinterest

From a recruiter’s perspective of any industry, this is good news. The larger the market, the higher the chance the perfect candidate is on Pinterest.

Yet what is difficult, and the following points have often been expressed across the web, is how recruiters can truly embellish the Social Network.

As a purely image based network, a recruiter is demanded to be innovative and creative when considering what approach to use. Pinterest doesn’t actively offer the chance for jobs to be advertised, nor does it make it easy for users to find jobs.


From what we have discovered since joining the network, is the power of tagging. Much like the hashtag on Twitter, a tag on Pinterest will organically spread a pin or board across the network. The more considered the tag, the more likely it will reach the ideal users.


To make it even easier for users to find you, recruiters can create ‘boards’. This invites room for innovation, as a board could be entirely designed around: jobs, industry news, interesting infographics, or, and much like Instagram, it could humanize your brand.

Regardless of what is chosen, the outcome must be engaging and informative, and always linking back to the recruiter’s website.

The important thing is to not make it all about the job. As vital as the job is, a stream of information can deter potential followers from engaging with your brand. There should be a carefully considered mix of job adverts and fun, creative content about the industry and your company.

Alongside this, it is important to engage with the market. Repinning and favoriting is imperative to establishing relationships with users. The more you engage, the more likely they are to follow you.

clockworkTalent Pinterest

The reason why we at clockworkTalent have decided to move onto Pinterest is twofold.

Firstly, and as suggested earlier, it is one of the fastest growing networks on the Internet, offering a huge potential for Erecruiting and connecting.

Secondly, with wearable technology on the rise and Social Networks being more dominant than ever before, the need for glancing adverts is ever more important; hence adopting image based adverts at this stage could be a vital step in anticipation of future marketing and job searching.

Image based Social Networking is most certainly on the rise, with more and more businesses and individuals finding their way onto the sites. For recruitment, the platforms should not be ignored, but instead embraced as another form of advertising and networking.


Please do find us on both Instagram and Pinterest to see how we are using it and to connect!

And check out our job board for all the latest from the world of Digital Marketing.

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