Another Job Seeker’s Recommendation And We’re To Hire Again

We found the solution to a heron’s problem. 1st Class Graduate joins a brilliant Sports Betting and Gaming company and recommends our Digital Marketing Recruitment Service…

It was nearly 4 years ago when I met a likable and intensely passionate, 1st Class Hons BSc graduate of Maths with Computer Science from the University Of Sussex.

Great with numbers, he told me he loved programming as well as computer science generally. It was also clear to me he had a naturally curious yet logical mind. In addition to all of this, Adam Newman was genuinely passionate about sports.

This blend of personable attributes, intellect, education and experience made Adam perfect for a boutique consultancy who have a lengthy track record of providing algorithms for the best in Sports Betting and Gaming – Heron Solutions. Below are Adam’s kind words of how clockworkTalent secured him the role at Heron.

I was lucky enough to answer a post from Natasha when I had recently graduated in 2011. I was in my first job out of University and looking for something more challenging and fulfilling. Natasha’s approach made me feel relaxed from the outset and it was clear the focus was on understanding what I was looking for, as well as measuring whether Heron and I were a good fit for each other. I’ve now been happily working with Heron for 3.5 years and the job continues to challenge me and offer a variety of experience for me to grow as an individual.

Adam Newman, Algorithm Consultant, Heron Solutions

And here we are again, with the pleasure of hiring again for Heron. We’d like to replicate what we did for Adam in his career move to Heron. As a boutique consulting firm, they’ve worked with Adam; investing in his training and development so that he is now a valued member of the team; developing maths engines and creating algorithms for leading Brands in the Sports Betting and Gaming sector.


We’re looking for an individual who is passionate about getting a career, has a natural interest in sport (it always helps to love what you do) and confident in programming back-end.

So if you’re great with numbers, have a love for programming in C#, experienced in .net and SQL, then this could be the opportunity for you. Whilst this role is home based, you’ll be working with remotely based colleagues in Sussex. To help with logistics, it’s ideal if you too are in Sussex or within a reasonable commutable distance.

If you would like to apply for this position or get any more details about it, please email or find us on our Contact Page.

Natasha Woodford



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