Yet Again A Successful Hire! Global Scientific Manufacturer Secures Digital Content Manager!

Brands from a huge variety of industry sectors come to us for our Digital Marketing Recruitment expertise. Read what a scientific manufacturing brand had to say about working with us…

Having exhausted their own network of contacts and become discouraged with local recruiters unable to find the quality of digital marketing professionals they were looking to bring on board, Bibby Scientific were introduced to clockworkTalent as specialists in the field of digital talent.

Receiving the job requirement in early Feb 2015, clockworkTalent were tasked with finding an all-round Digital Marketing professional to join a major manufacturer of scientific laboratory equipment as their Digital Content Manager. Interestingly, it was not in the digital hub of London or Brighton but in rural Staffordshire!

Scene setting, Bibby Scientific has always been innovative in their traditional marketing when compared to peers in scientific manufacturing.

This traditional industry has been a little slow in their uptake of Digital Marketing, but Bibby has Digital Marketing at the forefront of their strategic growth; investing in a new website, SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Content and Social.

With a wealth of Digital projects on the horizon, they knew they needed to secure themselves a key hire to drive their digital marketing strategy to the next level. Ultimately this was an urgent hire and we had to find the “right” person for the role… someone who is up to date in digital marketing practices, a great fit with both Bibby’s overall company objectives and who would also work well with their existing team of marketing professionals.

That’s where we came in!

Digital Lab

We heard that the decision makers had seen  lots of “good” people but they were either too junior, too senior or just not right. It was clear this employer needed help to find the right person. clockworkTalent, as part of the service, were able to advise and guide Bibbby on both the role requirements and the type of background which would work well in their environment; working closely with the Marketing Director.

During a period of time we screened a lot of professionals, some not right, some we couldn’t move fast enough for but then… UTOPIA… with just two interviews and some psychometric testing, we got the end result of bringing on board a candidate who loves the opportunity. The hiring manager knew he’s got a safe pair of hands joining his team!

The hiring manager, Marketing Director Robert Skehens, had some very kind words to say about working with clockworkTalent…

Having identified the need for some dedicated digital marketing support at Bibby Scientific within our busy department supporting and promoting the high end science equipment we make in the UK and sell globally I approached a number of Agencies.

After a number of unsuitable candidates reviewed and a few interviewed I found myself getting frustrated at the pace of this important recruitment. I was then fortunate enough to make contact with clockworkTalent. The very first interaction was an extremely in-depth telephone call from Natasha to fully explore the role, the requirements and the skills / personality of the ideal candidate. From this call it was clear that clockworkTalent were extremely knowledgeable in the area of digital marketing and their practical programmatic approach really helped me explain precisely what I was looking for in this new role.

Natasha and Laura then went about their search and quickly came up with a number of high quality suitable candidates. The biggest challenge was the requirement for them to be local enough to work in our busy marketing office.

I was delighted when my most recent interviewee submitted by clockworkTalent walked through the door. It was clear that they had been well briefed on the job requirements and were an excellent fit which just makes the interview process so much easier.

The candidate was ultimately successful and will be starting in the next few weeks.

From the start to finish of the recruitment process clockworkTalent were professional and efficient. I will not hesitate to use them for any future digital marketing needs Bibby Scientific may have in the future.

Robert Skehans, Marketing Director at Bibby Scientific

If you too are having difficulty finding the right digital marketing talent to on-board and would like a recruitment partner who can offer advice and work closely with you; guiding you into making the “right hire” please do get in touch.

Laura Waddington

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