Didn’t You Know We Hire Not Only In The UK But On The Other Side Of The World – Australia?!

From time to time you get a client who poises an interesting conundrum… and we love a recruitment challenge!

In Marketing We Trust

Last year, In Marketing We Trust (IMWT) – an independent SEO Agency from Australia – got in touch. They were looking to secure SEO talent to lead a team in their agency; located in Manly Beach, near Sydney, Australia. Knowing the UK digital industry is the most advanced in terms of technique and process, this was where they had been concentrating their search.

The Managing Director, Frederic (Freddy) Chanut, had only recently made a trip through Europe, so unfortunately it wasn’t possible for us to meet face-to-face. Yet we did have frequent in-depth conversations discussing the professional and technical characteristics Freddy was looking for, as well as the type of person who would work well both with Freddy and the team.

It appeared they had been trying to source the role themselves for a number of months, coming close with several of candidates but never finding the perfect match. So from my point of view, I had a client whom I’d not met, wanting to hire a senior manager; yet they had already tapped a significant chunk of the potential market themselves!

In addition, it was going to be a limited target pool of talent who would be appropriate for this role. We were looking for the illusive – a blend of technical SEO with impeccable people skills, and a real DESIRE to relocate to Australia. Here at clockworkTalent, we love a challenge!

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We knew the route to success for this project was going to be what Headhunters call “Advertised Search” – a blend of targeted headhunting (we knew what technical skills we wanted as well as the level of experience) AND how to identify those who could possibly want to uproot themselves and relocate to the other side of the world!?

This would come down to advertising – at clockworkTalent our network spreads far and wide. We’re experienced in hiring across the UK, mainland Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia, and our contacts cover the breath of the globe. Our depth in industry knowledge is also expanded through our business partner Kelvin Newman, the trainer and conference organiser of BrightonSEO. As you can imagine with clockworkTalent being the preferred Recruitment Agency and exhibitor to these popular events  – our Social Media reach is vast.

Freddy has been kind enough to provide us with a reference of the work we did for him, in bringing a wonderful Head of SEO, Onder Vincent Koc, to the team:

My 1st dealing with clockworkTalent was a mission impossible: Recruiting a top gun to be my new head of SEO and move from UK to move to Australia. As a new search agency, I needed someone with really solid background, that could also fit the culture and team and would not cost me an arm and a leg.

I spent 7 months searching for the right person, I used a number of recruiters in Aus. and the usual LinkedIn, Inbound.org, G+. I was not really sold on yet another digital recruiter.

I can only describe the surprise it was for me to deal with Natasha and the clockworkTalent team. They are not just recruiters, they are professional match maker. She asked all sorts of questions to be 100% sure the new hire would not only be skilled enough but also be the right fit. She has gone above and beyond her duty to find me the right person.

I will ask their help again as my team is growing and I forwarded Natasha’s details to a number of my peers working for top web companies. If you are serious about hiring the right person for your team, talk to them.

Frederic Chanut, Managing Director of In Marketing We Trust


If you find yourself wondering how on earth you’re going to locate that “perfect” Digital Marketing hire, or filling that Technical SEO Manager job, or PPC Specialist role, get in touch with clockworkTalent by emailing our Director Natasha Woodford.

You can find her on our Contact Us page.

Natasha Woodford


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