Ready, Steady… Go! And He’s Off!!!

It is with really great sadness we wish one of our early clockworkTalent’ers bon voyage… As Brett takes leave from the digital industry to start new life adventures in AustralAsia… We wish him well and, you never know, he may rejoin us as our Australian partner in years to come!! Farewell, Adios, Au reviour, Bon Voyage and Hasta la Vista, Baby!…… Over to you, Brett Dickinson…

A new journey begins,

Nineteen months ago, I started a new journey. A journey of highs and lows, rocky roads and roller-coasters, with plenty laughs and tears along the way, as well as bull riding, golfing and pistol shootouts at dawn. Nineteen months ago, I started a journey with Digital Marketing Recruitment Agency: clockworkTalent.

Along this journey I’ve learned an almost overwhelming amount of information about the Digital Marketing industry, I’ve also learned a lot about myself, and my love of this industry.

Building a brand in a competitive market is never an easy feat, but with Natasha Woodford’s expert guidance and an eager and dedicated team, we have succeeded to build a recruitment brand that is now recognised and respected by experts across all Digital Marketing; and clockworkTalent has become  a “turn to” recruitment partner for the industry.

However. All good things must come to an end. And for me, that end is now… It’s not a bad thing.. 🙂 It’s the beginning of a new journey.

From the end of February I’ll be off to Australia to start a new life (via Hong Kong, the Philippines and whatever other fantastical places take my fancy on the way).

I shall be swapping my winter coat for swim shorts and sunnies; and this Christmas (I know it’s a while off yet), I shall very likely be wearing my sunscreen and having BBQ Turkey here.. 🙂


I mean who wouldn’t want to swap this cold, dark, wet and windy England for that?

Natasha often refers to herself as the Godmother of Digital Marketing recruitment, and I, perhaps her estranged Digital Cousin.. 🙂

Our team at clockworkTalent has always been a close one, more like a family than a group of work colleagues, and I shall miss them all dearly; but most of all I will miss my sidekick, my pal,  Beano, the office spaniel…

Office Dog w Lanyard

I’m going to be pretty lost without my furry friend, with no cuddles and play time in the mornings. We’ve grown a very strong bond Beano and I, and I’m sure I’ll pine for him as much as he will for me. We have already agreed that I will be Skyping with him at least once a week. 🙂

In all seriousness though, whilst l’ll miss the Beanster muchly,  I’ll also miss everyone I’ve worked with over the past year and a half. All the candidates, clients and exhibitors I’ve met along the way have all been great fun, and it’s truly been an honour to work with you all. So if you’re reading this… Thank you kindly.

I’m gutted that I’ll be missing BrightonSEO in April, and won’t get to say goodbye in person to all the great people I’ve met during my clockworkTalent journey…… but then again.. I WILL BE LIVING ON A BEACH!!!! … (so maybe not so much 🙂 )

But for now… I  just want to say…

 So long.. and thanks for all the fish..

Digital Recruitment Specialist-Brett Dickinson- rubbing shoulders at the BAFTA's

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