More Kind Words From A Digital Marketer – He’s Landed His Dream Job!

Romanian Digital Marketer secures his dream career move in the UK with the help of our Specialist Recruiters. See what he had to say about working with us…

We have another nice recruitment story to share with you, where I was introduced to an experienced online marketing entrepreneur who had come to London to further his career.

Having taken his own eCommerce businesses to solid stable positions in his home country of Romania, Eduard Serbanoiu wanted to experience working for someone else. He wanted the chance to progress and advance his own self-taught digital  / eCommerce skills and work within a team focused on digital marketing.

With Eduard reaching out to clockworkTalent in mid June; we went through our normal process of spending time getting to know him; understanding his professional experience as well as his ambitions.

We deliberately ask questions which require our job seekers to do a bit of soul searching; we try to get under their skin and understand what makes them tick. We do this so it gives us indications of  which company, which team and ultimately which job might suit them best.

Every company is different out there, every job has its own challenges and, importantly, every team or business has a different vibe. We do our best to be able to second guess our candidates in what they might like / dislike – this getting to know you stage is important. So ultimately we’re only putting in-front of them the “right” job options.


Eduard’s been kind to give us his own interpretation of how clockworkTalent helped him find the right Digital client-side job as Digital Media Manager at Leisurejobs – a Group of companies offering recruitment, consultancy and headhunting services to the Leisure Industry

Having started our search for him mid June, he starts his new role this Monday… in total just 36 days after first speaking with us! During this time he’s been through the process of 1st, 2nd and 3rd interview, receiving an offer and now he’s just in the final preparation of getting himself sorted to start his new job on Monday.

Here’s what Eduard had to say about clockworkTalent’s recruitment service…

Back in Romania I had already applied to about 80 jobs- only a few recruiters called me back but nothing materialized.

I have to mention that back in Romania I was an E-commerce Entrepreneur so I never have been employed or been to interviews until now.

Upon arriving in London,  I decided to meet with a friend of mine –  Olivian,  who was also new here in UK and looking for a SEO job. We met and while we were drinking a beer he said: ” Eduard, I will recommend you to a great recruiter that I like very much”.  Note: Natasha has also just found him a great job!)

The next day Natasha from clockworkTalent called me. I was a little bit nervous but after 2-3 minutes I wasn’t anymore. We talked about 30 minutes and all this time Natasha was building me something like a profile by asking me her great questions. She knew exactly what to ask me so at the end of the interview she knew what kind of job to find for me.

A week passed. On my own initiative, I had my first interview for a job in Southend-on-Sea. The interview was very good but I didn’t got the job because the owner said he only needs an eCommerce Admin, while at the interview I presented myself more that that although I didn’t asked for more money 🙂

A few days later Natasha called me regarding a Digital Media Manager role for a growing company here in central London. She sent me the details about the interview, she talked me through what was expected and she prepared me like I was her student.

I went to the interview, had a test and after one week I got the job!

Eduard Serbanoiu, Digital Media Manager, Leisurejobs

I’m sure you will join me in wishing our new friend Eduard all the best in his new career! Congratulations and well done!

If, like Eduard, you are looking for the perfect Digital Marketing job and want to speak to a recruiter who truly understands the landscape, you can either email us:, or check our job board for all the latest!

Natasha Woodford

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