How To Use Google+ To Secure The Perfect Job

Google+ is a highly contested social network, but with the redesign at the end of 2015 there’s the opportunity to use it to secure yourself the perfect job opportunity…

In our series of ‘How To Land The Perfect Job Using Social Media’ we have already discussed using Twitter and Facebook to nail the search for your step up on the career ladder. It’s time for the next edition, and we’re turning to the Overlord of the World Wide Web – Google’s own social network: Google addition. Sorry, “Google+”.

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Google+ is very much the elephant in the room on the social media spectrum, with a lot of people avoiding talking about it due to its flaky past and uncertain future.

However, the platform is very much up and running, so why not use it to help yourself secure the perfect job?

Having undergone a recent redesign, the potential for Google+ could be huge, so don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Google+ Profile – Setting Up

As with all social media channels, the first thing to do is set up a profile which accurately represents you online.

You can set a profile picture (keep it professional), a cover photo, contact info, education, work history, places, story and site links.

It is important to make sure you fill in all the information accurately and thoughtfully, bearing in mind who you are wanting to see it. On that note, for each aspect you can change who can view the information – a point we will return to later.

Arguably, the two most important parts of your profile are “Story” and “Links”.

Story – Tagline

By adding a short biography about yourself, it behaves almost like a cover letter when applying for a job. This is your opportunity to sell yourself to a potential employer, adding in what it is that makes you different from everyone else.

You can add links (ideally to your own website or previous work) and sum up your key skills. Make it personable, make it engaging! Make an employer want to contact you.

Sites – Links

On the subject on links, here’s your chance to truly show them off!

Google+ allows you to add links to your other social profiles (including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc.) as well as to your blog/website. This is your chance to convey to a potential employer all the other ways you present yourself online.

Make sure to add them, this is a trick you do not want to miss out on.

If you work in Digital Marketing, this is especially important. Having your own blog or website (a future edition of this series of posts) can be crucial to you landing the dream job. It’s a chance for you to show off your skills and practice techniques.

Who Sees What? 

When adding in all the information to create a virtual you, you have the chance to select which of your connections see what. This can be a big bonus for a job seeker, as you can almost guide an employer to seeing exactly what you want them to see.

Google+ Logo over the home page
However, there are also drawbacks to this. By hiding certain aspects from certain people, it could appear suspicious. What do you have to hide?

Be cautious when choosing. You can always change it in the future, but you may only have one opportunity to make a good impression.

Circles – Segregate To Differentiate

Unlike other social networks, Google+ allows you to group those you are following into “Circles”.

Circles could include Family, Friends, Colleagues, Professional Connections etc. etc. Really, the title is entirely up to you, and you can have as many circles as you want.

People grouped into different colours
Thus, you can separate all the people from your industry into one group. Once they are penned into the circle, you can see what they update and post directly to them.

This is a unique and great way of accessing your industry. You can stay abreast of news whilst making a name for yourself by contributing to the discussion.

Use this feature to tailor and design what you say for specific individuals. Boast about how great you are as a Digital Marketer to other industry professionals (and potential employers), whilst boasting how good your homemade chicken korma was to your friends and family.

Make sure you engage with others in the circles. Don’t just leave them there to stagnate. Post your own updates and respond to their posts. If you can start a discussion, then people will remember your name; a point which stands true for all social networks!

Communities – Job Seeking and Industry News

Similarly to Facebook and LinkedIn, Google+ has a feature entirely dedicated to particular groups of individuals.

By using the search bar (it just so happens, Google is pretty good at this!) you can find “communities” which are appropriate for you.

Grey People Wearing Red clothing
This could, and probably should, include industry news and updates, as well as communities dedicated to job seekers.

For Digital Marketing, as an example, there are communities named “Internet Marketing”, “Content Marketing & Social Media” and “Web Development”. Each of which have thousands of members who share an interest for the given topic.

Following on from this, there are communities titled “Job Search + Resume + Interview”, “Google+ Jobs Forum” and “Job Openings, Career Opportunities and Networking”. Although they are probably not specific to your industry, your dream job might be being marketed in one of these communities!

Once again, it is important you contribute by posting and engaging with other member of these communities. Get recognised! And make sure it is for the right reasons…

Collections – Stamps, Coins… Jobs!

A “collection” on Google+ is a selection of posts collated by one user. As Digital Recruitment Specialists, this is something we have spent time organising to help job seekers and employers quickly find what they are looking for.

For example, we have a collection dedicated to all our live jobs, called “Digital Marketing Jobs”. People seeking a job in Digital Marketing can follow said collection and see new updates to the board in their home feed.

clockworkTalent's Google+ Collections
This is an incredibly useful way to stay in touch with jobs, news and updates from an industry. It also shows the collection’s owner you are invested in the topic they are discussing.

It’s always worth following the collections hosted by businesses / industry influencers you would love to work for. Showing a vested interest and staying in touch with company updates can set you up nicely for a potential interview!

Google+ Plus

As a nugget of advice, due to the controversial nature of Google+ it is suggested you do not focus all your efforts on this Social Network. Instead, use it to support the other social media platforms which are out there, notably Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The more pies you have fingers in, the more likely your efforts will be noticed by an employer. Yet, don’t let any profile become stagnant; regularly post and engage to maintain active and appear dedicated.

Google+ has some great features to bolster your job search, so make sure you use them to their fullest extent!

As Specialist Digital Recruiters, we use Google+ to give you the chance to easily access all of our live jobs, blogs and recommendations! Check it out and please follow any of our collections.

We can also be found on every other social media channel! Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram

CJ Carver, Digital Marketing Manager

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