How To Make Yourself Stand Out From The Job Seeking Crowd In Digital

Finding a new job in an industry like Digital Marketing is highly competitive – so here’s how to help you stand out!

Within such a buzzing industry, digital professionals need to be aware of the ideal attributes which can make them stand out amongst the crowd. Not only by ensuring their professional CV contains the cliché work experience, career progression, responsibilities, achievements, tools and skills; we also look for those less obvious, softer skills.

These “intangibles” are what make a well-rounded individual, ensuring we take note of them for our ever demanding brand and agency employers.

i-to-i White Paper

Earlier this month, a white paper was released by Brighton-based volunteer travel organisation i-to-i, with special contribution from SiteVisibility and others. Its aim is to educate and encourage personal development through volunteering, whether by teaching English classes in Brazil or working with wildlife in Ecuador.

Their methods include presenting a wealth of information, facilitating regular Google hangouts, publishing white papers and offering further advice. The work i-to-i do is vital on both an international scale, but also on a personal level.

Soft Skills

Soft skills, referring to that which cannot easily be taught, are something highly valued within most industries, but especially within Digital and Search Marketing.

Independence, confidence and decision-making are among the top skills employers look for and are likely to enhance the career prospect of any job seeker. As outlined in the white paper linked below, soft skills are a key benefit of volunteer travelling, and something i-to-i excel in promoting and delivering.


In an industry which relies so heavily on recommendations, our business partners are held in very high esteem. The award winning, integrated Digital Marketing agency SiteVisibility is among those, not just for their vital input into the Digital landscape, but also for their collaboration with us; so together we can work with the very best talent in Search Marketing.

SiteVisibility and clockworkTalent

Our relationship with SiteVisibility and between their CEO, Jason Woodford and our founder Natasha Woodford (they are brother and sister!) means we are incredibly proud of their support for such important and inspirational Volunteer Travelling communities & organisations. As recruiters we echo their support for these softer skills emboldened by volunteering adventures. These highly attractive attributes in any candidate repertoire can make you stand out amongst a crowd of CVs!

The following link will direct you to the i-to-i webpage for more information about this white paper, including detail about ‘soft skills’ and all the other brilliant work they do: Volunteering with i-to-i

Do also visit SiteVisibility’s website for more information, and for more information about us at clockworkTalent visit our website.

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