Google+ – A Redesign In Vain?

Google+ – We have redesigned our page on the much-discussed Social Media platform, but was it all a waste of time?

Since redesigning our Google+ business page some 2 months ago, we have been delighted to see an increased level of reach and traffic which we were achieving.

As a great way to advertise jobs and connect with others within our industry, Google+ offers slightly different functions from its competitors Facebook and LinkedIn. We were happy, life was great. The sun rose in the morning and shone through our windows, gently caressing our hair and telling us that everything was going to be OK.

Then came the news. Like being told there will no longer be any presents at Christmas, the time we had taken to completely overhaul our Google+ page was apparently done in vain, our good boy behaviour was being disregarded. The Death of GOOGLE+!

Or so it seemed.


Google+ Plus What? 

With an estimated 300 million active monthly users of Google+, the network’s reach is huge. Of course it does not compare to that of Facebook, but still an impressive amount given its reputation has historically been tarnished with a searing paintbrush by particular industry speakers and the media.

The announced change by Google HQ has been welcomed news for most, with the idea that no longer shall all of Google’s pies be linked, instead one can comment on a YouTube video without it appearing on their Google+ page, oh the joy! Yet from a marketing perspective, what is really changing?

It cannot be ignored that posting rich content on Google+ can only be a good thing for one’s SEO and general Digital presence. SEO is Google and Google is SEO. To appease the overlord, surely one must adhere to their rules.

With healthy backlinks and regular posting, Google bots will recognise this and the benefits could be vast in terms of organic search. A business with a verified Google+ page is much more likely to be at the top of Google Search results, it is as simple as that.

Google Results Page

Location, website domain and reviews are all displayed in search, the latter being a vital part of many companies determining either growth or demise. If, like us, you are immersed in Digital day in day out, then you too will know the importance Google Search has; it is the foundation which our entire industry is based upon!

google+ 2

The resounding consensus seems to be the amount of users (regular and otherwise) will decrease as Google continues to make drastic changes to Google+ as a part of the brand’s portfolio. Yet stress must still be placed on how integral it can be for a business’ SEO and image.

By investing time into the platform, the results could be exponential. Rather than totally disregarding Google+ as a dead/dying platform, Digital Marketers could take the opportunity to revive the network, not reinvigorating it in the attempt to rival Facebook, but instead as a vital tool for organic search practices.

Find our Google+ Business Page to see how we use it and to get the very latest news and jobs from Digital. Follow us and add us to your circles, and we promise to follow you back!

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