Successfully Hired Digital Marketer Returns To Us To Recruit

One of the highs of our job is seeing former job seekers grow in their roles… This successful recruitment placement came back some 2 years later, but this time to hire for his own team!

This happened end of last year with the Online Education Course Provider, Hotcourses.


clockworkTalent had supported this London-based global brand in hiring several key Digital Marketing staff back in 2014. A truly great client, Hotcourses is renowned for being an online education course provider; with lovely office premises, a great team with strong, supportive management and a true commitment & understanding to the online industry.

This is why we were gutted when a blanket policy was introduced in 2015, halting their use of recruitment agencies. Line management, along with HR, were to hire directly. As a result of this blanket ban, clockworkTalent had not had the opportunity to work with Hotcourses since…

It was with particular delight that I got the call last November. The Head of Traffic wanted to know if we’d be keen to pick up our relationship; could clockworkTalent help with several key hires? We had already proven our professional recruitment service as well as demonstrated our value, and we have an extensive network across the digital marketing industry which enables us to swiftly identify and source quality digital marketing people for specific jobs. All of this equated to why Hotcourses chose to get back in touch with us!

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From our briefing we knew the company had been trying to source talent for a newly created job in the online team, it was to focus on their popular mobile app which helps students select which University and what course they might want to attend and study

Having spent time and attention on trying to source the right candidate themselves, the management were keen to find the right person sooner rather than later.

Their experience had identified the specialist skill set was both hard to find and even harder to attract – especially when the manager had his own job to do. For us? The job description was clear. We knew what skills and experience the individual would have to bring with them, and we of course knew the type of personal traits of the people which thrive in Hotcourses!

This is when specialist recruiters like ourselves come into our own. We know the digital industry intimately, we know what people want to do with their careers in terms of progression and we know how to attract an applicant from the market.

When we step in to take the brief, time has already elapsed and the business pressure is on to find the right person ASAP but not to compromise on the quality of the individual. The team at Hotcourses are fantastic with energy & passion, succession planning and career development all noteworthy. In making this hire we wanted to add to the team, not unbalance the dynamics!

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We Found The App-ropriate Digital Marketer

So whilst there was empathy this was to be a challenging  job to source, it was clear it was a specific skill set. This job was responsible for optimising the mobile App: “WhatUni”  and this would be a great job for the right person.

Using our well-honed headhunting tactics we quickly discovered a talented lady, Danni Lapham, who shone in our pre-screening as more than appropriate for this opportunity.

We walked the management through Danni’s work experience, sharing the potential strengths and weaknesses she would bring to the role. Hotcourses’ own interviews would probe these further and challenge her skills & knowledge by setting a task for her to complete and present!

We’re delighted to say Danni sailed through these – ultimately gaining an offer to join Hotcourses. She began her new job at the start of December!

Checking in on her, all reports tell us she’s flying. Settling in well and making valued contribution to the team. You can read Danni Lapham’s job seeking story and recommendation for clockworkTalent here!

This is great and we’ve been fortunate to have her Manager (our very first hire into Hotcourses back in 2014) now seasoned Digital Marketer, Tyler Kenyon‘s take on being the other side of the recruitment table. Giving us his review of clockworkTalent’s support in hiring digital marketing talent:

clockworkTalent have a particular expertise at providing just the right candidate at just the right time.  For us that meant sourcing a candidate who has mobile app experience as well as a broader digital marketing and SEM background, all in a very short time frame. Within 48 hours Natasha was able to take our brief and provide the CV for the person we would eventually hire. She has a terrific understanding of our business and team needs, and we look forward to working with her in the future. There is simply no one better in digital recruitment.

Tyler Kenyon, Senior Marketing Manager, HotCourses

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