Experienced Paid Media Manager Uncovers Perfect PPC Job

PPC Professional Gets Out Of The Hustle And Bustle Of The London Commute And Lands The Perfect Role With A Boutique Digital Marketing Agency In Hertfordshire… And We Made It Happen! 

On the 1st of February 2016, I (Natasha) got an email out of the blue from an experienced Paid Media professional who had clearly done some soul searching over the Christmas holidays…Whether it was a delayed reaction to “New Year,  New Job” or a New Year’s Resolution which we could help him achieve, it didn’t matter. For clockworkTalent, this is what we do day-in, day-out; help people realise their career ambitions.

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When I read his email, checked his CV and cross-referenced him through social media and other platforms, I knew this was someone whom many of our employers would be interested in.

He brought with him a pedigree of business leadership, been an integral part of a team driving agency growth, was client facing and had a wealth of PPC experience behind him. The next step was figuring out what he wanted to do.

He was working with a “good agency”- so what was prompting him to look elsewhere?  This is where I start to really enjoy my job, I love discovering the story, finding out what makes an individual tick. Where do they get their enjoyment? If they could write their dream job what would it look like? What are they known for? Where are their strengths and weaknesses? What do they love doing and perhaps what would they prefer to do less of?

In asking my abundance of questions, I get to know the individual… From there it’s a case of figuring out which companies and which role(s) might suit them most. Sometimes (as is often the case) whilst people know they’re looking for a new job, they haven’t really considered what that new job or new company looks like, and it’s only through my “interrogation” that we begin to refine what career opportunities we should be looking at.

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As I say, this is where I personally get my pleasure. We always try to aim for utopia and then work backwards from there.

PPC Placement Success – No More London Commute! 

For Rob Laver, he was clear in what was and was not important to him. He wanted a company which would empower him to get on with his job and be somewhere where he could make a difference. He wanted an agency who respected their clients (and staff) and delivered the best quality work, no compromise.

He had always enjoyed PPC and wanted to get back to this being his core focus. He wanted to work with like-minded, friendly people, and during his previous employment he was spending an extortionate amount of time commuting into London – if there was something which would make him happy again it was to get a better work life balance!

We knew of a couple companies which present Rob with his dream move, but one in particular stood out. Boutique Digital agency, Distinctly, whom we have now helped expand with several key hires injecting strategic Digital Marketing skills into the agency. Based in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, it is surprising that with only a 20 minute (Oyster card) overground journey from Marylebone you can get there from London. So whilst a number of Distinctly’s people live locally, some do the easy commute against the natural tidal flow of  London commuters!


Once we ran Distinctly’s proposition past Rob, he was keen to be considered. We made the introduction and held his hand through the journey of consideration. Founder Tom Shurville confirmed we had been very right in realising there was a mutual fit for Rob in Distinctly.

That’s our snapshot into how Rob got his job leading Distinctly’s Paid Media team, but Rob has also been good enough to share his take of finding a new job with clockworkTalent’s specialist support:

I reached out to clockworkTalent as I knew they are well-connected recruiters in Digital Marketing. Having been in the same company for more than 6 years, I really wanted to explore what kind of jobs were out there for me, so I dropped them an email with my CV. I knew I needed recruiters who’d listen to my ideas and be able to show me what was possible in the job market.

Over the last 3+ years my job had evolved from hands-on paid search and analytics to a more business management role in a number of guises (Account Director, Head of Business and more) of what is now a prestigious global Performance Marketing agency.

Whilst I enjoyed the journey from being the 6th employee to managing my own team of 20, the time felt right to see what other challenges were out there. I wanted to get back onto accounts, to apply the business knowledge I had developed without having to compromise being hands-on with my original passion – pay-per-click advertising. This felt like quite a specific objective, particularly given that I also wanted to cut down my commuting time considerably, as the journey into London had been wearing thin for a while. I also didn’t want to work for just anyone, as my career ambitions remained high and it was important those aspirations were equal on both sides.

After sending them my CV, clockworkTalent were quick to get back to me and arrange an in-depth chat about what I was looking for, and then challenge me on those requirements to begin making it clearer what was really important. I knew that when a job was sent for me to look at, it was worth taking a look in detail. Quite quickly, they found me a company who fit all the criteria I hoped for. Location, seniority, team culture and opportunity. The main thing that struck me was that the role was not one I would have ever found on my own – clockworkTalent did what I hoped a recruiter would do… they set up the meetings, got feedback, primed me for next steps, didn’t pressure me when I got the offer, and even kept in touch once I had accepted and started my new role.

If you’re looking to move on in Paid Media, looking to discover what PPC jobs are out there, I’d definitely recommend Natasha and the team.

Rob Laver, PPC Manager at Distinctly

We are delighted to report Rob has been thoroughly embraced into the Distinctly team and his career is thriving both within the agency and industry as a whole. Like many of you, Rob has signed out for the Christmas break. But if, like Rob last year, you’re wondering what your next career move could be in 2017 within Performance Marketing, why not get in touch with me, Natasha (Founder of clockworkTalent).

If you are like Rob and are thinking about career change in the New Year, we would be delighted to have a conversation with you! You can reach the team by calling 0203 7514108, emailing us via jobs@clockworktalent.com or by filling in the form on the Contact Us page.

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