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We’ve said it before and I hope we’ll say it again: hiring for a new client is always great, but it’s truly amazing when you get the opportunity to hire for a business not once, but twice, three times or even more! This is when you know you’re doing a great job. Recently clockworkTalent were delighted to get the opportunity to on-board an experienced sales leader to the Berkshire based eCommerce agency, Red Hot Penny. The Digital Marketing Director, David Schulhof was generous enough to write some kind words about our expert support during the hiring process.

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We are pleased to share the equally kind words written by experienced digital marketing sales leader, Andrew Curtis, whom is now the Sales Director at Red Hot Penny. We asked Andrew if he’d mind documenting his thoughts of our recruitment agency and the support we provided in securing his ideal sales job.  As he sat having a coffee in Google’s office he wrote and sent to us the following:

A recruitment agency that really does have your best interest at heart.

Throughout my career I’ve steered away from recruitment agencies, I just never felt that they represented me in the right way and their focus was to push you into a job at all cost regardless of whether the position was right for you and your career. You could just feel that they were chasing targets!

I’m pleased to say that there is an exception, Natasha at clockworkTalent. OK my defences were up during the first call with Natasha, but she soon proved that she was a person that I should listen to. For once I was speaking to a person who was friendly, warm and genuinely interested in me and following quite a few in-depth calls and emails I knew that she understood my career goals.

I only have praise for Natasha for the hard work that she put in supporting me to secure a position with a new company. Unfortunately, because she was so good it’s unlikely that I’ll need to speak to her again in finding me a position but I know that she will be the first person I speak to when I’m recruiting.

Andrew Curtis, Sales Director, Red Hot Penny.

I am sure you will join me in wishing Andrew every success in his career at Red Hot Penny; although we already know he will do exceptionally well! Over the years Andrew has built up a catalogue of skills and expertise which has supported his journey, from his early career in customer service to his new position in sales leadership, matched by his depth of knowledge in digital marketing services.

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Many thanks, Andrew, for your kind words and although we have no plans to help you personally change jobs again (!!)… we will, of course, look forward to continuing to help Red Hot Penny grow on their journey of success.

If you, like Andrew, might be open to a career opportunity and want a specialist Digital Marketing Recruiter to hold you hand through the industry, we are only an email or phone call away. Get in touch with the team today so that we can, together, find your utopia!

Or if you are looking to hire exceptional Digital Marketing talent just like Red Hot Penny were, you too can get in touch with the team.

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