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Take a deep breath. Watch where you tread. Don’t touch anything! clockworkTalent & SiteVisibility go to The Brighton Sewers!

Most days, in our cosy, countryside office, we are comfortably sat behind our desks. The radio is playing, the coffee is flowing and the keyboards are tapping. We are hard at work trying to help both job seekers and employers find their respective utopias.

Then on the 28th September, 2016, we became knee deep in… we’ll let you guess what.

Our friends at the Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency, SiteVisibility, invited us to join them on an adventure – following up from our recent excursions sailing in Eastbourne, having a guided tour around Harvey’s Brewery and witnessing the Ceremony of the Keys at The Tower of London.

This time we were heading to Brighton, home to some of the most amazing bars, truly lovely people and the new British Airways i360 observation tower. Incredible! What was to be in store for us this time?

Are Suede Shoes Suitable? 


Meeting up at one of the beach bars near the pier, both teams took a short walk to an entrance in the promenade wall … where we put on our hard hats, rolled up our sleeves, donned some very fashionable latex gloves and made our way into… the Brighton Sewers!

Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency SiteVisibility at the Brighton Sewers tour

Before heading down into the tunnels, we were given a thorough health & safety debrief. We were even told some shocking facts about what people flush down their toilets or sinks… For example, did you know more than 3,000 homes are flooded in the UK each year because of fat, oil and grease blockages?

After that, it was time to open the air-lock door and head on in… Nose pegs at the ready!

Down, Down, Deeper and Down 


It smelt. Which is probably not that surprising, but it’s still not exactly something you can prepare for.

Apart from that, it was tremendous fun and very interesting! The Brighton Sewer tours are unique; as the only place in Britain where members of the public can walk through the labyrinth of tunnels beneath their town. We were especially lucky because this was the last tour they were doing before closing it for the Winter months! It opens again May 2017.

Brighton Sewer tour with Stuart Slark
With all of the original Victorian brickwork and architecture still in place, it was fascinating to see how the system worked. We were escorted around by 3 very wise Southern Water representatives, 2 of whom had been involved with the sewers for 3 decades! They were very funny, informative and caring – putting the safety of the group above all else.

We wandered through the tunnels, being careful where we stepped (because of slippery surfaces!). We were told about the various Egg Shaped Tunnels which are key to controlling the water flow and break down solid matter, and the treatment plants which capture all of the sewage – absolutely no sewage ends up in the sea!

The Overflow Tunnel in Brighton Sewers

Towards the end of the tour, we turned on our head torches and walked along the Overflow tunnel, adopting our best John Wayne impression as to avoid the water trickling down the middle. It was then time to head to the surface… but not through the entrance in which we came, instead via a short, vertical ladder which took us up into the Old Steine.

Thankfully it was pretty dark by that point and our emergence was somewhat inconspicuous – apart from the bright light shining from our white hard hats…

Man hole which leads to the Brighton Sewer
Even though the idea of going down a sewer is a little, shall we say, interesting… the actual tour was fascinating and we thoroughly enjoyed it! We are very thankful to SiteVisibility and the team for once again including us, and we look forward to whatever might be next!

For more information about the Brighton Sewer Tours, please check out their website:

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CJ Carver, Social Media Manager for clockworkTalent

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