Digital PR Professional lands dream remote job at Australian agency

Digital PR Professional recommends clockworkTalent’s specialist recruiters after joining Australian agency and spends his first week team-bonding in Malaysia!

clockworkTalent has a reputation for partnering with both brands and agencies, supporting the hiring of quality digital marketing talent. So it’s great to hear from candidates that they too are benefiting from our recruitment expertise and feeling our passion in offering the best advise, service and support through the job search process. After all, in recruitment where would we be without our job seekers?!

This is why it was particularly nice to receive a testimonial from a Digital PR professional we hired several months ago for an Australian SEO Agency we’ve been bringing great talent to over the last couple of years. When we were introduced to Nick Chowdrey, he was in Brighton working locally in one of the larger agencies but was not quite clear about what he wanted to do next. Little did we know we were going to help in get into an adventure of a lifetime!

It’s always easy for me to give an overview of the recruitment activity we undertook with an individual, but I think on this occasion Nick has beautifully summarised it. I think, like me, you’ll appreciate his craft for the written word once you’ve read his story below…

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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: It’s been exactly two months since I joined international digital marketing agency, In Marketing We Trust. Sitting in a crowded bar next to a table of jolly, middle-aged men celebrating Teachers Day, I’m relaxing and getting ready for two weeks working from Vietnam’s largest city.

Five months earlier I was stuck in a town and agency back in England that had each long lost their charm. I felt pent up, claustrophobic, and was in serious need of change.  So I polished off my CV and went on the hunt for a new content marketing role in London. Being in a pretty comfortable position, I wasn’t in any way rush, so I decided to send my CV out to a few recruiters to see what they could find me.

Unfortunately, my search was not as straightforward as I’d hoped. I was wholly unimpressed by the recruiters I spoke with at first. Most seemed enthusiastic in the beginning, but as soon as I turned down a position that was not quite right, or said I couldn’t make an interview, it was like I was put on a blacklist and never contacted again. I suspect this has a lot to do with the highly competitive London market. Recruiters are under so much pressure that they must prioritise their leads by least resistance. With my demands, I was not an easy hire, so I was cast aside.

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Feeling wholly demoralised by a month’s fruitless searching, it was then that I got in touch with clockworkTalent, who had previously helped one of my friends.

Natasha was an absolute breath of fresh air and completely different to any other recruiter I spoke to.

We spent over an hour at first going over my work history, finding out exactly what I was looking for. It was almost like a session of career therapy – I discovered things I wanted that I didn’t even think of before.  Next, we meticulously went over my CV, adding in things I thought were irrelevant and taking out the waste.

In under a week the opportunities came flooding in and I was in my first interview within the month. As it happened, although I was offered the job, it wasn’t quite right for me. But instead of being blacklisted like I was with other recruiters, Natasha was very understanding, and the search continued in earnest.

A week or so later, on a sunny lunchtime outside one of Brighton’s new Mexican restaurants, I got an email from Natasha with the curious subject line “Australia??”.  On the table was an incredible opportunity to work in PR and content for an agency based in Manly, Australia, specialising in travel. I had absolutely no intention of moving so far away – but, whether it was the heady Brighton summer sunshine, or the lunchtime margaritas – I replied saying I was interested.

The rest is history.

Natasha was incredibly supportive throughout the process, constantly checking up and available whenever to answer my multitude of questions.

I wasn’t ready for Australia – but together with Freddy and Paul from IMWT, we negotiated a deal where I would work remotely from London.

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I’ve now moved to Brixton and set up in an amazing co-working space. My first week at IMWT was spent in Malaysia on a team get-together at one of our client’s luxury resorts. And here I am on my second business trip to South East Asia in two months, training clients and getting together to work on a big project with the team face to face.

It’s a far cry from where I was back in September, and I’m so incredibly happy to have this opportunity.

Thanks to Natasha and everyone at clockworkTalent for your help. Absolutely could not have done it without you!

Nick Chowdrey, Content & PR Manager, In Marketing We Trust

I am sure you will join me in thanking Nick for supplying us with such a great insight into his journey so far and we wish him well on his adventures with In Marketing We Trust.

If,  like Nick, you’re skilled in your chosen Digital Marketing career but are a little unclear with the path you wish to take, get in touch with our recruiters so they can help you critique your CV, discuss your experience and subsequent ambitions, and help guide you into an exceptional job opportunity.

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