Whether you’re junior or a highly experienced Digital Marketer, an interview can be an unnerving experience…

Read fascinating interview stories and secrets by some of our now legendary brightonSEO speakers to help you prepare!

Everyone goes through job interviews, it is a necessity in life which is virtually impossible to avoid. Thus, it is highly recommended you prepare for them as well as you can!

That is why we have created this series of blogs, dedicated to helping you overcome any troublesome interview scenarios or tricky questions.

We used our unique position as the preferred Digital Recruitment Partner to brightonSEO to ask the renowned speakers what some of their most memorable interview moments have been.

In our previous posts, you can read captivating stories from Omi Sido (Senior SEO for Canon), Thomas Nowotny (Professor of Informatics at University of Sussex), Alban Gerome (VP, Data & CX Technology at Barclays), Barry Adams (Founder of Polemic & Co-Chief Editor of State of Digital), Emily McLaren (SEO Team Lead at Equator) as well as many others!

No matter what Digital Marketing discipline your skillset is in, whether SEO, PPC, Content, Social, Web Design/Development, Sales, Online PR, Analytics etc., these nuggets of interview gold can help you in your career.

Keep reading to find out what Neill Horie and Alexandra Lever had to reveal about their interview history, including a humdinger about heading to the pub!

What’s the one Killer Question you love to ask when interviewing?

‘What are you passionate about?’. This is when I want to hear about the person, their interests, find out about their personality rather than an answer they’ve necessarily prepared for. It’s good to have other interests outside of work. I also like to hear what has made them sit up recently; whether something has shocked them or surprised them. Mainly something that was out of the norm.

Alexandra Lever, Digital Engagement Manager – Wavemaker MEC

My killer question is to ask the interviewer where they see themselves going. It lets me know what they’re planning for their own career, which may affect me. It also gives me a hint as to whether their goals are even achievable at the company I’m interviewing at.

Neill Horie, Head of Artificial Intelligence Optimisation – The Home Agency


What’s the most out-of-the-box question you’ve been asked in an interview?

The most out of the box question I’ve ever been asked was to discuss one of my hobbies and to convince them they should take it up!

Alexandra Lever, Digital Engagement Manager – Wavemaker MEC

‘If you weren’t working in this field/ specialism, where would you be working?’

Neill Horie, Head of Artificial Intelligence Optimisation – The Home Agency

What’s your most memorable interview story?


Someone told me they were a loose cannon, and not very good at getting along with others. After the interview swiftly came to an end I asked if he was going back to work for the afternoon and he told me “nah, I’ll just go to the pub”!

Alexandra Lever, Digital Engagement Manager – Wavemaker MEC


My interviewer, who had never played a computer game, became fascinated by what players could do and spent at least twenty minutes interrogating me about whether people behaved morally when playing.

Neill Horie, Head of Artificial Intelligence Optimisation – The Home Agency

We here at clockworkTalent find it incredibly useful to utilise insights like these when prepping our candidates for an interview. Our goal is to help you secure the job of your dreams, and sometimes that means using the interview secrets of renowned industry leaders just like these.

Make sure you are prepared for every interview question which might be sprung on you. Whether it be serious or a bit out of the box, do not let yourself get lulled into being too comfortable – it is always an interview.

Know your CV inside-out and ensure you stick to the truth – creating some elaborate story to make yourself seem more interesting may be your downfall when you get found out!

Notice the emphasis given by both speakers on hobbies and interests; where what you do outside of your job is almost as interesting to the employer as your professional skills and experience.

Be prepared to talk about yourself on a personal level, don’t shy away from giving them insight into what you love to do; this is what makes you human! We spend a lot of time in the workplace and these subtle details can show an employer what a great contribution you can make to the team on a personal level too.

This is the final part of our series of blogs which reveal interview secrets and stories from the speakers at brightonSEO. We hope you have found them useful!

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