Digital Marketing Agency says clockworkTalent are Egg-ceptional!

How Nice It Is To Be Told By A Top Sussex Agency You Are Excellent At Finding Appropriate Digital Marketing Talent…

It’s always a true delight when we have our recruitment expertise verified by anybody; but then a hugely complimentary testimonial from one of Sussex’s leading Digital Marketing Agencies comes along, and we are over the moon with their kind words.

The agency, who’ve had numerous awards accredited to their work over the years, is Fresh Egg.

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Founded by Adam Stafford in 2000, this agency has a 16+ year pedigree in digital marketing and web design & development. It means a lot to us to be recognised for our deep network of contacts and recruitment expertise.

In partnering with any employer, clockworkTalent endeavours to provide both quality talent and quality recruitment. Also in such a competitive industry, it is important for us to not only understand the industry niche an employer works in – enabling us to gain insight into an employer’s local competition i.e. who might be of interest to who – but also support the hiring process with a quality professional recruitment service.

We know we do this, so much so we offer a unique 100% guarantee on our candidates as part of our standard terms of business!

We did not have to worry about our guarantees for one hire we made, where he passed his probation with flying colours and has since received a well-deserved promotion. Reports are that he’s a well liked member of the team contributing on every level. You can read what he had to say about clockworkTalent from a sales job seeker’s perspective.

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When working with Fresh Egg we collaborate closely with the HR Manager, Lucy Rennison, who has been with the company over 5 years and is very much integrated into the agency. Lucy has been kind enough to summarise her thoughts on the clockworkTalent relationship:

“Natasha and the team really take the time to understand the business they are recruiting for, not just the position itself. So much so, that one candidate was such a good fit for the company that we created a secondary position for him in order that we didn’t miss out on him.

When working with clockworkTalent the process is very smooth, and they remove as much of the administration as possible, by ensuring they put in the prep time. I have recommended them to other companies in the past and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again.”

Lucy Rennison, HR Manager, Fresh Egg

If, like Fresh Egg, you are looking to hire Digital Marketing talent for your business, get in touch with our Digital Marketing Recruitment Specialists!

You can also reach us through our social media: TwitterFacebookLinkedIn or Google+.

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