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Every recruitment project is different, and you know some will stand out as a highlight of career memories. This is a summary of  just one of those moments!

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of receiving a speculative application which included a well written cover note and a concise CV outlining a solid decade of SEO experience.

Interestingly this application came from someone soon to relocate themselves to England. We get a lot of similar applications and it’s always difficult to determine how ‘real’ is their desire to relocate, how easy will it be for them to settle in the UK, and ultimately if we find them a great job, will they stay?

Olivian was different; clearly intelligent, motivated and ambitious he already knew his plan, and, in fact, I had caught him the day before his flight to the UK with already a couple career options under his consideration.


First things first, I took Olivian through my normal drill of getting to understand his motivations, ambitions, likes and dislikes and more. Trying to “dig a little deeper” as I do with all our job seekers – this was an important decision which will steer his future (and I was conscious for Olivian this really would have a big impact as he was moving some 1,500 miles to start his new adventures in London from Romania).

Feeling confident I understood what he was looking for and that his expectations were realistic, I knew we had a couple of options which perfectly matched both his wants and the potential company’s needs!

Whilst Olivian was busy catching his flight, landing at Luton and getting himself based in his temporary accommodation, we got down to work; catching up with the various employers we knew were hiring the type of role Olivian was looking for.

We did come across a few companies who already knew him as he had applied directly(!) but our aim was to find the right role in the right company.

We made sure to check in with Olivian regularly when he arrived in the UK okay and got settled into the hotel, then we set him the task of preparation for interviews, ensuring he had the information to do his own due diligence on the roles and companies, fully preparing himself for the meetings.

Olivian was a recruiter’s dream candidate; he was fully prepared, well presented, nervous (but in a healthy way) honing that adrenaline for best performance in interviews. We were so conscious he was job hunting in a country fairly alien to himself… but his preparations held him in good stead.

We took Olivian through the process of interviewing for several different options we put before him and it was our delight (within a week of Olivian landing in the UK) we were able to present to him an offer for the position of a client-side Technical SEO Manager in West London.

It was in actual fact the company we had presented for his 1st interview! So it goes to show listening and asking the right questions does refine the search for the “right role”.

Below is a summary of Olivian’s side of the story…

I had already applied to around 100 jobs, for most of them with a dedicated application, specific cover letter and tailored message. At one point, Natasha Woodford, from clockworkTalent, writes to me and says she wants to have a discussion with me about my profile, based on an application.

I have previously had some interviews, talked to some recruiters, I have been doing SEO for 9 years+, both in agencies and as a freelancer. I knew some things about selling.

But, boy-oh-boy, did that message moved me. When I saw her profile online, when I understood what kind of capabilities she has of landing someone a job, I put lots of energy into having a talk with her.

The talk came, then some email and text messages, a first interview, then more talks, the second interview, some feedback about the first interview, and, for the first time since I started applying, I felt calm. It was a Friday, my first interview in London went OK, I had a few others since, I had now, for the first time, real hopes of landing a job.

Monday came, and along with it a concrete job offer, based on the very first job Natasha considered would fit me, an offer which I’ve taken.

Some things about Natasha:

  • You should prepare and do your work prior to talking with her. Apply to some jobs, read some job listings, do some talks, research the market, know how to value yourself on the market. Only then apply to her.
  • Despite your preparation, she’ll likely ask you some things which might put you in a quick decision – lie to create a beautiful & false image, or tell the truth, even if it hurts? I advise you to go for the truth.
  • She’s a great professional and a nice human being. Don’t fall in love, though, and once you get some offers, take one, don’t do job hunting just because she’s very nice to talk to! Focus on getting a job, not just on talking with her.

I had my first week at the job and I couldn’t be happier. I am very grateful that I met her.

Olivian-Claudiu Breda, SEO Manager, Nursing Personnel (MPP)

If, like Olivian, you are looking for career progression and want the perfect recruitment professionals to help you secure your next career move in Digital Marketing, get in touch with the clockworkTalent team by either emailing Natasha or checking out our Contact Us page!

Natasha Woodford

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