Client Services Director Makes Career Move “Down-Under”

Fish & Chips in the freezing rain to Shrimp on the Barbie in the blistering sun. Digital Professional Moves to Australia.

Talk about going to the opposite end of the world!

I’ve the opportunity to share with you some high praise indeed from an experienced company director who relocated himself and his family to Sydney with the help of the Digital Recruiters here at clockworkTalent.

With a formidable career in the UK running his own Direct and Digital Agency, Paul Hewett had a reputation for really knowing his stuff. He brought with him a demonstrable track record of both business and relationship management, the ability to rapidly build rapport, and the skill set required to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of services being offered.

In addition, to this Paul is clearly passionate about all things digital, has a real zest for life AND has a wonderful family behind him… all in all, he’s great!!

It was to our good fortune that Paul and his family were keen to consider the life style options that Australia offers. So it was no surprise to me that Paul and the Freddy, Founder of Aussie SEO Agency In Marketing We Trust, got on like a house on fire.

As recruitment professionals, we aim to manage expectations and keep the long term focus in sight; thus when many hurdles were presented with regards to the relocation of Paul and his family, we guided Paul and Freddy into a situation which best-fitted everyone.

We ensure that everyone knows where they stand through what can seem to be a long process of negotiation, paperwork and queries. But then when the outcome is getting your dream career in Sydney, it must be worth the sacrifice and effort!

Australian Flag representing clockworkTalent's assisting of moving a Digital professional to Sydney.

I see it as my duty as recruitment partner to flag up indicators which make me question an individual’s appropriateness for the job – after all, we don’t want someone to get an offer and then it not to be accepted, or for them to accept and then later express concerns of whether they’d made the right choice.

Accordingly, I play the devils advocate; testing the confidence of decisions, challenging job seekers thoughts and stoking the embers of any doubts. This works to everyone’s benefit, as only those who REALLY want the job come through the process.

So when it came to it, all 3 parties (the employer, the job seeker and we recruiters) were entirely convinced everything had been covered before the big decisions of an offer, resignation, packing up and relocation are done!

In this instance, we didn’t have to go through much challenging on Paul, he’s a natural fit. He soon accepted the offer to relocate himself and the family (in stages) to Sydney and join the team as Client Services Director.

Paul on-boarded at the earliest opportunity, which meant whilst instead of sitting around waiting for an Aussie visa to be issued, he took a tour of the agency’s remote working team through Asia and got to acclimatise, literally in Vietnam! In doing this, Paul rapidly got his feet under the table so that when he landed in Australia he was already up and running in his leadership role at In Marketing We Trust.

Get ready for the sunshine in Australia

Paul has been kind enough to share some very generous words about working with clockworkTalent. As we pride ourselves on our professional services and our in depth knowledge of the industry, it’s really great to be able to share these heart felt words:

clockworkTalent is an exceptional company, providing a remarkable service.

As a former agency owner and family man, with the desire for international relocation to a very specific type of company, my circumstances were possibly the most challenging you could throw at a recruitment consultant. However, Natasha managed my situation perfectly. The recruitment process was carried out with diligence and sensitivity, providing all the information and support required at exactly the right time.

The value of their work speaks volumes, I am now settled into my ideal role in Sydney, Australia. Thank you for your time, effort and expertise Natasha, I have a lot to thank you for, as do my family.

Paul Hewett, Client Services Director of In Marketing We Trust

Now truly settled in at Manly Beach, Paul’s wife and children have also made the move over to Australia. We wish them all well and look forward to the videos of their lunchtime sailing and surfing along Australia’s most beautiful coastlines.

In Marketing We Trust, Australian SEO Agency

If you, like Paul, need expert assistance when looking for a new role in Digital, come and talk to us! We even have more roles in Sydney! You can reach us either by phone or email:

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