Can you believe it? Another SEO Manager hired for Outreach and Link building…..

You’ll all know by now how touched I (Natasha Woodford, Director) am when someone says something nice about the recruitment work we do here at clockworkTalent. It’s my pleasure to share a kind recommendation we’ve just received from an SEO Manager we’ve had the privilege to work with…


Not so long ago, I received an email from someone looking to further their career. They had a good job as an experienced SEO Executive in a London based Agency with a good reputation.  The applicant was also a former colleague of an SEO professional whom I had recently found a new job for. Although I didn’t know him personally, I did know that his skills in Outreach and Content were in demand with a number of my Employers. From his initial email, I rang this job seeker and had a great first conversation. Passionate about the industry with a solid pedigree already behind him, he was looking for an opportunity to stretch himself, move up the career ladder and join a great team of like-minded people. During our call I also discovered that whilst he was living and  working in London, he was spending all his down time outside of London…. and that in some ways he was quite keen on the idea of a genuine career move that could accommodate suburbia living, without compromising the quality of the career opportunity.

Getting to know his “personal” life is as important as understanding his professional skills. To find him the “perfect” job, having this information helped me determine which of our Employers could be the “right” fit.

Our introduction resulted in a series of interviews, which Chris had clearly prepared for. Doing his due diligence in researching the company and the key decision makers, Chris developed a clear understanding of who their clients were. He was then able to draw upon his own experience to convince the employer that he was an attractive asset to bringing on-board. He had a task to present to the team, which he’d clearly spent time and effort on – ultimately resulting in him on-boarding with eCommerce Agency ‘Red Hot Penny’ as their SEO Account Manager – responsible for building and driving their Outreach and Content offering.


eCommerce Agency, Red Hot Penny

eCommerce Agency, Red Hot Penny


Below are a few words Chris had to say about his experience of a job search with clockworkTalent, supporting his hunt for career progression in Digital Marketing:

Natasha helped me secure a fantastic job offer as an SEO Manager within just two weeks.  After sending out emails to several recruiters on a Sunday afternoon, Natasha was the first to reply by a long way.  This immediately impressed me, and the more I talked to her, the more I realised she was easily one of the best recruiters in the industry.  Natasha’s ability to match my skills and my personality through a quick phone call to a job role was extremely impressive, it was like having a friend finding you a job!

I would definitely recommend Natasha to anyone looking for a new job in digital.

Chris Haines, SEO Manager at  Red Hot Penny

If you ever find yourself in the position of looking for a career opportunity in Digital, whatever the channel or job function, reach out to clockworkTalent or call Natasha directly on 0774 7778390.

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Natasha Woodford

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