Brighton Digital Marketer Moves From Agency to InHouse

This summer our specialist recruiters helped secure the perfect career move for a Brighton-based Digital Marketer who we’ve known since 2013!

A likeable and talented job seeker has successfully joined one of the market’s leading video-based professional learning platforms in Brighton in a Senior Digital Marketing role. Most recently he had been focused on SEO delivery at one of the larger Sussex based agencies, where he added to his content creation skills he had developed in his early client-side career.

In this new inhouse role, he’ll be collaborating with the team of Digital Marketing professionals focused on delivering innovative marketing strategies to the highly competitive education sector.

In reading our catalogue of testimonials, you’ll have already observed a great recommendation from the employer who hired this Digital Marketer – Iris Connect. They were kind in commending us on our recruitment support through the Brexit referendum, as well as our knowledge of the search marketing industry and our recruitment expertise.

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The hiring process happened during the lead up to our country’s referendum of whether to stay in or out of the EU. With the decision to exit taking everyone by surprise, it culminated in a short delay to many hiring decisions.

In this case, Iris Connect wanted to ensure their confidence in the market before committing to taking on a new employee. Whilst delays are frustrating both for the employer and the job seeker, as a recruitment specialist we always prefer an employer to have 110% confidence when offering a job.

During this time, clockworkTalent kept all parties in touch and up to date; sharing information through the process and, despite the initial trepidation, it was only a couple of weeks until Iris Connect were able to offer Oli Robertson the opportunity to join their team with the absolute confidence in their decision and that both business & market were stable for continued growth.

Senior Digital Marketer’s Recommendation

Oli sent me the statement below to summarise his experience with clockworkTalent:

I’d recommend Natasha to anyone in digital, particularly in London and the South East, looking to get a great job. Her passion and personality really helped to persuade my current employers that I was the right person for the job. She helped me with interview prep, highlighted any areas that I should work on and helped me impress the directors in my second interview.

Her amazing contacts within the industry meant I felt there was always a plan B up her sleeve, should it not work out with my intended job destination. But I always felt confident with her personal support that I could land this particular role

Oli Robertson, Senior Digital Marketing Exec, Iris Connect

It’s great to hear Oli felt supported during his job search, that clockworkTalent’s vast network of contacts across the digital marketing industry enabled him to find the perfect career move. Having experienced several years in an agency, Oli was keen to explore an inhouse job; a more generalist role building upon his SEO expertise.

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At Iris Connect he’ll get that opportunity to have a more holistic approach to digital marketing and utilise his analytic ability. I am sure you join us in wishing Oli and his team well at Iris Connect.

If like Oli you’re looking for a recruitment agency who are experienced professionals with a deep network of contacts, then we can help you. To begin the search for your dream job in Digital Marketing, reach out to our recruiters by emailing or calling 0203 7514108.

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