Brexit Didn’t Stop This Employer Hiring Digital Talent

Another Brighton Based Employer Hires Digital Marketing Talent With The Help Of Specialist Recruiters, clockworkTalent! Even Brexit couldn’t stand in the way of this one…

clockworkTalent has just received another testimonial from a Brighton employer whom we have successfully hired for. This recent hire was a client-side job calling for in-depth skills in SEO, as well as a breadth of talent and passion for all wider digital marketing channels including analytics.

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The employer is IRIS Connect, a market leader in offering a video-based professional learning platform which is used by thousands of teachers worldwide. Throughout the company, employees are committed to professional development and, at their core, there is a cultural manifesto which supports their development and makes it a fun & satisfying place to work.

clockworkTalent spent significant time understanding the brief supplied by this new client, getting to appreciate where their marketing function was now, the skills already present within the team and the gap they were looking to fill in hiring this role. Working with the Marketing Manager was really helpful, she gave a lot of insight into the finer details of the company, the team, the job and the challenges; enabling us to quickly understand the company culture. It also gave us a great starting point for imaging the type of individual who could add value to the team not only professionally but in terms of culture and personality too.

Having checked back on our records, it turns out we were almost textbook in hiring this Digital job – other than a major glitch called Brexit!

The Process 

We were briefed about the job on the 7th, sent the now hired individual’s CV on the 13th, arranged the first meeting for the 17th and then the second for the 23rd. By then it was virtually decided this was the chap to be hired… but then the ramifications of Brexit were upon us.

Like most sensible businesses, there was a pause for deliberation whilst the business took stock to ensure the outcome of Brexit meant there was still confidence in our country’s economy. Both the candidate and I have to respect IRIS Connect for taking that momentary pause. I for one would much rather a company be absolutely positive when making a hire (even at the risk of losing the identified candidate), confident that they’re taking on-board someone for the long term. It’s all too easy for the line manager to make the offer of employment and not really consider the future security of the role. If you find the right person, you might have to risk losing them by making considered decisions rather than rash ones.

Brexit, with the Union Jack and European Union Flag

With IRIS Connect we did what clockworkTalent usually does, we kept in close communication with both parties during the few weeks of uncertainty. Working with both the employer and the job seeker, keeping them informed as to what was going on. It is only because of this that nearly one month later when post-Brexit dust had settled the new employee got their formal offer of employment. Of course, he was delighted to accept this new adventure.

We are proud to share with you some thoughts from Charlotte Curl, Marketing Manager of IRIS Connect, about working with clockworkTalent to bring on board her new Senior Digital Marketing Executive:

Natasha is clearly very well connected with the local digital marketing community and took the time to understand our business needs. This meant she was able to quickly identify a great candidate who would fit in our team and help us move forwards. Natasha was always very professional, helpful and proactive.

Charlotte Curl, Marketing Manager for IRIS Connect

If you are an employer, or perhaps a Head of Marketing or Digital Marketing Manager, and you are looking to inject a skillset into your team, why not get in touch with our specialist Digital recruiters today so we can swiftly help you identify the right people for the job.  We can be reached on 0203 751 4108 or by email

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