Another Killer Question – Could You Answer This?

Discovering that ONE question employers love to ask at an interview can greatly benefit your job search. Check this out from our sister agency, SiteVisibility

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Narrowing down to one “killer question” in an interview is tough, but given the choice SEO Strategist – Scott Colenutt of SiteVisibility thinks it would probably be:

“Tell me the biggest frustration you’ve had in your professional life…”

The response to this question will tend to indicate how self-aware the candidate is. For Scott this is really important, not only in terms of the team dynamics, but also in the way they approach a particular task.

For instance, a candidate might say they are frustrated with X being something they have struggled to overcome, something they are still not confident with, or that isn’t sitting well with them. Candidates who display a high level of self-awareness typically have no problem in answering this question and can supply Scott with examples of how they overcame or are trying to overcome said frustration. They think about this problem internally.

On the flip-side, some candidates think about this question externally. They will shift into “blame mode” or “excuse mode”. Perhaps they will say they were frustrated with a manager or colleague. How a business was run. How nobody listened to their ideas, even though they were right. They try and shift the attention away from what they could have done to resolve their frustration and talk more about the issue.

Responses to questions can be quite telling, not only of an individual’s knowledge but of a person’s character. Scott is regularly impressed by the people who can talk about both their frustrations AND their solutions to those frustrations. An interviewer (and your future employer!) can tell a great deal about you based on a situation, be it conflict or where something has gone wrong. On some occasions it’s almost completely irrelevant why something has gone wrong, yet it’s vital you convey how you dealt with it. In SiteVisibility’s very popular Internet Marketing Podcast, Scott also discussed what is important from an employers perspective regarding the elements that candidates should prepare before the interview, which you can listen to HERE.

SiteVis Podcast

This is where preparation for interviews can really pay off. If you have thought about the role you’re applying for, researched the company, the team and have gathered as much information as you can – you should already be ahead of the game. To gain further advantage you should have clear personal examples you can draw upon (try and keep them to your professional career) perhaps of where things have gone right, where things have gone wrong, where you’ve taken the lead, where you’ve disagreed with a decision, and other similar instances during your career. Re-read your CV, make sure you know it inside out and back to front; if you are prepared for all scenarios, the interview will not have any surprising questions.

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