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I would wholeheartedly recommend clockworkTalent to anyone looking for a new job in Digital Marketing


Ambitious Marketer in Brighton shows her determination to find the dream career, and with the help of our specialist recruiters she does just that. Read on to discover what she had to say about working with us…

Spotting the self-motivated ambition in someone can be a little hard, however in Georgie Pilbeam it was more than evident. She reached out to us speculatively in the second week of February, and here we are less than a month later and we have achieved her goal, helping Georgie into an awesome career move.

Georgie brings with her a one year apprenticeship from a great agency in Sussex, where she learnt the fundamentals in digital marketing. Upon completing her apprenticeship, Georgie joined a Sussex publishing company in their early commitment to online marketing. After 6 months in a stand-alone digital marketing role, she knew she was missing the injection of learning from being surrounded by a peer group of online professionals – which is why she reached out to us here at clockworkTalent.

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Specialists in Digital Marketing and drawing on our professional recruitment service, we quickly helped Georgie edit her CV to emphasise her skills and experience for potential readers. Once complete, we took Georgie through a number of different job opportunities we were working on and decided 3 were “best fit”. As is always the case, things then moved rapidly with one employer booking the 1st interview immediately.

Again Georgie rose to the challenge, ensuring she did a wealth of preparation; not just the superficial reading of the website and looking the interviewers up on LinkedIn, but going above and beyond. She explored how this employer represented itself through all social media channels with a quick SWOT analysis, making recommendations of how to expand audience interest, considering activities and actions which could be taken and really reading the job description to understand what will be expected of her in the role.

It was no surprise that after the meeting we got positive feedback and a request for Georgie to sit psychometric testing. Again Georgie did all I expected and more. In a timely fashion she went away and completed dummy tests she’d found online and in doing so got herself mentally prepared before taking the test.

The feedback was solid, with Georgie being invited back for final meetings with the Head of Marketing and Chief Marketing Officer.

To the unprepared this could be a little daunting, and Georgie did show her nerves a little, but again, she excelled. She was herself at her best which has resulted in an awesome job opportunity to join The Student Room as a Marketing Executive.

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This was all turned around within 3 weeks from start to finish! It just shows with solid collaboration from both the job seeker and the recruitment agency great things can be achieved.

We’re very proud of Georgie and wish her every success as she joins this highly-respected brand within the higher education, school, government and student sector.

Before Georgie starts her new role, she’s taken the time to write a review of the support she received in finding her new job. Whilst it takes effort from both sides, we’re grateful for Georgie’s kind words. I’m sure you’ll be interested to hear what Georgie said about us:

After looking to take the next step in my Digital Marketing career, I thought I would get hold of clockworkTalent and see if they could help me. And, I have to say – they completely surpassed my expectations!

Not only has Natasha helped me to find and secure a job as Marketing Executive at The Student Room, she was also there through every step of the process to ensure that I had the information, and the confidence to excel in every step of the process.

It really does make such a difference having someone there to fight your corner and to offer advice and guidance when it was needed. Natasha knows the Digital Marketing landscape so well, and her feedback really was paramount in helping me to get the job I wanted.

Natasha helped me to secure a job with very quick turn around time from the first contact and was very understanding as to my personal circumstances. It really was a case of knowing that she wanted to help me, and her professionalism and dedication to helping place candidates in the job that’s right for them is incredible.

There really aren’t enough words I can use to praise clockworkTalent, but in summary, I would wholeheartedly recommend clockworkTalent to anyone looking for a new job in Digital Marketing.

Thank you for all of your help.

Georgie Pilbeam, Marketing Executive, The Student Room

I am sure you join us in wishing Georgie every success in her new role. If, like Georgie, you’re looking for support in finding your perfect career move within the Digital Marketing industry, you should email with your CV or call 0203 751 4108 and arrange a time to discuss your experience and ambitions.

Or if you happen to be attending brightonSEO this April, you can always meet up with us on the clockworkTalent exhibition stand as it’s great to put a face to the voice!

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