A Relationship Forged in Digital – clockworkTalent and SiteVisibility

Everybody Knows Everybody… But our relationships throughout the Digital Industry are like no other! 

If someone asks us what it is about our job we truly love, we’d have to say the people. The job seekers, the employers, our friends, in fact every relationship we establish means we can’t wait to walk through the door in the morning.

Our humble beginnings originated as a result of a mass outcry, “Why are recruitment agencies so rubbish?!?”. In particular the Woodford siblings; Jason, Natasha and Alex, as well as influential Digital industry player Kelvin Newman, decided enough was enough; the current offering of recruitment agencies did not adequately help the Digital industry.

So, drawing on their individual professional skills and expertise, Kelvin and Natasha established clockworkTalent, a unique recruitment agency entirely dedicated to placing Digital Marketing professionals into their perfect careers.

Since being created, we have been at full steam every day, with both employers and job seekers coming to us because we truly understand what it is they need.


Proud Recruitment Partner

So our story is one of blood and love. The family ties within the group of companies gives us a unique view of Digital, as well as many priceless connections.

Jason Woodford, CEO of Digital Marketing Agency, SiteVisibility, works alongside Kelvin Newman, Marketing Director of SiteVisibility and founder of Rough Agenda, together producing some of the best Digital work the industry has to offer.

We at clockworkTalent are the proud preferred recruiters to it all; to SiteVisibility and Rough Agenda events and conferences (including brightonSEO, MeasureFest etc.). Without these connections, we would have struggled to achieve our mission, and we wouldn’t have been able to help the hundreds of inspiring individuals since our beginnings over 4 years ago.

brightonSEO is one of the leading Digital Marketing and SEO conferences in Europe

At the Rough Agenda events, you’ll find clockworkTalent exhibiting (make sure to pop over and speak with us on 18th September at brightonSEO!) due to our relationship with Kelvin. SiteVisibility has hired exceptionally talented individuals from us over the years; it’s always great to see new starters flourish in their career, especially when it’s with a Partner’s business.

We can’t thank Kelvin and Jason enough, and it appears the feeling is mutual. Here is what they have to say about working with us:

SiteVisibility’s goal is to become renowned for delivering digital growth with ambitious companies through impact led strategies and outstanding service. clockworkTalent helps us to achieve this goal by providing the people who makes it happen.

Our customers operate in a rapidly changing, competitive world and that has an impact on their requirements for digital marketing. In times of growth, they will want to scale their digital marketing by working with agencies like SiteVisibility, whilst during weaker phases of the economic cycle they may choose to build and train their own in-house digital marketing capability or a combination of all three. Through our strategic partnership with clockworkTalent, SiteVisibility is uniquely positioned to support our customers throughout the economic cycle.

clockworkTalent is different from other recruitment agencies because it was set up with a deep understanding of, connection with and objective to serve the digital marketing community. Natasha and her team have unique access to the top industry talent who match the specialist digital marketing job specs we and other employers like us need to fill, so you can always count on them to provide a compelling candidate shortlist.

Jason Woodford, CEO of SiteVisibility


Too many digital marketing recruiters think they can sit at their desk and just spam LinkedIn to do their job. Natasha and the clockworkTalent aren’t like that at all, they want to understand candidates and employers. They’re like professional matchmakers! 

                Kelvin Newman, Marketing Director of SiteVisibility and Founding Father of Rough Agenda


We treasure the partnerships we have within Digital and are always looking to forge new ones. What we do, and what we are passionate about, is bringing Digital / Search Marketing professionals to brands and agencies on a global scale. We do it for SiteVisibility and we could be doing it for you.

If you would like to get in contact with us to discuss how we can become your specialist Digital Recruitment Partner, please find our Contact Page

Or email jobs@clockworktalent.com for any questions or queries.

CJ Carver, Social Media Manager signature for clockworkTalent

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