A “Distinctly” Lovely Recommendation for clockworkTalent

In Q4 of 2015, we had been contacted by a boutique Search Marketing agency who, having experienced year on year growth, were being challenged by the need to expand their SEO talent.

Contacting us midway through their interview process, Digital Recruiters – clockworkTalent were too late to help with this job, but it was only a few short months later that clockworkTalent were contacted again, this time to find them additional Paid Media talent.

Having already spent some time researching and getting to know this agency, it was now a much simpler process to source digital marketing talent for this agency. In essence, we already knew a lot about them.  The leadership team are brother and sister in laws, the offices were in central Rickmansworth, you could travel there on the Chiltern Line or it was on the end of the Metropolitan line if coming out of London. There is a real work/life balance and all staff are empowered to “own” their responsibilities. Led by Tom Shurville, a regular speaker on the conference network, Distinctly is an award winning agency to watch for the future. The business has been founded by this proven business leader who brings to the table a solid blend of technical digital marketing expertise and commercial savvy-ness. Having evolved through an in-house marketing career path himself, Tom has created an agency which works with clients in a very transparent, or some might call it honest, way.

Here is what Elizabeth (Liz) Walker, Commercial Manager of Distinctly, had to say about clockworkTalent:

What a fresh approach! As soon as we engaged with clockworkTalent, Natasha wanted to understand fully what we are about (personalities, culture, role) to ensure that the right person could be placed. After working unsuccessfully with other recruiters, it was very refreshing. clockworkTalent really do understand the digital landscape and the challenges of recruiting within this sector. Thank you clockworkTalent for a successful placement.

Liz Walker, Commercial Manager

We wish Distinctly continued success and thank you again for allowing us to become your recruitment partner.

Meantime if you, like Distinctly, find yourself in the position of needing recruitment support to hire quality digital talent, whatever the channel or job function, reach out to clockworkTalent or call Natasha directly on 0774 7778390.

You can always get in touch with the team in another way… A digital way! Follow our Social Media and feel free to send us a message on Twitter, FacebookLinkedIn or Google+!

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