If you’re looking to drag your digital marketing strategy out of hell, it’s worth avoiding committing the 7 deadly sins…

Halloween is a terrifying night full of goblins and ghouls! This year, we thought we would help you revoke your digital marketing sins, so you can focus on the true meaning of this hallowed eve… the treats!

The Addams family

Lust | A thirst for success without a spooky strategy

We begin with our first deadly sin, Lust. In digital marketing, Lust is the passionate desire you have for success as a brand, individual or digital agency. Lust on its own is fine, but if you aren’t planning a spooky strategy to help achieve what you desire, it becomes a deadly digital sin!

Achieving the blissful Digital Marketing success isn’t instant and can take a lot of planning, experimenting and strategising. So, avoid being a sinner and work hard towards your goals!

Gluttony | Biting off more than you can chew on social media

Your business doesn’t need to haunt every social media platform. You should establish where exactly your customers sit as an audience and join them in their already active communities. If your target audience is over 60, Snapchat will probably resemble a ghost town for your marketing team.

As well as making sure your audience is active on specific platforms, it’s worth ensuring you can use your chosen sites to the best of their ability. For example, making a Youtube account without the budget to produce exceptional video would be a big waste of time.

Greed | You can’t sell to everybody… or skeleton!

Greedy marketing doesn’t work. Well researched customer profiles help to narrow down your campaigns and find the right people to advertise to. Audience segmentation or picking and choosing who to target will increase engagement, improving conversions and ultimately sales. All in all saving you from wasted efforts targeting an audience who will never convert.

Spooky Hands

Sloth | Creepy content with lazy distribution

Lazy content creation is a huge no, no for any digital marketer! Your audience isn’t going to be interested in reading poorly written, unimaginative content.

If you have mastered content creation, the next step is to avoid being a content sharing zombie- lazy, slow and a bit confused. Be sure to build a story, delivering your content to the right people, using social media, online communities, strong SEO and email campaigns.

Keep your content alive and fresh by using keyword research, current topics and tools like AnswerThePublic.com.

The Shining Jack Nicholson

Wrath | Did Jack Torrance give up in frustration when his axe wilding strategy didn’t break down the door the first time?

Digital marketing strategies are unique to each business and require experimentation. It can also be said that some aspects of digital marketing will not produce instant wins, but instead can build relationships and trust with customers slowly before they make a commitment to purchase.

Don’t turn into a werewolf and fall into our fifth deadly sin ‘wrath’ by getting frustrated when your strategy doesn’t work the first time. Smash the door down by learning from what you have done, use your data and talk to people in the industry and then try again!

Envy | Don’t be jealous of your competitors, get creative!

Data analysis will already be part of your Digital strategy and most businesses will track their competitor’s Social and SEO insights through tools like Facebook Insights and SEMrush.

Don’t let your jealous streak win, use it to get ahead of your competitors.

If your biggest rival generates more Facebook engagement than your own. Observe what they do, use your own data insights to adapt your strategy, making changes and improvements to your own social media strategy.

American Horror Story Dandy Mott

Pride | Don’t be a Monster believing you’re ‘too big for digital marketing’

Having too much pride in your current strategy can destroy conversions. You’ll always need to adapt and keep up with the trend. For example, if you are a bricks and mortar business who believes ‘we’re successful and don’t need Digital Marketing’ you are wrong!

Avoid ignoring developing digital aspects such as voice search, mobile optimisation and new social media trends because your brand will simply be left behind.

By hanging clear of the 7 deadly sins made by marketers, you’ll murder it, ending up with a killer strategy and heads above your competition!

Happy Halloween!

If you are looking for help to execute a search marketing strategy, our sister agency SiteVisibility can slaughter it- Check out their client workBut if you are looking to recruit new spirits into your supernatural team, please don’t hesitate to call upon Natasha, our digital marketing recruitment medium via 02037514108. You can also find us regularly haunting social media with our latest job opportunities including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram!

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