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10 Digital Tools Dom Hodgson Couldn’t Live Without

I first met Dom Hodgson at The Tech Off (The love-child of TED talks and WWE) during Sept 2017’s brightonSEO pre-party…

Half an hour before he was expected on stage to battle it out with his rival speakers, Dom seemed calm, but explained that he ‘hadn’t really practised’ and ‘wasn’t really sure how it would go…’

What a lie that turned out to be!

Dom literally took the Concorde 2 by storm with his original track ‘Add To Cart!’ and consequently won the Tech Off Belt to standing ovations and calls for an encore!

Relive that legendary moment in the video below…

Since then, I’ve followed Dom on Twitter, keeping up with the latest from not only his Disneyland adventures but also his Digital Marketing expertise and updates about his own digital tools.

Without further ado, here is Dom Hodgson’s addition of ‘10 Digital Tools … Couldn’t Live Without

So, it’s my turn, I’ve been invited to share my Top 10 SEO tools by the wonderful people at clockworkTalent and on the eve of BrightonSEO I’m obviously after any free publi…. I mean I’d LOVE to help out the team with whatever I can write…

The issue with writing a Top 10 SEO tools list when you;

  1. Build SEO tools for a living
  2. Have been in the industry for more than a few years

Is that:

  1. Most of your friends build tools (and you can’t mention one without mentioning the other)
  2. You spend your day building and designing tools rather than actually using them
  3. You have to find a subtle way of promoting your tools in the article without it being a blatant advertisement

With all that in mind, the first 2 tools I’d like to recommend are Kerboo and Little Warden

Kerboo is an award-winning backlink analysis tool that has scored over 10 billion links since its creation (and I hear they’ve got some brilliant updates in the pipeline!)

Little Warden is the sidekick to any client work you are doing, always watching and giving you a heads up if it spots any problems with redirects, domain / SSL expirations, robots.txt changes and many other things.

Yoast SEO is a plugin that everyone should have when using WordPress, frankly, I’m surprised to see that WordPress hasn’t integrated the functionality into core yet.

SiteBulb is the new kid on the block when it comes to site auditing and crawling, everyone loves the pretty site crawling graphs they create, and Patrick said he would buy me a beer at BrightonSEO if I mentioned him.

Screaming Frog has to have a mention for crawling, there have been many nights at my computer where I’ve just had a glass of whiskey and SF for company. Plus, they sent me some stickers a while back, so I owe them. I can feel Dixon Jones reading this article getting antsy at the fact that Majestic hasn’t been mentioned already but I can honestly say that I believe Majestic changed the game when it comes to SEO, I’ve been a massive supporter of them since the days before subscriptions (when you could download the Wikipedia backlinks for $115) #memories

Sublime Text Editor has been my editor of choice for the last 7 years, I’ve been playing with Atom and Code, but I love the massive amount of extensions and integrations I have at the moment.

XTabulator Don’t be put off by the name, I know this sounds like a superhero I created in my bedroom when I was 12 but when you are dealing with large CSV files (several gigabytes) there is no better-installed software program to use

Is that 10 yet? 8? I’ve only done 8? Bloody hell.

Monosnap – I use this tool every day for small annotated screenshots to send to clients who don’t know which button to press with a delightful yet sarcastic message – See above but for small videos (and with gif exporting!)


I’d love to talk about all the other SEO Software on the market but to be honest I’ve either not used it or I consider them competitors AND WHY WOULD I MENTION MY COMPETITORS? If you’d like me to use your software please get in touch or if you’ve enjoyed this blatant attempt to get a free link with my brand name in, I’ve just finished a series on the Little Warden blog about spending my entire marketing budget with people on Fiverr.

Thank you to the clockworkTalent team for the space on their blog and I’ll see you all at BrightonSEO, I’ll probably be wearing a stupid Disney Shirt and I’ll be the one that looks like my avatar.

Toodles and have a magical day


If it wasn’t immediately obvious, the first two are my tools. #thatsthejoke

Dom H

Huge thanks to Dom for sharing a great list of tools and for also including some lesser known tools!

If you’re at brightonSEO on Friday be sure to look out for Dom, and the clockworkTalent team will also be there so feel free to stop us for a chat about your favourite digital tools or anything you might need to know about finding a new digital job! You can keep up with our brightonSEO adventures and our latest digital marketing jobs on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedInYouTube & Instagram!

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When it comes to SEO Jobs, sometimes it really is WHO you know

I first met Dave at one of the brightonSEO conferences and I knew then he was one of the good guys…

He was working in London and already held many of the qualities we use in screening candidates for our Digital Jobs on behalf of our employers.

  • 1st class Hons degree
  • A good couple years agency experience behind him
  • Solid holistic knowledge but strong leaning to Organic marketing incl. Content, SEO, Outreach etc.
  • Oodles of passion and a great personality

Roll on a couple years, we saw him working at another of clockworkTalent’s employing partners as Natural Search Manager and with a further few more years under our belts (and a few more grey hairs), I got a call out of the blue.

It was like getting a call from an old friend, of course, I remembered Dave. Back from our first meeting those 5+years ago when I’d clocked him as that stand-up kind of SEO guy who was clearly going far. A classic of what every good employer hopes for in their SEO professional. In addition to a rock-solid organic foundation, he loves all things digital, enjoys his music (with credible DJ skills in Funk and Soul as well as running a music blog).


Dave’s call came at the end of February, sparking a whirlwind of activity on our side. Bringing a total of nearly 8 years’ experience, skills and knowledge, Dave now had also now worked in both agency and in-house Organic Digital roles.

Wanting to get him the best possible opportunity, we discussed his ambitions; his likes and what he hasn’t liked about his jobs; what he’d be keen to do more of as well as where his weaknesses might be.

The outcome of which was instead of being restricted by the usual plethora of limitations – commutes, preconceived ideas and ring-fenced ambitions- Dave was so open-minded it almost made it harder by leaving it so open for us in terms of what we were looking for. We knew he’s ambitious and wanted to be with like-mind people but also that he thrived on results and making an impact.

Good thing we know employers right across the industry!

With location guidelines only being that he did not want his next job to be in London, preferring somewhere more North of the M25. We found out where his preferences were; where he had friends or had lived previously.  We then popped all of these into our mental think tank, with cogs flying around as we ran through our employer clients wondering “Which one? Which one? Which one could be “right” for Dave?”

Within one month of getting in touch with clockworkTalent, Dave had accepted a great job opportunity to join the much-admired agency, Receptional in Flitwick, where to quote James, the Head of SEO at Receptional, “Dave has hit the ground running (please forgive the cliché)!”

We asked Dave what he thought of clockworkTalent’s recruitment service and knowledge of the industry and here’s what he had to say…

After meeting Natasha at BrightonSEO a few years back, I knew she’d be my next go-to recruiter if I wanted to make a move in the industry. That time came and I am so glad I reached out to her and the team. In next to no time, they placed me in a fantastic agency and I couldn’t be happier. The clockworkTalent team have been awesome through every step of the process.

David Clough, Senior SEO Consultant, Receptional

Thanks, Dave for your kind words. It’s been a long time coming but a pleasure to have helped and we look forward to hearing news of your career growth in Receptional.

If, like Dave, you are an experienced SEO Manager but are looking for your next “right” job opportunity, speak with clockworkTalent’s specialist recruiters who take the time to listen and work with you to find the right Digital Marketing Jobs. You can send us a message through our Contact FormEmail us directly or call 0203 751 4108We also publish new job opportunities and job seeking tips via Social Media, so make sure to follow us and join our conversation on  YouTubeTwitterFacebookLinkedIn & Instagram!

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What To Do Before, During & After BrightonSEO

If you’re heading to brightonSEO, make sure you don’t miss out on visiting these amazing places while you’re there! Whether it’s for lunch, a beer or for the weekend after, we know the place to go!

brightonSEO is fast approaching and once again, the city is preparing to host the 3,500+ Digital Marketing attendees.

There is an official DeepCrawl pre-party on Thursday 26th April at the Concorde 2 and an after conference party in the Brighton Centre!

As well as these events, here’s our list of the top 5 places in Brighton to eat, drink and play before, during and after the conference!

We’ve also created an interactive map, so you can see the location of each place in relation to the conference! You can’t say we don’t treat you!

Top 5 best places for coffee & breakfast before the conference…

Marwood Bar & Coffee House
This quirky café is full of brick-a-brack décor, books and art but Marwood Coffee House is known best for its great coffee! Open from 8 am every morning, so just in time for you to stop for a coffee before heading to the conference.

Small Batch Coffee
There are 6 Small Batch Cafés dotted around Brighton and Hove so it’s difficult to miss out on their fresh roasted coffee! There’s even a Small Batch Coffee stand outside Brighton train station so you can get your fix as soon as you arrive!

This is an award-winning espresso bar with 3 locations around Brighton. The expert staff create incredible coffee and offer a wide range of food, including breakfast, lunch, artisan sandwiches and homemade cakes.

Flour Pot Bakery
The Flour Pot Bakery has become a well-known haunt for coffee and food lovers. Follow the smell of freshly baked bread down from the station and through the lanes to this inspiring bakery that produces artisan bread, cakes, coffee and legendary sausage rolls daily!

Fresh, local coffee and homemade food make Pelicano the perfect place to stop for breakfast on your way down from the station. Located on Sydney Street, Pelicano is worth a visit even just for the Instagram post!

Their selection of homemade cakes is incredible, especially if you can time it right to get a slice of their Matilda inspired chocolate cake! Remember to internally shout ‘YOU CAN DO IT BRUCE!’ while you devour a slice!

Pelicano Brighton

Top 5 best Lunch locations during the conference…

This is a clockworkTalent team favourite! And the best part is, there is one located in the station AND one 5 minutes’ walk from the Brighton Centre! That’s breakfast and lunch sorted! – clockworkTalent top tip- Go for the Funky Tuna bagel it’s AMAZING!

The Lion & Lobster
On 3 levels, this pub is a great place to get everything you want from a trip to Brighton! The pub is on the ground floor, offering local beer and ales, followed by a quirky restaurant on the first floor. Just when you think you have explored all the nooks and crannies of this charming space, you will discover the rooftop garden, with its own bar and wood-burning stove.

The Coal Shed
If you’re looking to impress clients during your time at brightonSEO, take them to the Coal Shed. Specialising in local meat and Fish, The Coal Shed is an award-winning restaurant located in the heart of Brighton. The menu changes daily in order to ensure ingredients are fresh and seasonal and the steak is not to be missed!

La Choza
Mexican street food in a digital pink restaurant! What’s not to like! – Get in there quick though, La Choza fills up quickly even when there aren’t 3,500 search marketers on the streets of Brighton!

Troll Burger
You can find the Troll Burger kitchen in their converted shed/bar under the arches at the top of Trafalgar Street.

We might be biased but this could be the best street food in Brighton! Serving the best in organic, messy and delicious burgers!

Troll Burger

Top 5 places to go after the conference…

Twisted Lemon
Fancy a cocktail? Twisted Lemon is the place to be! Choose from an extensive cocktail menu before watching the expert Mixologists create a masterpiece in a glass! Drinks range from a good old-fashioned Mojito to their speciality Banoffee Pie Martini.

Dead Wax Social
3 things you need to know about Dead Wax Social… Beer, Vinyl & Pizza!

With a collection of 5000+ vinyl records, you could enter this pub anytime, any day and not hear a track repeated. Every evening live DJ’s spin vinyl and during the day you can dig through the monumental collection or bring your own vinyl for the Dead Wax team to play!

The Grand Central Gin bar –Nightingale Room
Located next to the station, the Grand Central is an ideal pit stop before your journey home. Hidden upstairs is the Nightingale Room, a venue space with its own gin bar offering a huge selection of gin and mixologists with extensive gin knowledge! Can we say gin one more time? GIN!

The Tempest Inn
Where’s the weirdest place you’ve gone for a drink? – How about a cave?

Outside, the Tempest Inn is one of the best beachfront bars and is home to The Crab Claw restaurant offering fresh seafood and pub grub!

When you come inside from the sun in search of the bar area you’re transported inside a giant cave, yep, a cave!

This venue is full of alcoves and hidden bars so is the perfect place to explore, enjoy a drink and grab a bite to eat.

The Mesmerist
If the conference after-party gets you in the mood to boogie, head to The Mesmerist.

Live vintage music events are held here each Friday & Saturday night making The Mesmerist the place to shake, rattle & roll to Jazz and Rock ‘n’ Roll from the 1920’s -50’s!

The Mesmerist Bar

Top 5 things to do if you’re staying in Brighton for the weekend…

Ever thought of spending an evening playing crazy golf in the company of some huge glow in the dark dinosaurs? We hadn’t either but in Brighton its possible!

Royal Pavilion & Garden
Built in 1786, the Royal Pavilion is one of the most iconic buildings in Brighton and mixes visual styles from India and China. Originally intended as a hangout for King George IV, the building then served as a First World War hospital.

The palace gardens are the perfect spot for lunch during brightonSEO, (Bagleman is just around the corner!) or you could spend an afternoon roaming the historic corridors of the Pavilion and its museum.

Named the best venue in the South 13 times running, if you’re looking for a laugh, there is no better place to go than Komedia. Situated in the middle of the North Lanes, you can spot the bright lights of Komedia and the famous red & white legs of Duke’s Cinema from a distance! The line-up includes a mixture of brand new and well-established acts from comedians, musicians to spoken word and cabaret performances.

Brighton Dome
Previous home of brightonSEO, Brighton Dome is the South Coasts leading multi-arts venue. Notably, the building has housed music legends including Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie and Pink Floyd.

With hundreds of acts performing each year and tours that explore the buildings 200-year history, this is a Brighton landmark you shouldn’t miss!

British Airways i360 Tower
Officially named the ‘Most Slender Tower’ by Guinness World Records in January 2016, the i360 is a must-see for anyone spending time in Brighton and for most it’s a ‘will definitely see’ landmark as its peak can be spotted from all over the city! The tower takes passengers up 162 meters and offers breath-taking 360ᵒ views across Brighton, Hove and even as far as the South Downs!

i360 Brighton

Have a great time at brightonSEO, we look forward to seeing you! If you have any other suggestions for things to do during the conference, please don’t hesitate to comment in the section below!

If you can’t make the conference, it is being live streamed on the day HERE.

If you need any more info about getting around Brighton on the day of the conference or if you are looking for some Digital Marketing recruitment help, we can be found on FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+, YoutubeInstagram.

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10 Digital Tools Anton Shulke Couldn’t Live Without

Anton Shulke is the Head of Video Content at SEMrush…

You may already know him from his impressive webinar hosting which has featured live streams with many well-known digital experts including Rand Fishkin, Bill Slawski, Larry Kim and more!

Already knowing Anton’s super strong loyalty to SEMrush, we challenged him to offer a list of the 10 digital tools he couldn’t live without, and he delivered!

Although we were unable to stop Anton from mentioning SEMrush completely…

Because it is one of the most loved industry tools, the most mentioned tool throughout this blog series and one of our own favourites, we didn’t put up much of a fight against it!

You might not know how wide of a variety of tools SEMrush provides, so over to Anton to clue us up so we can learn about some of his favourite alternatives (if he HAD to choose, aha!)

Over to you, Anton…

As I work for SEMrush, I am in a bit difficult position here as I literally live my life on the SEMrush Dashboard!

1. SEMrush

So, my number 1 tool has to be SEMrush! It has brilliant features including the Social Media Tracker, Position Tracking, Site Audits, Brand Monitoring, Analytics Reporting, Backlink Audits, PPC Keyword Tools, Content Analysing and Link Building!

2. BuzzSumo

It is the best at what it does. You can analyse content performance for any topic and see how your competitors are doing.

3. Brand24 

SEMrush has a similar tool, but I think it’s still way behind, Brand24 is a social media listening tool that allows you to discover who is mentioning you / your brand across the internet. It’s great for engaging with your community and managing your online reputation.

4. Buffer

My favourite social media scheduling tool, SEMrush has a similar one, but I got used to Buffer, yes I’m lazy…

5. Similarweb

SEMrush has it is own version of this type of tool but always underestimates the traffic, Similarweb always overestimates so I use both tools and take the median!

6. Canva

We have a huge army of Designers at SEMrush, but sometimes it’s nice to just use a quick template and do everything by yourself, easily!

7. Google Hangouts

Allows group conversation through video and instant message, perfect for organising and even hosting webinars!

8, 9 & 10 Wave by Animatron, QuickTime & Adobe Premiere

Every day, I work with tons of promo videos and Wave’s video & animation software makes my life very easy!

As well as Wave, I regularly use QuickTime & Adobe Premiere to edit videos.

Anton Shulke Logos

Thank you to Anton for offering so many great tools, when you work for such a great company we know it can be hard to consider other tools. But we also appreciate the insight you’ve given us into lesser known SEMrush features too!

You can keep up with Anton’s SEMrush webinars and other video content here.

Please do look out for future ‘10 Digital Tools … Couldn’t Live Without’ blog posts from additional digital marketing industry experts as we’ll be publishing more of this series soon!

If you’re looking to advance your career, did you know we offer a Free CV Critique? Start a conversation by sending your current CV to and our specialist Digital Marketing Recruiters will get in touch with you for a discreet conversation.

On our job board, you can apply for specific digital roles and you can subscribe to our new YouTube Channel for extra information about our latest Digital Jobs. We also post all our jobs and news through our social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram!

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Getting Your Preferred Applicant To Say “Yes!” To The Job Offer

If you think job interviews are all about screening out weaker candidates by asking questions, you’d only be partially right. What if you’ve got a shortlist of terrific candidates to consider, all of whom can do the job?

How do you make sure, when you decide to offer a job to your preferred potential employee, they say yes?

Firstly, you need to be aware that the sourcing of new talent is not quite as straightforward as it used to be.

The fast-paced nature of our industry has been relentless in changing the landscape of job opportunities within online marketing and digital industry. This creates an ever-growing need for new talent to fill roles which didn’t exist 5 years ago, so creating a candidate driven market in the process.

In 2018 we have seen significant growth in recruitment’s need to pursue passive job seekers– making the hiring of talent a more complicated and time-consuming prospect. For instance, a proactive job seeker will already be at the “buying” stage of job offers, whereas a passive or “headhunted” candidates will need still need to be managed through the sales funnel during the interview process.

It’s not as straightforward as just interviewing out the weaker candidates, to be left with one super keen candidate who will snatch up the opportunity when presented with a job offer. This is where a careful balance of interviewing and selling needs to be struck.

Finding the balance

Using a specialist recruitment agency like clockworkTalent, who not only understands the subtle differences in their own niche (in our case Digital Marketing) but also offers the professional recruitment service required.

From Millennials to Generation Z, the criteria have evolved. The factors which attract them have changed and it’s important to recognise this as we move more into a candidate driven market. You also need to bear this in mind when you are assessing job seekers and steering them through your recruitment selection process.

Job seekers have become more discerning in what they want. Whether it’s the working environment, the culture, potential peers, company perks, office gimmicks or social benefits. Our millennials have not held back in their demands and we have adapted our hiring processes to better deliver on these expectations.

Traditional career aspirations have shifted. One major change is the heavy focus on flexible working and a new take on employee benefits, which now include anything from pizza and beer Fridays to having a ball pit or slide in the office! (Check out Social Chain’s Instagram for more amazing office attention-grabbing ideas)

Social Chain Ball Pit

On the other hand, Generation Z is making a new set of demands. It is no longer enough to focus on the excitement of the job and office opportunity, generation Z’s interest is peaked with cultural transparency, open lines of communication and being regularly reviewed or evaluated for rapid career progression.

Ensure you use this opportunity to reinforce what your company offers, what the job offers and how these may meet the specific candidate’s core aspirations. With today’s candidate landscape being a job seekers market, it makes it even MORE important to strike the balance of interview questions and selling the opportunity in the interview.

With research telling us today’s graduates want more than ever a decent salary, regular feedback and clear career development, the interview process is an ideal opportunity to work with your recruiter, reinforcing these features to prospective chosen interviewees.

For the best results, reach a great balance of selling and challenging throughout the interview process as it’s always too late to try and shoehorn the reasons why to join your company at the end of the hiring process.

If you’d like support in proactively hiring the right talent into your digital marketing team, contact Natasha Woodford or call us on 0203 7514108. As a specialist recruitment company, we provide employers with pre-screened, shortlisted candidates who are all ready to do the job, hand holding both parties into making the right choices right into on-boarding (we’re so confident about our work we put our money where our mouth is and offer a 100% guarantee on our placements for 10 weeks-special terms apply!). You can also follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram & Google+ to keep up with our latest roles, news and tips.

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Easter, A Time To Eat Chocolate & Look Ahead

Warning! Unpopular opinion coming up… I can’t stand Crème Eggs. There. I said it. It’s out there…

For me, while Easter is mainly all about hot cross buns, roast Lamb and chocolate, it also marks the beginning of spring, a fresh start and new things to look forward to! So, here’s a look back at what we’ve been up to at clockworkTalent in 2018 so far and how you can find your own fresh start in a new digital marketing job.

Easter Chocolate


Looking Back 

Taking a look back at the year so far, we at clockworkTalent have been super busy!

Since January, we’ve placed some ‘egg-ceptional’

candidates into new jobs this year, including an SEO & Content Executive for the Telegraph, a Head of Marketing for Wave Leisure, Digital Executive for Pegasus Life and a Project Account Manager in Thailand!

We didn’t let the Beast from the East slow us down either! During the week of snow and ice that put the rest of the UK on hold, our Director Natasha was keeping warm at home finalising the job offer and acceptance for Sussex Charitable Trust, Wave Leisure for Abby who was then, travelling halfway across the world between sunny Laos and humid Thailand!

Snow Day

In February, the team attended a careers evening at Eastbourne College which was an opportunity to meet the next generation of digital marketing talent.

We had a great evening answering students’ questions about digital marketing, what career opportunities might be there for them and how to get a foot in the digital marketing door. It was genuinely exciting to share industry knowledge with a novice audience brimming full of enthusiasm and curiosity. The students were awesome and worked their way around the room with a confident naivety and a buzz of excitement for their rapidly approaching post

A Level futures. This was great to witness and perhaps we played a small part in steering their ideas!

Eastbourne College

We’re also proud of our MD, Natasha. She delivered on her promise to walk across hot coals for charity. No yolk, she raised £690 for St Catherine’s Hospice.  It was a cracking night and the whole evening raised a staggering £30,000 for this worthy cause. It’s never too late to donate, you can use her JustGiving page.


Some popular digital marketing and job seeking blogs you shouldn’t miss from 2018 include…

Are you looking to hatch a new start in your career? 

We have some cracking digital marketing job opportunities for you this spring, whether it’s a location change, a career step up or just something a bit different, we will be able to help. Some of our current stand out roles include…

We are specialists in Digital Marketing Recruitment, if you want to find out more about any of our roles or are looking for some job seeking advice, give your CV a spring clean and send it over to our expert recruiters via

Easter Jobs

Springing Forward 

We will be attending BrightonSEO at the end of April, notebooks in hand ready for another whirlwind day of information, learning and beer. If you’re heading to the conference, make sure to keep an eye out and flag us down to say hello when you see us there!

We also have an exciting, annual evening to attend in July at the Tower of London with a few of our clients. And of course, we are looking forward to offering you more amazing jobs while meeting new clients and awesome digital marketers on the way!

Have a wonderful Easter bank holiday and remember to it’s not en-oeuf to just think about new jobs, send your CV to to let us help you hatch yourself a brand-new start this spring! You can also follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram & Google+ to keep up with our latest roles, news and tips.

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Marketing Consultant Finds His Perfect Match

Sometimes in recruitment, you just know…

You just know it’s the right match. Not that it’s obvious, in a job description and CV matching kind of way, but more a gut feeling from 2 parties who will work really well together.

This is what happened when I received a call from Sussex based Marketing Consultant, Andrew Robinson. Andrew already had a pedigree of success behind him and with a number of personal interests keeping him busy, he was looking for a part-time role where he could contribute to a business but only for a couple days a week.

Did I mention, Andrew wasn’t our stereotypical digital marketing job seeker?

He isn’t an SEO Manager or PPC Consultant but more a holistic Marketing Consultant who’d run his own agency and brought with him strong commercial understanding. It was evident he could be of real value to an established or new business providing strengths along the lines of road mapping an audience strategy, integrating marketing automation and email marketing optimisation.

At the same time, clockworkTalent had been working closely with a local Sussex based Online Training company who had visionary ambitions for their own marketing strategy. This is where my recruitment game of snap was won.

Team Members

Andrew has now been consulting for this brand for more than 5 months and both parties are very pleased with the introduction. We asked Andrew to share his thoughts on how clockworkTalent helped him to secure this most recent freelance (or consultancy) job:

‘I am delighted to recommend Natasha and clockworkTalent.

I was looking for new opportunities in Digital Marketing, specifically in the Brighton area. This was proving tougher than in London, not so much for the lack of work, more that the Brighton Digital scene is heavily networked, and therefore does not use recruiters as much. Having worked in London and internationally, I needed to develop a local Brighton network. This is not a quick solution. Natasha, however, was able to find me a great client placement on my first call with her. She was extremely helpful during the interview process, making sure both I and the company were thoroughly briefed and started from a good mutual understanding. Not only does the clockwork Talent team know Digital, they know recruitment inside out – you will be in good hands.’

Andrew Robinson, Marketing Consultant Mind Tools

 If, like Andrew, you’re uncertain how to go and find your next marketing freelance job, reach out to discuss your job options with the team at clockworkTalent. As specialists in Digital Marketing, we hire for both brands and agencies providing us with a cross section across both permanent and freelance jobs.

We’ll help open up doors you may not even be aware of. To speak with clockworkTalent’s specialist recruiters, send us a message through our Contact FormEmail us directly or call 0203 751 4108We also publish new job opportunities and job seeking tips via Social Media, so make sure to follow us and join our conversation on YouTubeTwitterFacebookLinkedIn & Instagram!

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Can I Find A Digital Marketing Job Whilst Travelling Abroad?

Lots of people ask us if it’s possible to start a job hunt whilst they’re aboard. Most of the time, I would say ‘No’ you need to be physically present in the country you are aiming to get your next job in. But on this occasion, I even proved myself wrong…

Abby Tayleure-Emmit introduced herself as a Marketing Manager from London, who married last year and was on a yearlong adventure with her new husband, travelling the world and creating along the way. In line with starting their new lives as husband and wife, once the inevitable year of travel came to an end the plan was to relocate their careers out of London towards the coast of East Sussex.

Listening to Abby, who was then in a remote village in Laos, moving onto Thailand in the next few days, I gained an understanding of her career to date and ambitions for the future. It was immediately evident she is on the upwards curve of her career, full of creativity, passion and enthusiasm.

Abby Tayleure-Emmit

In a fortunate coincidence, clockworkTalent were in the process of hiring for an award-winning East Sussex based Charitable Trust who operate 10 leisure centres and has a focus on fitness and healthy lifestyles for the community.

Helping an individual source their dream marketing job will always be gratifying but doing this whilst they were travelling through Asia in the final weeks of a yearlong adventure really does me proud. It doesn’t always work, but when the ‘perfect match’ is plain to see and all parties work together to make it happen – you can achieve a really positive result like we did.

In our immediate future we continue to work with Abby but this time she is the employer in her new role, Head of Marketing. We’re expanding Abby’s team with a Content & Social Media Executive, someone with the basics in place and oodles of passion and enthusiasm. You can check our job board for similar current opportunities.

Abby has in the meantime been kind enough to share her thoughts on our recent work together…

Natasha and the team at clockworkTalent were truly the best recruitment agency I’ve ever worked with. I was out of the country while looking for work and they not only accommodated the time differences and the need to do most communications via email and WhatsApp but secured me three interviews and a successful job offer! Some recruitment agents promise the world and deliver very little, not clockworkTalent. Natasha struck the perfect balance of encouragement and support while being honest with me about any hurdles of conducting a job search from the other side of the world. The whole team really know their stuff. I was initially attracted to them due to their own great digital marketing, supported all the way through the process by their expertise and easy going nature, and it felt like a shared celebration when I was offered the role. Thank you, Natasha and team!

Abby Tayleure-Emmitt, Head of Marketing, Wave Leisure Trust Ltd

If like Abby, you’re seeking to make a significant change in to your marketing career, whether it’s location, industry sector or looking for a recruitment partner who can talk you through the options available to you, speak with clockworkTalent’s specialist recruiters who take the time to listen and work with you to find the right Digital Marketing Jobs. You can send us a message through our Contact FormEmail us directly or call 0203 751 4108We also publish new job opportunities and job seeking tips via Social Media, so make sure to follow us and join our conversation on YouTubeTwitterFacebookLinkedIn & Instagram!

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10 Digital Tools Alexandra Tachalova Couldn’t Live Without

You will know Alexandra Tachalova from her digital marketing work and being the founder of Digital Olympus, the online digital marketing conference that takes place every quarter…

Alexandra is a knowledgeable marketer and shares her tips and ideas in regular contributions for MOZ & SEJ. But, how does she get all of this done? We’ve been chatting to Alexandra about her favourite digital tools, which ones she uses on a day to day basis to ensure her time is not wasted and her digital marketing work is the best it can be…

Over to you, Alexandra…

Just like any other industry, working in digital marketing means you are dealing with some routine tasks on a daily basis. I’m not going to lie, sometimes it drives me crazy. Whether it’s an outreach strategy that involves gathering and organizing the database, or searching for expert’s contact details or analysing domain’s backlink profile. We all can agree that these tasks involve a lot of manual work that is, by far, the least enjoyable.

In this post, I want to let you in on what makes my work life a little bit easier and allows me to juggle multiple tasks at a time.

Apart from my other work activities, I do a lot of PR related work. And if there’s a tool that can help me improve my content marketing performance, I will most definitely use that tool. In other words, my favourite tools are those that save my time, improve my pitching strategy and help me target the right audience.

So, get ready to find some other things to keep you busy, as your schedule is about to get more flexible.


In a perfect world, PR managers can get their hands on contact details of any blogger or a journalist they want to pitch their stories to. Sadly, in reality, things look more like ‘catch me if you can’ game, with journalists constantly moving from one top industry magazine to another. As a result, the email you spent hours on digging up is no longer used. Tough luck. But that’s where can really help you. Even if a tool can’t tell you the email address of a person you’re trying to connect with, it shows you a pattern that a company uses to create their emails:

To give you an example, I typed in Hubspot’s web address and got a list of different emails with an explanation of how the company assigns an email name to each employee. And you can always export this information in a CSV spreadsheet.

So if you’ve never heard of this tool, then I just saved you several hours spent on exhausting research.


  1. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a must-have tool for every respectful PR marketer because it shows the names of authors who currently contribute to a specific site. Want to get a list of Entrepreneur’s or Inc’s contributors all at once within a few seconds? Then simply click on an export button in BuzzSumo and start working on your pitch:

Another cool feature that can help you significantly improve your pitch is finding the best performing posts by filtering them based on an author’s name:


Having this data can help you understand what kind of topics a contributor prefers to cover, so you won’t be wasting your time on guesswork. This gives you a unique chance to land a long-lasting partnership if you do the rest of the things right. On top of this, you can always refer to this data and demonstrate that you aren’t afraid to do your homework and care about other people’s time and value their work. Isn’t it great? Wait, it gets even better!

  1. Ahrefs

Searching for the best blogs that have added a backlink to your competitors, but the results aren’t so impressive? Then Ahrefs will definitely surprise you by delivering this data in just a few clicks.

Ahrefs also allows you to find the best performing content that your rivals are linking to, which gives you an idea of what kind of content you need to create and which sites to pitch to. Besides, I also like their Batch Analysis tool that lets you analyze up to 200 domains at once and see if these sites are worth your time and effort. It’s one of the best backlink analysis tools I’ve used so far. Not a bad time-saver strategy, isn’t it?

  1. SEMrush

SEMrush has tons of features and reports that I can’t do without. When I select a site for my future PR campaign, I try to evaluate not only the domain authority that is based on the number of referring domains, but I also look at how well its content is ranking in Google. This is where SEMrush speeds things up for me. By simply looking at what kind of pages are getting the most traffic, you can evaluate the chances your future piece has to show up in SERPs. For instance, here’s a report that explains what posts on Contently’s blog have the most visibility and traffic:

This report also shows you the number of keywords an article is ranking for. And, as usual, you can save this information by exporting it in a separate document.

  1. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb’s free report is an incredible source of data when you’re trying to estimate how many users you’ll be able to reach if your post gets published on selected blogs. This data plays a major role in my work routine because it helps me prioritize which sites I need to pitch to first. If you don’t mind getting a paid account, then you’ll get yourself a set of other handy features. For example, SimilarWeb paid account offers you a report that presents what kind of posts are sending the highest number of visitors to your rivals. When it comes to PR, it’s important to remember about referral traffic. No doubt, brand awareness and links matter, but users you attract can one day become paying clients. And that’s a lot better.

  1. Google Tag Manager

I can’t imagine working with content without using Google Tag Manager. It can do a lot of things. The one thing Google Tag Manager does exceptionally well is helping you understand exactly how users interact with your content. GTM can answer questions like whether your visitors are reading your post in its entirety if they are clicking on links or scrolling to the end of your post. It can also tell you if your page visitors left their contact details on that page. Another reason why Google Tag Manager fascinates me is that it shows how efficient each of your channels is in acquiring new leads. This feature is very convenient when you need to analyse your social media channels:


If you look at the screenshot above, you’ll see that Twitter is the leader in bringing new users on board.

  1. Canva

I hear that sometimes Canva is underestimated by the marketers. Well, that’s too bad because this tool can create excellent pictures to accompany your content pieces. It offers a variety of features you can take advantage of as you customize your design. You can create GIF images that prove to outperform regular static images in terms of engaging your audience with your content. If you want to diversify the types of visuals you’re using, build your own infographics or simple graphs for a better presentation of your data.

  1. will be your devoted sidekick in accomplishing your PR goals. It is a sponsored content marketplace that can help you reach a much broader audience by effectively promoting your content. Some blogs are really hard to pitch to, and you can spend months on trying to get hold of someone to assist you. That’s why I recommend my clients to consider purchasing sponsored content. helps me understand a current price range within a niche or industry without going through an excruciating process of requesting prices from every blog. gives me both the pricing and the number of visitors each site has to offer. All I need to do is log on, type in a website and forward this data to my client. It also makes it easier for a client to make a right purchasing decision: Very few sites openly display their prices. So, believe me, it takes a lot of time to research this kind of information. And this tool has already done all the legwork for you.

Email is not dead. In fact, it’s as alive as ever. And MailChimp helps to automate and manage your email communications with your users.  For one, you can design a full-fledged email campaign with funnels for your gated content. Secondly, you don’t have to pay to use the tool if you don’t mind seeing MailChimp’s logo at the bottom of your newsletter. This email automation platform also offers some basic analytics and tracking which is a nice bonus. Basically, you can design and send emails, set up different email funnels, and play around with this tool if you’re not sure you want to invest in your email strategy just yet.

  1. FollowerWonk

I use FollowerWonk mainly to build custom audiences on Twitter. It’s a known fact that Twitter is flooded with bots. So if you don’t want to advertise to fake accounts, you will have to spend some time working in Excel. With FollowerWonk’s unparalleled features, you can export either your competitor’s followers or followers of accounts that publish relevant content. The cherry on the cake is the fact that you can get rid of bots as much as it is possible thanks to the following rows you get in your export file:

  • The date account was created (I always delete recently created accounts)
  • The number of retweets an account has (the higher this number is, the more likely this account is real)
  • The date of the latest tweet (this really helps to eliminate inactive accounts)
  • The number of followers (if an account has unrealistically too many of them, I delete it – it looks too fishy to me).

To Sum Up

Time is a precious commodity. So why give yourself a hard time with performing manual work when they’re so many amazing tools to facilitate your routine tasks? In this article, I told you about the top 10 tools I can’t work without. Are there any other tools out there that can help you fight the routine? Most definitely! I’d like to know what tools offer you a lifeline in the sea of monotonous work. Share your examples in the comment section below.

Alexandra Tachalova

Like Alexandra, many of us have multiple projects running simultaneously, so it can be amazing when you discover a tool that helps free up some of the manual, laborious tasks. We hope you’re enjoying the suggestions of new tools through our series of  ‘10 Digital Tools … Couldn’t Live Without’ as we continue to publish from digital marketing industry experts across all channels, continents and specialisms!

If you’re looking to advance your digital marketing career, did you know we offer a Free CV Critique? Start a conversation with us by sending your current CV to and our specialist Recruiters will get in touch.

On our job board, you can apply for specific digital roles and you can subscribe to our new YouTube Channel for extra information about our latest Digital Jobs. We also post all our jobs and news through our social media channels including TwitterFacebookLinkedIn Instagram!

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10 Digital Tools David Iwanow Couldn’t Live Without

Looking for a way to increase your productivity? Want some new SEO tools to try? Check out this list from SEO expert David Iwanow…

David Iwanow has been involved in SEO for over 11 years now since he first got started running his own search agency The Lost Agency in Brisbane, Australia.  He is also known as one of the co-founders of SEO Meetups a monthly SEO event that happens across 4 cities in Australia and occasionally in Europe with over 3,300 members. David is also a fairly active speaker and you can check out some of his many previous presentations over on SlideShare.

David is currently SEO Manager for Global Deployments for Schibsted Media Group, based in London. His previous roles include Director of Strategy for BlueGlass and almost 3 years with eBay classifieds group in Amsterdam looking after the Benelux region as SEO Product Manager.  David is an avid traveller and has been working on his travel stories over on Travel Network over the past few years, but certainly needs to dedicate a bit more time to finishing several draft posts.

David Iwano

I do love to stick with a great tool once I’ve found it and it takes a fairly high level of innovation to convince me to swap across to a competitors tool.  I find I don’t have the time or energy to learn a new tool from scratch but always get offers to try a new tool but rarely end up swapping.  I also find I focus on tools that do one thing really really well and additional features that are tacked on are often not as good as a dedicated product, so I’m not a fan of the generalist product suite that does a bit of everything.

Majestic – Disclosure I’m an ambassador for Majestic but I’ve been using their product long before I was an ambassador in my SEO audits.  The platform has gone from strength to strength over the last several years and they have also invested a lot of time into rebuilding the interface to make the data easier to consume. Similar to Sistrix they have a good range of historical data that goes back to 2012 with 6.66 billion URLs in their historical index.  Majestic uses its own proprietary metric TrustFlow (quality) and CitationFlow (quantity) that it uses to understand the authority of a website.  The most common feature I use is Site Explorer but do love the Clique Hunter & Comparison tool but I often just use the advanced reports to export the data and do the analysis in Excel but if it’s over 1 million rows then import the data into Tableau.  If you want to keep an eye on what is happening their marketing and product team is busy producing some great content on their blog. I use Majestic for monitoring my own sites but also for competitive analysis which helps me understand how active they are in SEO, how advanced their SEO programs are and what are the opportunities.  You can also some features of the Majestic features for free and if you verify your domain you get insights on your own domains for free.

SEOmonitor – Disclosure from 2017 I’m on their customer advisory board but swapped to using their product back in 2016 when I was working with Samuel Hurley who is now over at on some better SEO tools for tracking client results.  One of the initial and favourite features was their SEO forecasting tool which took the time for traffic estimates 3 days in excel down to just 5 minutes.  The integration with Google Analytics & Google Search Console allows insight on which keywords are driving conversions but also a split on brand/non-brand traffic.  The fact that they allow you to track an unlimited amount of competitors also made it useful as SEO competitors might change during the life of a project. I love them because their support team and willingness to fix/resolve bugs is world class and they have a very active blog covering all the upcoming feature enhancements. I use SEOmonitor for SEO forecasting, tracking competitors and monitoring the performance of primary keywords.

Sistrix – While they support a smaller number of countries, they provide some fairly detailed insights on SEO, links, social signals, advertising and universal search results.  They also have a reasonably large set of keywords tracked and a large range of historical data for most domains. One of my favourite insights is their top URL and top path report so you can see what are the pages or sections receiving organic traffic but also what keywords are driving that traffic similar to what you would see in Google Search Console.  Their team is also very active in using their data and insights to produce some really great blog posts that are good to read.  I use Sistrix a lot for competitive analysis but also useful for SEO audits.

ScreamingFrog – Still after all these years, ScreamingFrog remain the go-to SEO spider for most SEOs, being desktop based it is perfect if you work in a role that doesn’t allow cloud-based tools to be used. They have two products a free version for up to 500 URLs but I would suggest the paid version that crawls as many URLs as you want in a year. I often use ScreamingFrog for initial audits up to 1 million URLs (need to adjust the memory settings) but for larger websites, you just need to use DeepCrawl.  I use ScreamingFrog for SEO audits, in my daily SEO work but also to understand the structure to ensure I correctly setup my DeepCrawl crawls to get the best results.

DeepCrawl – This is one of the future platforms that SEOs will wonder how they did their SEO audits without.  Again I love using their platform because it’s far cheaper than similar products such as Botify and their support team go above and beyond to help you make sure you can do what you need.  I’ve used their platform in the past to crawl 3.5 million pages for an SEO audit of a leading job site, and weekly crawls of a leading travel portal to track technical SEO changes.  I use DeepCrawl for SEO audits but also tracking SEO changes to my websites.

Xenu – One of the original SEO crawlers and still an app I love as it’s desktop-based but is the tool I goto when I need to crawl a huge website and just need very high-level numbers such as a number of URLs.  I’ve used it to crawl websites with millions of pages in the past and it, just be aware it’s a bit clunky and hasn’t been updated since September 2010.

Zapier – I think Zapier is one of the most underutilized tools available, it’s a perfect product if you are trying to automate a task.  You can link to most web services quickly and easily, define rules/logic and then run the Zap (script).  If you think about it you can most likely do it via Zapier, some of the potential tasks could be

  • Create Asana tasks via Google Forms/Sheets
  • Add rows in Google sheets as to do items in Basecamp 3
  • Create Google tasks or Zendesk tickets from Pingdom alerts
  • Post new WordPress posts to your FB page
  • Tweet new WordPress posts automatically
  • Post new Instagram photos to your WordPress blog
  • Buffer your Instagram photos
  • Add new Twitter followers to a Buffer queue for a thank you message
  • Backup files from Dropbox folder to Amazon S3 bucket

SEMRush – Their team run some great SEO Live audit webinars that you should certainly check out as they are run every week or so.  I like their tool because it covers almost every possible country in the world, the data is better for larger markets but it’s great that it has such a wide range of coverage without an additional cost.  Their tool is also great for domain or keyword insights and has a nice interface that allows you to view organic and paid traffic channels so you can understand what are the primary keywords driving traffic.  They also have a nice backlink insights report that is good for including top-level metrics in SEO audits or presentations.  If you focus a lot on offsite tactics (link building/content marketing) their backlink audit can provide some good insights and can integrate with Majestic, Google Search Console and Google Analytics. I use SEMRush for SEO audits but have also set up their site audit tool, backlink audit and the brand monitoring feature.

LittleWarden – This has actually started to become my favourite little monitoring tool, they are aggressively building out new features to help SEOs and website owners keep on eye on the small things that can take up time and should be automated.  I’ve looked into building some of these basic checks and it’s far cheaper at £15/month and more efficient to just use their service. I use LittleWarden to run daily checks across my sites looking for simple things such as; Robots.txt has changed, Googlebot is not blocked, 404 page returns a 404 and SSL has not expired.

SanityCheck – This is certainly an interesting little tool, which I’ve started playing around with but something that I think I need to dedicate a bit more time into exploring.  It’s basically a way to get more insights out of your Google Search Console data for new content ideas and prioritize which pages to improve based on their click-thru-rate performance and average rank. Like several other tools, this is cheap enough for 1 site $20/month to be running in the background and setup ready to use. I have only started looking into this tool with my own site to see how actionable the insights are.

David Iwanow logos

Like David, I’m sure you’ve got your favourite tools and tend to stick with them but we hope you’re enjoying the suggestions of new tools through our series of  ‘10 Digital Tools … Couldn’t Live Without’  as we continue to publish from digital marketing industry experts  across all channels, continents and specialisms!

If you’re looking to advance your digital marketing career, did you know we offer a Free CV Critique? Start a conversation with us by sending your current CV to and our specialist Recruiters will get in touch.

On our job board, you can apply for specific digital roles and you can subscribe to our new YouTube Channel for extra information about our latest Digital Jobs. We also post all our jobs and news through our social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram!

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