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10 Digital Tools Arianne Donoghue Couldn’t Live Without

We’ve heard a lot about Arianne and wanted to hear about the digital tools she uses every day to make her work as good as it is…

As Strategy Director at Epiphany Search and a regular on the conference scene, Arianne Donoghue is a big name in the Digital Marketing industry. So we asked her to put together a list of the digital tools she couldn’t live without!

Over to you, Arianne…

It’s been good fun putting this list together and thinking about how different the tools I can’t live without at work are compared to the ones I can’t live without at home. There’s a few common to both, but’s interesting to think about the huge number of digital tools we use daily.

This list of the tools I use at work also looks very different now to how it would have done only a year ago. My role has moved on from one that was very operational in terms of managing Paid Search, Social and Display every day. Now, my job focuses more on the agency itself, including more of a focus on things like new business, marketing and ways of working. This means that whereas until now, Excel would have easily been the main tool I used over the last decade or so, now it doesn’t even make the top 10. (Cue existential angst – can I even call myself a PPC-er anymore?)

Replacing my beloved Excel is another Office product – PowerPoint. I put together a lot of presentations and due to the number of technical snafus I’ve seen at events involving Google Slides, good old PowerPoint is my go-to.

I’m one of those people who tries to live a paperless lifestyle as much as possible, so I need somewhere to store all my digital notes. For me, the app I use to do that is OneNote. I’ve tried apps like Evernote in the past and really liked them, but I because I use a PC, OneNote makes sense.

For managing tasks and deadlines, I love using Trello. I’m one of those people who use Trello for a ton of thing in my personal life, whether it’s planning a holiday, finding recipes or keeping track of some of my bigger goals.

While I’m not a fan of Google Slides, the rest of the Google Suite is super important for collaboration and moving forward on key projects with others in the agency – Google Sheets and Google Docs get used multiple times a day by myself and pretty much everyone else.

For keeping in touch as we collaborate, the tool I couldn’t live without is Google Hangouts. We do also use Slack at Epiphany, particularly within our Studio and Dev teams, but Hangouts is the most universally used.

There’s a couple of apps that I can’t live without at work or at home. 1Password is my go-to password manager to keep my logins and personal details as safe as possible (it’s much easier to use secure, complicated passwords when you don’t have to remember them all) and one of the first apps I always install on a computer the first time I use it is f.lux. It adjusts the colour balance of your monitor to filter out the blue light as the sun goes down, with the aim of hopefully stopping the devices we use from interfering with our sleep. I use f.lux over the Night Light built into Windows as it offers different colour modes and functionality.

It’s really important to keep up to date with what’s going on in our fast-moving industry and one of my favourite ways to stay informed is by using Tweetdeck. As well as my own personal Twitter accounts it helps me manage and stay up to date on everything going on with She Does Digital.

A tool I’m increasingly finding I can’t live without is Power BI. It’s something I’ve begun to look into to help automate some of our reporting and analysis and while I’ve barely scratched the surface, there’s so much potential for how tools like this can shape how we do things for the better.

Finally, ScreenToGif is indispensable when putting presentations together. If you need to show more than a screenshot and you want to keep file sizes small, it’s a great way to record what’s going on and share it.

Arianne Donoghue Tools

Huge thanks to Arianne for sharing her list of digital tools, and for including some that we could all do with at home as well as at work! I’d never heard of f.lux before and I’ve now installed it onto my work and home laptops!

I hope this blog series can help you continue to find the right tools for you and improve your own work and skills. If you’re looking for your next career move, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert recruiters to discuss digital jobs by emailing your CV to

You can keep up with clockworkTalent on our social media: TwitterFacebookLinkedInGoogle+Instagram & Pinterest.

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Top 10 Digital Tools Barry Adams Couldn’t Live Without

Despite a hectic schedule of client work and back-to-back speaking engagements, Barry Adams came back to us as the speediest of responses when asked if he’d like to feature in our series of “Top 10 Tools I Couldn’t Live Without”. Just goes to show Barry really does LOVE his tools…

For those of you who don’t know Barry, he is an award-winning SEO Consultant specialising in technical SEO for news publishers and eCommerce websites. We admire him for his readiness to share his expert knowledge with the wider search community through annual university lectures, being a regular speaker at industry events and more.

We’ve known of Barry for years having met him at numerous brightonSEO’s. Most recently seeing him on webinars and Twitter chats, we thought it was about time we asked him to take part in our blog series ‘10 Digital Tools I Couldn’t Live Without!’.  Here’s what Barry shared with us:


  1. DeepCrawl.Every SEO needs a crawling tool to analyse websites with. If I had to pick just one SEO crawler, it would be DeepCrawl. I have mad love for desktop crawlers like Screaming Frog and Sitebulb, but for me the convenience of DeepCrawl edges it ahead of the rest. It’s such a great tool with connections to multiple data sources, shareable reports, and excellent built-in analysis.


  1. Chrome DevTools. The tools that come built in to the Chrome browser are now a cornerstone of my SEO auditing process, and I couldn’t imagine doing my work without it. So many great features in DevTools that help with analysis on aspects like accessibility, load speed, and of course SEO.


  1. MS Excel. I’ve never really made the switch to Google Docs and still prefer to collect my data in Excel. It also helps me create shareable documents that I can send to clients to enable them to implement my recommendations.


  1. Little Warden. Since I started using this website monitoring tool I’ve been able to help clients avert potential disasters dozens of times. Little Warden monitors webpages for changes in SEO aspects like titles & meta tags, robots.txt, as well as domain name expiration dates – you’d be surprised at how often a client will forget to renew their domain name on time. Little Warden’s notifications make sure that whenever things go sideways, we know about it straight away and can act immediately.


  1. Sistrix. For competitive analysis and keyword research, I’ve tried a lot of different tools and platforms but I keep coming back to Sistrix. Their visibility index is second to none and really paints a clear picture of where a website sits in their competitive landscape. Also, Sistrix’s keyword tools help me find opportunities for clients to improve their search footprint.


  1. Ayima Page Insights. This is a Chrome extension that I use every single day. Ayima Page Insights makes manually checking webpages for SEO issues very easy and also allows me to check other technical aspects like HTTP headers. It’s my favourite Chrome extension by far.


  1. Slack. While email is the default communication channel for most, I prefer Slack channels to keep in touch with clients. It prevents enormous email threads from clogging up my inbox and helps integrate my work with my clients’ SEO and tech teams. Also, clients really appreciate the ability to ask me a quick question on Slack, as it feels much less formal than email and they tend to get a quicker response from me too.


  1. Dropbox. It’s been my go-to cloud storage and syncing tool for years and it’s made my life significantly easier.


  1. RoboForm. I’ve got so many accounts to so many different websites and tools, I couldn’t begin to remember all of them. And because I care about security and use strong passwords, I rely on a password manager to store my logins across all platforms. Roboform is my tool of choice for this.


  1. Google Search Console. It would be amiss of me to leave out Google’s biggest gift to webmasters. With GSC we know a lot about how Google sees our websites, and what we can do to improve our SEO. I don’t start any SEO project without access to the website’s Search Console data.

Barry Adams tools

Thank you very much to Barry for your list of digital tools. It’s clear when it comes to SEO consultancy, simplicity is key and the tools you choose to use can make a big impact.

I hope this blog series can help you continue to find the right tools for you and improve your own work and skills. If you’re looking for your next career move, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert recruiters to discuss digital jobs by emailing your CV to You can keep up with clockworkTalent on our social media: TwitterFacebookLinkedInGoogle+Instagram & Pinterest.

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25 Digital Marketers To Follow On Twitter

The digital marketing industry can be a very lonely place to work…

If your digital marketing team consists of 1 or you are a freelancer regularly working from home, you may recognise the feeling of not having anyone to talk to who truly understands your work. Rachel Finch spoke about this during her talk at brightonSEO and Alexandra Tachalova recently published a blog post about the struggles she had to overcome as a remote international consultant not feeling like a true part of the industry.

I find I can work very happily as a team of 1, I love the feeling of ownership it brings but a good brainstorm with a colleague can bring out the best and most creative ideas in anyone. That’s why I’ve always made a conscious effort to throw myself into the digital community via social media.

There are LOADS of ways you can feel part of the virtual digital community through social media, whether it’s joining in with weekly Twitter chats, posting in Facebook groups, sharing or asking for advice on LinkedIn etc.

I’ve found Twitter to be the most helpful in making me feel like I’m not alone in my role as Digital Marketing Executive, I’ve found brilliant industry experts and people in the same position as me looking for a remote, online colleague for empathy, shared learning or just to bounce ideas around with.

Bonus top tip if you’re looking for likeminded pals on social media – Search your job title on LinkedIn and connect with people with similar industries/jobs/skills/interests etc as you. I did this when I first began my career in digital marketing with clockworkTalent as an Apprentice and connected with people in the same position. I’ve stayed in touch and have seen their work develop alongside my own.

Working alone

As a starting point for immersing yourself into the digital community or to expand you from your comfort zone and existing network, here are my 25 people from all walks of life within digital marketing who I think you should be following on Twitter…

Easily keep up with and follow these 25 Digital Marketers with our Twitter list

  1. Aleyda Solis

International SEO Speaker and 2018’s European Search Personality of the Year, Aleyda Solis should be at the top of your following priority list! If you can get past being completely jealous of her regular #wingshot updates from global remote working locations and fancy search awards evenings, you could learn a lot from Aleyda’s SEO tweets.

  1. Rand Fishkin

Even if you don’t already follow Rand, you’ll probably be aware of him and know that he’s just released a book! He has described Lost and Founder as ‘a painfully honest field guide to the start-up world’ and has been sharing his expertise and experience on this topic via Twitter. Formerly CEO At Moz, Rand has recently begun a new venture as the founder of SparkToro and will, I’m sure, be tweeting about his developments.

  1. Alexandra Tachalova

Alexandra is a brilliant digital marketer to follow on Twitter, not only does she take part in discussions from every sector of digital marketing, she also shares informative, live webinar style videos and holds regular #DigitalOlympusChats from her business account Digital Olympus.

  1. Lukasz Zelezny

If you can keep up with Lukasz, he is another brilliant SEO expert to follow. He seems to be in a different country / speaking at a different conference every week but that doesn’t stop him tweeting out the latest in SEO news, offering tips and joining discussions. Lukasz was a recent addition to our blog series ‘10 Digital Tools I Couldn’t Live Without

  1. Grace Scott

Grace probably thinks I’m her number 1 stalker. As the PR and Outreach specialist at Bozboz and a Brighton based blogger, she knows her stuff. It seems like every time I go to retweet or like something on my feed its come from Grace. I’ve found many shared interests with her via Twitter and (sorry, Grace) have no intention of stopping the constant likes & retweets!

  1. Jamie Alberico

I first spotted Jamie’s profile during a Twitter chat (you can’t miss her awesome bright blue hair in her profile photo!). Since then, I’ve been following her as she tweets from Colorado in the US about the latest in SEO provoking some interesting discussions with other global industry experts.

  1. Greg Gifford

You may know Greg from his genuinely incredible conference talks and if you liked them, you should follow his Twitter. During the conference season, Greg has become known for live tweeting from events he is attending, in his now famous energetic style.

  1. Tara Hunt

Tara is CEO & Partner at Truly Social. She is a bestselling author and was named as one of the Women to Watch in Entrepreneur Magazine (2013). As well as sharing updates about industry news and her agency Truly Social, Tara posts video ‘lessons’ twice a month.

  1. Talia Wolf

Talia is the Founder and Chief Optimizer at Getuplift. She is an experienced conversion optimisation specialist and shares all the latest in breaking digital news, tips from her blog and her keynote sessions at conferences around the world.

  1. Hollie Bradbury

Hollie is a Content & Influencer Marketing Manager by day and a beauty, fashion & lifestyle Blogger by night! She is a content whiz and her blog makes for a brilliant read, I especially enjoy her beauty product reviews!

  1. Omi Sido

If you’re a fan of inspirational quotes and motivational posts why aren’t you following Omi Sido? Omi is the Senior Technical SEO at Canon Europe and a regular speaker at digital marketing conferences. On Twitter, Omi shares pearls of wisdom about staying motivated at work, loving your what you do, as well as regular updates about his ongoing home renovation project!

  1. Rachel Finch

1 third of Brighton Digital Women, Conference Speaker and Digital Marketing Manager at SiteVisibility, Rachel is a force to be reckoned with. Tweeting all things digital marketing, Jeff Goldblum, Star Wars, event speaking and marathon running.

  1. Barry Adams

SEO Consultant Barry Adams is another great Digital Marketer to add to your list, he is an award-winning speaker with a finely tuned specialism in technical SEO. He happily shares his fountain of knowledge via Twitter every day! Another fine example of the generous nature of the experts in the industry.

  1. Jen Matichuk

Jen is the Social Media Manager for YouTube stars Rhett & Link (creators & stars of Good Mythical Morning). If you want the inside scoop on representing influencers through social media, Jen is your girl. I have found her tweets fascinating- not just the daily updates on which kind of cookie she’s eaten but also the behind the scenes action of what she gets up to at work creating such amazing content! If Jen doesn’t inspire you to work in digital marketing, I don’t know who will!

  1. Gavin Bell

Gavin has been dubbed the Facebook King of the UK for his excellent skills and knowledge sharing in Facebook Advertising and video content creation. I was fortunate to see him speak at brightonSEO. If you’re looking to learn about Facebook ad strategy, how to win at social video or just love beautiful photos of Scotland, Gavin is the one to follow!

  1. Matt Navarra

Now working as a Social Media Consultant, Matt was previously the Director of social media at TNW. He shares his expertise on Twitter via articles, sharing the latest in social media news and is usually one of the first to share the latest in social tech developments.

  1. Martin MacDonald

Founder of MOG Media, Martin is an SEO & Content professional based in California sharing all things digital marketing via Twitter including some great, recent advice for his peers in the SEO industry aiming for ‘expert status.’

  1. Jessica Zollman

Her success in the tech industry led her to become Instagram’s 5th employee in 2011 before breaking out on her own as a full-time photographer. Since then, Jessica Zollman has made a huge splash in digital and has become an internationally followed social media influencer.  It’s my own love of photography which helped me find her!

  1. Steven Bartlett

As the CEO & Founder of social first agency, Social Chain, Steve is a successful public speaker and influential digital marketer. Steve gives a vocal opinion on how agency life should be, sharing his day to day digital marketing activity, advice for other agency managers and regular podcasts. Steven Bartlett should be close to the top of your list!

  1. Val Geisler

Email Marketing guru, Val Geisler is based in Columbus Ohio. She tweets about everything from email conversion, email writing tips and copywriting to the latest in digital news.

  1. Benjamin Mangold

Benjamin is the Co-Founder of Loves Data, is an Author, Speaker and Blogger tweeting everything Google Analytics, Data and AdWords (there’re also a few fitness tweets in there!). Benjamin shares his best tips and advice in analytics through video, blog posts and sharing his company’s updates.

  1. Craig Campbell

How could I not mention Craig Campbell? He’s a digital marketing expert from Glasgow, who uses Twitter to share his thoughts about the latest in SEO, what it’s really like to be an SEO Consultant and the industry events he’s speaking at. Craig takes the time to help young digital marketers via Twitter and has helped me out by answering many of my questions in the past!

  1. Joanna Wiebe

Canada based Joanna Wiebe is the Co-founder of Airstory and the creator of Copy Hackers, she tweets everything content marketing including industry events, ‘How To’ webinars and latest news.

  1. Dan Barker

Dan is a Freelance Consultant specialising in eCommerce, analytics, UX and customer experience but is also an avid photographer! Whilst I don’t know Dan personally, I’ve come to recognise his name and Twitter profile as he’s always in my feed. His knowledge covers so many topics and he regularly joins in with Twitter-based digital marketing discussions.

  1. Andrew Cock-Starkey

Last but by no means least, Andrew is the Founder of Optimisey, an SEO consultancy and meet up based in Cambridge UK. By following Andrew, you will see video clips and the latest news about his event, how to join his community of speakers and more! Andrew also tweets super helpful tips and advice for the latest in SEO in plain English! I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen tweets from Andrew that I’ve been able to implement into my own work.

On Social Media

You might be working alone, but you shouldn’t feel alone! I hope this post has given you some ideas, inspiration and useful tips to help you feel like you are part of this all-inclusive, international industry. Easily keep up with and follow these 25 Digital Marketers with our Twitter list.

You can find me on Twitter: @Emmaaa_95 and if you want to share your own favourite Digital Marketers to follow on Twitter, feel free to leave a comment below! You can also keep up with clockworkTalent and our digital marketing community on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube & Google+.

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10 Digital Tools Kaspar Szymanski Couldn’t Live Without

After watching his talk at brightonSEO, I knew we needed to get a list of Kaspar Szymanski’s top 10 digital marketing tools…

Kaspar Szymanski is an internationally renowned SEO expert, a former senior member of the famed Google Search Quality team and among the select few former Googlers with extensive policy driving, webspam hunting and webmaster outreach expertise. Kaspar is the co-founder of SearchBrothers and applies his skill set to recovering websites from Google penalties and helping clients max out the potential of their websites in search engines.

Over to you, Kaspar…

Google Search Console (GSC) formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools is every SEO’s favourite, number one tool. It is the only source of tangible, verified information on how Google sees a website. There are no commercial, paid or free alternatives to the insights it provides, especially when it comes to site issues Google has encountered. At the same time, it is the most basic tool. It is important to keep in mind that it is a free, non-revenue driving tool that Google is offering to just a fraction of their actual target audience. Therefore, it is unsurprising that GSC data does at time seem to lag behind. More often than not it also isn’t quite as comprehensive in volume as an SEO expert will wish for. Which is why they’re great tools to supplement GSC data. Read on!

Actionable SEO requires, besides expert knowledge primarily reading and understanding large volumes of fresh, relevant data. In order to build that critical mass five tools are invaluable. In no particular order DeepCrawl, Screaming Frog, Botify, Ryte formerly known as and SEMrush are all search engine optimization consultant’s best friends. They all have their individual strong points. When skillfully applied at the same time, they have the potential to help uncover, confirm or challenge SEO relevant findings.

No SEO tool belt really is really complete without some serious link investigation tools such as Majestic formerly MajesticSEO, Ahrefs and LinkResearchTools. These complement GSC link data which tends to be insufficient for sites with large backlink profiles. Besides providing data at the volumes a proper backlink risk audit requires, these tools also provide initial insights that can be followed up on and investigated in-depth, provided the right level of expertise.

Last but not least Google BigQuery is one tool no professional SEO can do without. Especially when it comes to analysing very large volumes of data (think a year worth server logs!) cost-effective processing power is a must.

While these personal top 10 Digital tools all enable an SEO, they really only unleash their full potential when applied at the same time. And like with every tool, they are only as good as the expert reading the data. None of the tools, individually or combined is a substitute for basic SEO knowledge. While they can help to uncover incredible untapped potentials in terms of Google rankings, at times they may also lay bare uncomfortable SEO truths and trigger harsh business decisions. In any case, they are all likely to make an SEOs life easier and their work yet more exciting!


Thank you very much to Kaspar for this list of SEO tools. It is very true that while each tool is great individually, they only show us their true brilliance when used all together. I hope this blog series can help you continue to find the right tools for you and improve your own work and skills.

If you’re looking for your next career move in digital marketing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert recruiters by emailing your CV to jobs@clockworktalent.comYou can keep up with clockworkTalent on our social media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram & Pinterest.

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Top 10 Digital Tools Lukasz Zelezny Couldn’t Live Without

We managed to Speak to Lukasz Zelezny in-between his busy conference schedule about his favourite digital marketing tools…

Lukasz Zelezny has been working in the digital industry for almost 20 years specialising in SEO, Social Media and Analytics. He speaks at 10-12 conferences per year and has a serious talent for knowledge sharing! That’s why we asked him to put together a list of the 10 Digital Tools he couldn’t live without.

You can catch Lukasz at his next conference gig at Social Day 2018 in London on the 30th May. Keep up to date with his whereabouts on his website.

Without further ado, over to you Lukasz…

Lukasz Zelezny Speaking

As an SEO expert, I use digital tools every day in my work. The tools simplify my work, save time, and help in achieving my goals more effectively. Digital resources are super helpful when you are expected to do a lot within a limited time. In this article, I will be sharing with you the best tools that have helped me achieve my goals over the years.


This is one of the most comprehensive tools for every SEO marketer. Some of its key features include keyword research, backlink analysis, social media monitoring, rank tracking and site audit. High-quality content will give you loyal readers, but for the readers to find you, the content has to be optimised for the search engines. The tool helps in discovering the best keywords, as well as their ranking difficulty. And for published content, I find the On-Page SEO Checker feature helpful in analysing the ranking factors to ensure none is overlooked.


This is the best website crawler I have used and it is suitable for both small and large websites. It helps in identifying SEO issues on a website as well as the site architecture. The tool offers five different crawl types. These include backlink, sitemap, list, web and universal crawl. Additionally, you can set crawl schedules. The automatic crawling is very helpful on busy days and the report is sent to the inbox. This minimises the chances of missing the errors on a website. Some of the elements of the crawl report include content errors, broken links, and duplicate pages among others.

URL Profiler

If I were to go through websites manually to get descriptive factors, it would take me a lot of time to accomplish my goals. URL Profiler is a tool that has helped me in retrieving different types of data. This shortens the amount of time I take to complete the outreach and guest posting process. Other useful pieces of information you can get using this tool include backlinks and anchor information, social engagement, page rank, IP addresses, page speed, plagiarism reports and Whois emails. Thinking of buying a domain? The tool has a domain research feature that can be used to check the status of the domain.


Ever wondered why a website is performing so well or how well a website is performing? SimilarWeb is a tool that allows you to review any website. I use the tool to check traffic and strategies applied by top websites. At times, checking the performance of others can give inspiration and reveal the mistakes we should avoid. SimilarWeb allows me to check 5 key metrics. These include traffic and engagement, the most popular pages on a website, sources of traffic, web pages visited by a certain audience and keywords. By analysing websites of interest and even sites run by other industry experts, I am able to draw some helpful information essential for a successful campaign.


Search engine rankings keep on fluctuating and thus it is important to check on them every day. SEMSTORM is a tool I use to analyse rankings, including mobile rankings. It gives me a comprehensive overview of organic results, as well as Ads for my paid campaigns. Additionally, the tool helps in uncovering some of the best keyword opportunities for content and AdWords campaigns. Organic traffic is highly dependent on keyword research and thus this is an area I rarely overlook in my campaigns. It is a must-have tool for marketers who want to discover new opportunities for growing a website.


Online brand monitoring can be helpful in identifying consumer needs, finding opportunities for growth and resolving negative feedback before it ruins a brand’s reputation. Brand24 is a tool that I have found useful for listening to conversations on social media. Moreover, the tool is helpful in identifying the best influencers to use when promoting a brand. Notifications are sent within a few minutes after a mention thus allowing timely decisions.


This is one of the best social media analytics tools I have used. It is an easy to use tool that gives insights for Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts. By using the tool, I am able to check the engagement levels for all content and identify the pieces of content with the best performance. When I am using more than one account, I can view all the activities in one place and this is not only convenient but it also allows me to keep track of everything. Most importantly, I love this tool because it allows me to generate beautiful reports.


This is a tool that I use to check the keyword positions. Why monitor keywords? Checking keyword rankings helps in determining whether my SEO efforts are working. Additionally, you will be able to identify search engine penalties or algo impact on time when you are tracking keywords daily. Accuranker can be used to check keyword positions for multiple geographic locations as well as comparing past and present data. Also, the tool makes communication with team members easier. You can easily give others permission to access information as and when needed. Finally, the Google Search Console integration feature is very beneficial for drawing meaningful insights.


Searchmetrics is another comprehensive digital tool for every SEO marketer. The tool covers a number of factors including mobile rankings, backlinks, PPC, keyword research, site optimization, and local and global SEO. By using this tool, I am able to draw lots of insights and also identify areas I need to work on, as well as the opportunities for growth. Finally, with Searchmetrics Content Experience feature, I am able to provide the right content to the right audience. Additionally, you get a content editor, which gives an overview of the content length, readability, and overall content score.


Ahrefs is a popular SEO tool that I have used over the years to get data and analyse the performance of websites. It provides me with most of the information I need to rank an article on search engines. I mainly use the tool for keyword research, content research, link building and backlink analysis. The site audit tool clearly highlights all the issues on a website which need to be fixed. Examples include broken links and bad HMTL tags. Most importantly, I can track the keywords progress on a dashboard. This gives me a highlight of how well my SEO is working.

There you have it, the top digital tools I find most useful. However, note that having the right tools doesn’t translate into successful campaigns. You need to learn to make proper use of the data and insights you get from the tools.

Lukasz Zelezny

Huge thank you to Lukas! If you would like more information or wish to share new digital tools you’ve discovered, get in touch with us via Also, do keep an eye out for more in this series of  ‘10 Digital Tools … Couldn’t Live Without’ as we’ll be continuing to publish new additions on a regular basis from equally inspiring digital marketing expert.

Considering your career options? Before you start sending your CV out, did you know we offer a Free CV Critique? Get yourself a confidential 1-to-1 discussion to help make CV improvements by sending your most current version to Our specialist Digital Marketing Recruiters will book a mutually convenient time to speak with you.

On our job board, you can apply for specific digital roles and you can subscribe to our YouTube channel for extra information about our latest digital jobs. We also post our new jobs and news on our social media channels including TwitterFacebookLinkedIn & Instagram!

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Digital Recruiters Source The Telegraph A SEO & Content Specialist

Hiring for one of the world’s most recognisable brands, the clockworkTalent team found the perfect match…

Hearing someone feels ‘you’ve gone above and beyond’ in helping them is certainly a compliment, but I can’t help feeling it’s what any recruiter should be offering when hiring good talent.

We’re always quick to request an up to date copy of a CV and arrange a call with any new job seeker. This is so we can be thorough in critiquing their CV with them and really get under the skin of the individual.

Amending and improving their CV with techniques outlined in our ultimate CV guide, we ask ourselves: ‘Does this CV represent the job seeker at their best? Is it right for the career move of their dreams?’

This is exactly what we did with Laura James. After our initial call and a little to’ing and fro’ing we agreed on a CV version which secured her an invitation to interview for the job opportunity of her dreams with global publisher, The Telegraph!

The Telegraph Logo
So much so, Laura was prepared to invest in her future by extending from her local, nominal commute to over an hour door to door with the dreaded Southern Rail. In my eyes, this was someone who was very serious about their career.

In our role as a Recruiter, we balance the CV and interview support we give Laura with the hiring support we give the employer. This transparency is beneficial to all parties and it’s only a recruiter who really understands her partners who will be prepared to offer advice and support as clockworkTalent does.

Here’s what Laura had to say about her experience of using clockworkTalent’s specialist recruitment services which ultimately landed her in a new SEO and Content Marketing job at The Telegraph:

Natasha is not like other recruiters. She goes above and beyond to assist candidates find the right role and her positive outlook is a breath of fresh air.

Working with Natasha to find my current role was a pleasure. She gave me valuable feedback on my cv, checked in before and after the interview process and most importantly put me forward for a job that is the right fit for my career.

I know that when the time comes to make my next career move, I’ll be contacting Natasha at clockworkTalent, because I know I can trust Natasha to find me the job that will be the next step in my career and not just a job.

-Laura James, SEO & Content Executive at The Telegraph

Thanks, Laura for these kind words. We’re always here to help and really appreciate your review of our recruitment services. Maybe next time we’ll be supporting you in hiring your own team!

If like Laura, you’d prefer to entrust your job search to specialist recruiters who will support you into finding your ideal digital marketing job – you can send us a message through our Contact FormEmail us directly or call 0203 751 4108. We also publish new job opportunities and job seeking tips via Social Media, so make sure to follow us and join our conversation on  YouTubeTwitterFacebookLinkedIn & Instagram!

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Charitable Trust Waves Hello To New Head Of Marketing

With an introduction from our sister digital marketing agency, SiteVisibility I met the Head of HR and the CEO of the award-winning charitable trust, Wave Leisure…

From our meeting, it was apparent they were already doing a great job at inspiring active lifestyles with their high quality, affordable and accessible health and fitness facilities. In fact, the Trust had doubled membership numbers over the last 2 years. With ambitions to continue improving, clockworkTalent were tasked with supporting them in hiring an experienced Head of Marketing.

It was abundantly clear Wave Leisure really cared about what they were doing. They were also transparent in that they were only in the early days of embracing online marketing.

However, it was very evident they were enthusiastic adopters and keen to bring the right Marketer into the Trust who could be similarly passionate about Wave Leisure but also bring the knowledge and experience to drive their marketing initiative. It would take energy, passion and confidence, let alone the skills in off and online marketing strategy, stakeholder management, leadership, reporting and more.

Read what CEO, Duncan Kerr had to say about working with clockworkTalent:

Initially introduced by a digital agency I met with specialist recruiters, clockworkTalent and was immediately confident we’d be in safe hands. The questions they asked myself and HR dug that bit deeper than most recruiters generally do, wanting to know about us and our ambitions, let alone about the Marketing job. It was abundantly clear this wasn’t “just” another vacancy to them but they understood we were looking to make big marketing innovations and that this was a key strategic hire.

 Guiding us through traditional marketing and what is needed to inject the Digital Marketing experience we’re looking for as well as sharing the talent market intelligence, it was clear they have expertise in Recruitment as well as Marketing.

 Working closely with our Head of HR, clockworkTalent introduced us to several candidates who matched our expectations and ambitions, saving us time from having to meet dozens. In addition, they provided brief summaries of each candidate prior to the interview, highlighting why they had been shortlisted and points to probe for more detail, something we had never received from any other agency.

 Although it’s early days, we’re really pleased with who we’ve hired. It’s unlikely we would have been able to attract her without the help of clockworkTalent. It’s clear to see they’re specialists at what they do and they make hiring the right people simple.

 I recommend clockworkTalent and would return for their hiring support in future Marketing initiatives.

Duncan Kerr, CEO, Wave Leisure Trust

This job opportunity received a huge amount of interest and we were really fortunate to attract the attention of Abby Tayleure-Emmit. Interestingly, Abby was in the final months of her yearlong travel around the world with her husband. She was just beginning to consider her career options for her return back to the UK. Read what Abby had to say about her experience with clockworkTalent during this time.

In presenting our shortlisted candidates, we worked closely with Nicola, Head of HR reporting our considerations on each and every proposed individual. We do this to make sure the face to face interviews of employer and job seeker are used effectively with all parties fully aware of the details.

Read what Nicola Nicholas, Head of HR had to say about working with us:

We have recently worked with specialist recruiters, clockworkTalent to appoint a Head of Marketing for our Charitable Trust.  Throughout the process Natasha provided unprecedented guidance in terms of what we should be looking for.  Rather than just taking our brief, she wanted to know about the company’s ambitions, goals and strategic priorities so that she could help ensure we had the right blend of traditional and digital marketing skills to deliver the challenges ahead of us.

 What I particularly appreciated was that Natasha spent time screening each applicant and this is not always the case with other recruiters. Every applicant put in front of us was high quality and with valuable skills, we were provided with a list of strengths and areas for consideration which certainly helped us to shape our thinking.

 An excellent company, providing professional and friendly advice.  Natasha cares about both the candidates and the client in equal measure, for her it is about making sure the fit for both parties is right and a long-term relationship is secured.

Nicola Nicholas, Head of HR, Wave Leisure Trust

If, like Nicola and Darren, you are an employer looking for support in hiring the right Digital Marketing talent, give me a call. I run clockworkTalent and have a 20-year headhunting background.  In clockworkTalent, we have a pedigree of hiring search marketing talent for brands, agencies and everything in between- so if I can’t understand what you’re trying to hire, I don’t think anyone will!  We also put a 100% guarantee on our hires which demonstrates our confidence in our ability to help you hire the right people.

If you need support to hire the right digital marketing staff, call me on 02037514108 or email me via

You can read reviews from previous recruitment projects on our website as well as all current jobs listed with clockworkTalent for comparison. Our live Digital Marketing job opportunities can be found on our website & across all of our social media channels: TwitterFacebookGoogle+PinterestInstagram & LinkedIn

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10 Digital Tools Sam Charles Couldn’t Live Without

Featured in The Drum magazine 50 Under 30 list and nominated for Young Search Professional at the UK Search Awards, Sam Charles is a digital marketing expert with over 7 years’ experience…

Sam’s developed a range of skills managing and delivering successful content and search marketing campaigns for clients in a variety of sectors, locally and internationally. Her extensive portfolio includes working with over 100 B2C & B2B companies from small local companies to Fortune 500 brands.

Sam has presented twice at BrightonSEO and is scheduled to present at the Marketing Business Summit in Milan later this year. Sam also delivers seminars and workshops on behalf of the world’s largest marketing award body, CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing), and regularly lectures at colleges & universities.

Armed with experience and drive, Sam launched SEO, Content & PPC agency, Float Digital, in 2016 to support brands in increasing their visibility in search engines. Float Digital has seen a year of exponential growth, yielding a positive return on investment for clients from London to New York. Float Digital also achieved RAR Recommended Agency status in 2018.

Sam Charles

With all this experience backing her up, we asked Sam to offer a list of the top 10 digital tools she couldn’t live without…

1-Screaming Frog was the first paid tool I ever bought when I first started working for myself and I couldn’t imagine not having it. Being able to quickly and reliably export a website’s data is invaluable. There are so many tasks I do on a daily basis that I wouldn’t be able to do without my SF premium account, so this has to be the #1 tool I couldn’t live without.

2-I always find it baffling when I hear somebody has created an SEO plan without taking a look at their competitors. SEMRush is my “go-to” tool when I’m beginning to build a project plan for a client. Being able to see competitor’s data is worth paying the small monthly fee.

3-Everybody raves about Google Analytics which I can totally get behind but I feel like Google Search Console is completely underrated. It’s so helpful to see the number of impressions vs. clicks clearly presented in the search analytics tab. There are usually a bunch of low-hanging fruit key phrases in here that I didn’t think of before.

4-Installing HotJar heatmaps and video tracking on your client websites is a no-brainer if you want to decrease their bounce rate. It’s so easy to use, and best of all, you can get a lot of useful data from just using the free version. We’ve suggested recommendations based on the insights from Hotjar that have made an enormous difference to our client’s engagement metrics so this tool undoubtedly gets a thumbs up from us.

5-There are hundreds of tools you can use for keyphrase research but Google Correlate has to be up there as one of my favourite tools. If I haven’t worked in a particular industry before, Google Correlate help me understand the industry a little better and prompts me to explore other areas that I may not have considered before. I found this especially useful when I was working with lawyers, accountants and renewable energy consultants because I wasn’t familiar with all the different areas of their business.

6-Clients usually have a tough time coming up with blog post ideas for their blog, and this hurdle can usually be a roadblock to getting fresh content on the website. Popping onto Answer the Public quickly delivers a list of potential blog titles that can be easily be exported (which makes life so much easier when you’re creating an editorial calendar!).

7-This one isn’t strictly a tool. Linkclump is a nifty little Chrome extension that easily allows you to copy or open a list of URLs by simply holding shift and dragging your mouse. Whenever I’m doing planning, whether it’s for building a key phrase research or building a list of prospects, this simple yet effective plugin always delivers. It’s free too, so there’s no reasons not to install it.

8-It’s impossible to run a successful SEO campaign without using some type of project management tool. We use Asana to keep on top of all our activity and keep notes on phone call conversations we’ve had with our clients. It makes sleeping at night way easier, and I have no idea how we managed before we started using this.

9-Creating beautiful, informative reports that are genuinely engaging is a huge priority at Float Digital. Finding a way to deliver data and keeping our client’s interest was a little tricky. We trailed lots of software for SEO and PPC, but ultimately, we always found a restriction of some sort. Google Data Studio is yet to disappoint (touch wood!). Linking data from other documents and pulling information from Google Analytics makes reporting a breeze.

10-Using a Mac means that I’m restricted in the tools that I can use which can sometimes be a little frustrating. Last year I had a bit of a nightmare when some software I was using stopped working and deleted all my data. Luckily, I had a backup, but I decided to move away from this program. Reliability is my top priority when it comes to tracking my clients progress so I decided to invest in Rank Tracker from SEOPowersuite and I haven’t looked back since.

A huge thank you to Sam for her insightful list of tools! If you would like more information or wish to share new digital tools you’ve discovered, get in touch with us via Also, do keep an eye out for more in this series of  ‘10 Digital Tools … Couldn’t Live Without’ as we’re publishing on a regular basis from equally inspiring digital marketing experts. You might even want to share it amongst your colleague to show them how on the ball you are!

Considering your career options? Before you start sending your CV out, did you know we offer a Free CV Critique? Get yourself a confidential 1 to 1 discussion to make improvements by sending your current CV to Our specialist Digital Marketing Recruiters will book mutually convenient time to speak with you.

On our job board, you can apply for specific digital roles and you can subscribe to our YouTube channel for extra information about our latest Digital Jobs. We also post all our jobs and news through our social media channels including TwitterFacebookLinkedIn Instagram!

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Meeting clockworkTalent At BrightonSEO Can Seriously Help You Recruit!

For any business, recruitment is a huge investment…

For most people trying to hire it takes a lot of time and effort… that’s where specialist recruiters like clockworkTalent come in.

Like many of our hiring clients, we met Justin Deaville during a brightonSEO conference. Justin is the MD of the award-winning agency, Receptional. He has since introduced us to his exceptional leadership team, James Newhouse and Matthew Loughlin.

For us, it was great to recognise not only were these guys award winners but they also exuded the other characteristics we look for in our employers. Overall ambition, genuine team spirit, supportive working practices and ultimately “nice guys” the type of people I’d quite happily go for an evening drink with.

brightonSEO 2017 Sept (1)

Based in Flitwick, Receptional isn’t just another digital marketing agency. They have got a great local and industry reputation, having been shortlisted for multiple industry awards. Receptional have also been 3 times winner at 2017’s UK Search Awards for their integrated services which include SEO, PPC, Social Media Management, Web Design to Online PR.

Justin and the team asked us to always keep Receptional in mind for great talent. Their location for one makes them different, being just north of London they’re easily commutable. But they do offer a different way of life than, say, an agency in the hustle of Shoreditch.

That’s where Dave Clough comes in.

Dave is an experienced SEO Manager who was looking for the ‘right’ company in his next career step. Wanting to get him the best possible opportunity, we took note of his ambitions; his likes and what he hasn’t liked about his jobs; what he’d be keen to do more of as well as where his weaknesses might be. From this, we came to realise that Dave would LOVE Receptional. So many things Dave wanted in his next job resonated with what this agency offers. Check out what Dave said about our help in his job search.

Dave started with the Receptional team just 1 month after he got in touch with us. He joined as Senior SEO Consultant and has reportedly ‘hit the ground running!’ already having a serious impact on the agency. Well done, Dave!

When we asked Dave’s new boss, James, what he thought about working with clockworkTalent, this is what he had to say …

One of my agency’s biggest challenges is recruiting the talent we need to continue growing.

Recruitment is a big investment. And it’s our own time that forms the bulk of it.

The time I need to spend writing screening questions, reading CVs, arranging calls and interviews, and setting complex tasks for our candidates is all time taken away from the day to day, and can directly impact the bottom line if not managed correctly. And even then, there’s no guarantee that the candidate we’re investing that time in, is going to be a good fit in the short, mid or long term.

Meeting Natasha at clockworkTalent has been a godsend.

Her way of working is completely unlike the shotgun approach that I’ve had with other recruiters in the digital space. She’s taken the time to understand our business, our culture and our needs. Her passion for the digital marketing industry, and for working with talented people shines through the whole process and has taken the stress out of hiring – it feels like the process now handles itself, with Natasha and her team working hard behind the scenes ensuring the quality of candidates we see are top notch, matching our whole business in advance. With far less time wasted, I can focus on keeping the business moving forward.

Our most recent new starter coming via Natasha has made a huge, positive commercial impact in the space of just two weeks. They’re a great fit and their skills and expertise add to and complement our own no end. They share our culture, our professionalism and our work ethics, and we couldn’t be happier. We will continue to use clockworkTalent to grow our agency long into the future.

James Newhouse, Head of Natural Search at Receptional

We’d like to thank James for this glowing review, it really blew us away! But secretly, it’s nice when a company recognises all the work which happens behind the scenes. We just don’t show it to our employers because that’s the whole point… we save you both time and effort!

If we’ve whet your appetite, and you too would like to work for Receptional. We are still expanding their team; this time looking at the commercial side of the business – Sales or Business Development.

A quick overview is that Receptional have extensive lead generation in place and we’re hiring 2 Sales jobs to help drive their sales process including pitch and proposal. Read the links below for more information

To apply, get in touch with Natasha Woodford by emailing your CV to

If you would like to get in touch or meet with us to discuss hiring great digital marketing talent, call 02037514108 or email We also publish new job opportunities and job seeking tips via Social Media, so make sure to follow us and join our conversation on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram!

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10 Digital Tools Dom Hodgson Couldn’t Live Without

I first met Dom Hodgson at The Tech Off (The love-child of TED talks and WWE) during Sept 2017’s brightonSEO pre-party…

Half an hour before he was expected on stage to battle it out with his rival speakers, Dom seemed calm, but explained that he ‘hadn’t really practised’ and ‘wasn’t really sure how it would go…’

What a lie that turned out to be!

Dom literally took the Concorde 2 by storm with his original track ‘Add To Cart!’ and consequently won the Tech Off Belt to standing ovations and calls for an encore!

Relive that legendary moment in the video below…

Since then, I’ve followed Dom on Twitter, keeping up with the latest from not only his Disneyland adventures but also his Digital Marketing expertise and updates about his own digital tools.

Without further ado, here is Dom Hodgson’s addition of ‘10 Digital Tools … Couldn’t Live Without

So, it’s my turn, I’ve been invited to share my Top 10 SEO tools by the wonderful people at clockworkTalent and on the eve of BrightonSEO I’m obviously after any free publi…. I mean I’d LOVE to help out the team with whatever I can write…

The issue with writing a Top 10 SEO tools list when you;

  1. Build SEO tools for a living
  2. Have been in the industry for more than a few years

Is that:

  1. Most of your friends build tools (and you can’t mention one without mentioning the other)
  2. You spend your day building and designing tools rather than actually using them
  3. You have to find a subtle way of promoting your tools in the article without it being a blatant advertisement

With all that in mind, the first 2 tools I’d like to recommend are Kerboo and Little Warden

Kerboo is an award-winning backlink analysis tool that has scored over 10 billion links since its creation (and I hear they’ve got some brilliant updates in the pipeline!)

Little Warden is the sidekick to any client work you are doing, always watching and giving you a heads up if it spots any problems with redirects, domain / SSL expirations, robots.txt changes and many other things.

Yoast SEO is a plugin that everyone should have when using WordPress, frankly, I’m surprised to see that WordPress hasn’t integrated the functionality into core yet.

SiteBulb is the new kid on the block when it comes to site auditing and crawling, everyone loves the pretty site crawling graphs they create, and Patrick said he would buy me a beer at BrightonSEO if I mentioned him.

Screaming Frog has to have a mention for crawling, there have been many nights at my computer where I’ve just had a glass of whiskey and SF for company. Plus, they sent me some stickers a while back, so I owe them. I can feel Dixon Jones reading this article getting antsy at the fact that Majestic hasn’t been mentioned already but I can honestly say that I believe Majestic changed the game when it comes to SEO, I’ve been a massive supporter of them since the days before subscriptions (when you could download the Wikipedia backlinks for $115) #memories

Sublime Text Editor has been my editor of choice for the last 7 years, I’ve been playing with Atom and Code, but I love the massive amount of extensions and integrations I have at the moment.

XTabulator Don’t be put off by the name, I know this sounds like a superhero I created in my bedroom when I was 12 but when you are dealing with large CSV files (several gigabytes) there is no better-installed software program to use

Is that 10 yet? 8? I’ve only done 8? Bloody hell.

Monosnap – I use this tool every day for small annotated screenshots to send to clients who don’t know which button to press with a delightful yet sarcastic message – See above but for small videos (and with gif exporting!)


I’d love to talk about all the other SEO Software on the market but to be honest I’ve either not used it or I consider them competitors AND WHY WOULD I MENTION MY COMPETITORS? If you’d like me to use your software please get in touch or if you’ve enjoyed this blatant attempt to get a free link with my brand name in, I’ve just finished a series on the Little Warden blog about spending my entire marketing budget with people on Fiverr.

Thank you to the clockworkTalent team for the space on their blog and I’ll see you all at BrightonSEO, I’ll probably be wearing a stupid Disney Shirt and I’ll be the one that looks like my avatar.

Toodles and have a magical day


If it wasn’t immediately obvious, the first two are my tools. #thatsthejoke

Dom H

Huge thanks to Dom for sharing a great list of tools and for also including some lesser known tools!

If you’re at brightonSEO on Friday be sure to look out for Dom, and the clockworkTalent team will also be there so feel free to stop us for a chat about your favourite digital tools or anything you might need to know about finding a new digital job! You can keep up with our brightonSEO adventures and our latest digital marketing jobs on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedInYouTube & Instagram!

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