10 Top Tips To Writing An Awesome CV!

Whether you’re at the top of the digital marketing industry or just starting out – there is one consistent factor – your CV! When applying for jobs it should look the best it can possibly be… and here’s how! 

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We’re pleased to share 10 top tips to writing a great CV as a result of a recent flurry of examples where these basic tips were applied and resulted in radical changes from average to awesome!

1. Spelling – watch your spelling, grammar and use of colloquialisms.
2. Contact details – put these right at the top in plain sight. Include your name, address (or just location if you prefer), email and mobile.
3. PERSONAL SUMMARY – a quick paragraph or two giving the reader insight into who you are on a professional level (we don’t want to know how many pets you have or that your favourite color is purple), what career achievements you’ve made, what industry you know best and specifically why the employer should hire you!
4. SKILLS – a short summary (perhaps you’ll want to list them) of your technical skills, tools, apps you use on a daily basis.
5. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (this is your next section and we’ve got several pointers here)
6. List your career in chronological order (most recent first)

For each company, if you’d been promoted during your time with them, show it. For example, if you joined us here at clockworkTalent at the beginning as Administrator, and got a promotion to Researcher and were now a Digital Marketing Recruitment Consultant, it would look like this:

Dec 2012 – current clockworkTalent
July 2014 – current Digital Marketing Recruitment Consultant
Aug 2013 – June 2014 Digital Recruitment Researcher
Dec 2012 – July 2013 Administrator

You get the idea… it shows your career progression. It also shows you didn’t start a job and sit at the same level for 2 years, but were instead promoted year on year! The kind of employee every company wants!

7. Ensure your outline of each job represents itself properly, not only what you were responsible for but what your achieved.  This is what makes the difference between a good and a great CV. Telling the reader what you personally achieved, be it improved CRO, increased ROI, increased followers, over performed against budget etc etc.

8. Focus on the more recent jobs. The part time admin job you had fresh out of University is not as relevant as the role you are currently in. Use this as an indicator to how much information you put for each role, the longer ago it was the less relevant and therefore interesting it is to the reader. i.e more detail for the more recent!

9. EDUCATION Ensure you highlight (even by bolding the font) the actual education qualification you have gained i.e the Degree, but no need to “bold” the institution. BA Hons in Digital Media 2:1, Brighton University, 2014 . Most employers are really interested in what you got but not so much so where it was!

10 INTERESTS It’s also nice to know a little more about you. Give the reader an idea of what you’re passionate about – if they’re relevant to your job even better! But also think about whether you’re sports captain of local team (demonstrates team leadership) if you run a blog – list it, it shows you’re passionate about the digital marketing industry enough to be blogging in your own time!

Hopefully these quick 10 tips help you. CV writing is one of the hardest things to do… it’s writing about yourself… “bigging” yourself up without coming across as the “Big, I am”… We’re here to help.

If you’re looking for a job / career move in Digital Marketing – whether you’re in Organic or Paid Search, an SEO Account Manager or a Head of Digital, we’ve got you covered.

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