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Top Digital Marketing Campaigns From 2017 So Far – Suggested By You!

Somehow, we are 6 months deep into 2017! So, we thought it was right about time to look back at the digital marketing campaigns we’ve seen from the year so far and trust us, there are loads…

With new VR technology being announced every day and 2017 being the year Live video is reining all supreme, we have seen some huge changes in how marketers are getting creative with their campaigns.

We took to social media and asked what your favourite digital marketing campaigns have been from this year so far! Here are the chosen top 5, suggested by the digital marketing industry!

  • Salt Bae
  • Mr. Clean
  • Adidas
  • Burger King vs Google Home
  • Taco Bell

1- #SaltBae | January


We greeted the new year with an exceptional example of a brand using social media. But what this brand didn’t realise was that they were soon to become one of social media’s greatest moments ever, from an Instagram video whose main subject later became known as Salt Bae.

On January 7th, Turkish chef, Gökçe who owns Nusr-Et, a chain of steak houses, uploaded a video of himself carving a steak and sprinkling it with salt in his own unique style.

Within 48 hours of the video being posted it had gained over 2.4 million views and 8,700 comments. Gökçe become a meme sensation and responded by adding even more photos & videos featuring unbelievable food from his giant steak kingdom.

Since then, the chain of restaurants has become extremely popular with Bloggers, Social Media Influencers & Celebrities, including Leonardo DiCaprio, flocking to get a taste of the incredible steak SaltBae seasons. There are even rumours that SaltBae will be adding to his empire by opening branches in London and New York!


2- Mr Clean Wows SuperBowl Fans| February


Thanks to Maz von Maritz Grist for suggesting this one!

Released during the Super Bowl commercial break which had over 111.4 million viewers, Mr. Clean was received by viewers as legendary and is often one of the most memorable ads from the year so far.

Not only did the Mr. Clean character feature on the advert but he was also given a Twitter profile to join the live discussion on social media.

Mr. Clean responded to viewers & fellow Super Bowl advertisers throughout the game which added to the comedic value of the campaign.


3- Adidas Get Creative With Fitness | February  


Even though Natasha Woodford recruits for adidas as their preferred digital marketing recruitment agency, we don’t think we’re biased. That they really do deserve to be in Top5 with the Adidas’ campaign ‘Unleash Your Creativity’ telling the stories of 15 female athletes including fashion model & entrepreneur Karlie Kloss, Kickboxing champion Ruqsana Begum, WNBA all-star Candace Parker and many more!

The campaign was broken down into 15, 30 second videos placed on adidas’ website before being shared on social media.

Each video included one of the women (wearing adidas sportswear, obviously!) explaining how they use a blend of fitness and creativity in their careers and overall lifestyles. This was a great way for the brand to communicate its focus on female empowerment and challenging social norms.


4- Burger King Vs. Google Home | April


Burger King released an advert in April which was designed to activate viewers Google Voice Search devices.

The ad featured a Burger King employee explaining that 15 seconds is not long enough to describe how good the whopper burger is so he says: ‘OK Google, what is the whopper burger?’ which was intended to set off viewers Google devices to read out the Wikipedia description of the burger.

The idea was brilliant as a way to engage customers from inside their own homes and was a great way of acknowledging new technology. But the response was that the ad was creepy and invasive.

The ad backfired even further after its Wikipedia description and ingredients list was edited by the public, a great example of how the public loves a good sabotage!

Not to worry though, the Google police blocked the original ad a few days after its release so Burger King won’t be arriving inside your home anytime soon!


5- Taco Bell’s Love for Snapchat | May


Back in 2014, Taco Bell produced the first ever live streamed Snapchat movie featuring a number of Vine & Snapchat Influencers which concluded at the MTV Movie Awards. The movie was created snap by snap in real time using the Snapchat stories feature and was only available for 24 hours.

The campaign was a huge success and was the first of many Taco Bell Snapchat campaigns!

In May this year, Taco Bell released a Taco Snapchat filter to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. The simple campaign was hugely successful and was views 224 million times in 24 hours!

The fact that the filter was only available for 24 hours created a sense of user urgency, you can picture yourself asking how a friend made their face into a taco and rushing to get yours before the filter disappeared!

All of these campaigns have something in common… SOCIAL MEDIA!

They each used the latest social technology to engage viewers by encouraging & sharing user-generated content, engaging with users during live sports events or producing & releasing content snap by snap to hook viewers’ attention.

Social Media cannot be ignored as a platform. Just from looking at these 5 examples, and recent social developments, we can see that social media should be viewed as an extra layer of marketing opportunity for all digital campaigns!

We will be looking out for more of these genius campaigns over the next 6 months, so if you see a great one, drop us a line!

If you aspire to put the creative touch on digital campaigns like these Top5, get in touch with our recruiters, we can help you with your job search! You speak with our Recruitment Specialists by sending a message through our Contact Form, Emailing us directly or by calling 0203 751 4108.

You can also reach out to the team in another way… a digital way! Follow our Social Media and feel free to send us a message on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+!

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Digital Recruiters Get 5/5 From Both The Retail Employer & eCommerce Candidate!

Both the Employer and the new Employee recommend recruitment specialists, clockworkTalent for their deep digital marketing / eCommerce knowledge and hiring expertise…

When a brand is committed to building their online presence, sometimes it’s smarter to outsource specific skills and utilise experienced professionals to get it right. This is what our recent success story, British bed manufacturer, Warren Evans has done.

Engaging two independent Digital Marketers to drive both their Organic and Paid Media activity whilst focusing on growing their own inhouse skills.

When it came to hiring the critical role of eCommerce Manager, this clever Head of Marketing asked the consultants who would be best to help him make the right hire – to which, both consultants kindly pointed them in our direction!

Warren Evans Logo
This is how I came to speak with Dave Gibson, a specialist in sleep and an experienced media man in his own right.

As the Head of Marketing at Warren Evans, Dave works closely with Founder, Warren and has guided the company into an expansive awards cabinet. Awards which include repeat wins from the Sunday Times’ Best Green Companies, The Observer’s Ethical Retailer of the Year as well as certification by the Forest Stewardship Council during their 30-year journey of creating, delivering and assembling handmade beds in London.

With quite a wide brief  of the role and a lot of conversations along the lines of  “you know what we’re looking for!”, we focused on finding an experienced eCommerce Manager who brings:

  • Enough track record to technically know what they were doing but still early enough in their career to be excited about the future growth of this brand
  • Oodles of ambition to deliver and see results
  • Personality / character which would lend itself to successfully dovetailing into an established but relatively inexperienced team in the need of healthy mentoring and leadership.

Drawing upon our extensive network of contacts built up through years of attending conferences, networking and recruiting, we shortlisted four highly appropriate individuals.

Man working at desk
Shortlisting and meeting just the 2 preferred applicants, Dave used his tame consultants’ expertise to rubber stamp his gut feel, the outcome of which was that Dave’s final selection of Cristina was unanimous and a delight for all parties.

Cristina Csuros has now been in her new role for nearly a month and having checked in on her regularly, we know that she has settled into her position as eCommerce Manager quickly, integrating herself into the team and immersing herself in activity.

Read below what Cristina had to say about the recruitment service clockworkTalent provide…

If you are looking for a new Digital Marketing role, do not hesitate to contact Natasha, at clockworkTalent. She helped me to find the perfect position I was looking for. I’d thoroughly recommend her to anyone looking for a role in Digital Marketing. I’m so thankful to have discovered clockworkTalent. Thank you Natasha you do a great job.

-Cristina Csuros, eCommerce Manager at Warren Evans

We all know the early days of a new job are “interesting”, so we checked in not only with Cristina but also with Dave. It’s possible for little issues to escalate rapidly but with regular check-in’s these can be prevented.

Fortunately for us, everything is going well for both parties. With not only Cristina giving us a great review but Dave has also been kind enough to share a gleaming review on our recruitment support too.

clockworkTalent were mentioned by more than one of the online consultants which we work with as a top notch digital recruitment agency, so along with a couple of agencies we gave them our recent digital manager brief. The level of 4 candidates offered up were all spot on for the position. Each however came with a slightly different portfolio of experience and personality, and all could have done the job brilliantly. The candidate we chose we would all agree was absolutely perfect for our needs, and we have rarely come across any recruitment process were all the candidates were a good fit. It took 3 weeks from start to finish to get the offer accepted … Just brilliant

                                                                -Dave Gibson, Head of Marketing at Warren Evans      

Type writer printing thank you on white paper

If you’re like Cristina and are a Digital Marketing / eCommerce professional, register with clockworkTalent to help your career ambitions and proactively look into online job opportunities…


If you are like Dave and looking for the specialist recruiters who are well connected throughout the Digital Marketing & Online community AND can provide the professional recruitment service we all hope for…

Get in touch with specialist recruitment agency, clockworkTalent!


Like you, we also LOVE Social Media. Feel free to do follow us on: TwitterFacebookLinkedIn & Google+. We’re also on Pinterest & Instagram, if you fancy getting picturesque with us & don’t forget to give us a Like or Share our content!

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Expert Recruiters Share CV Tips With Brighton’s Digital Women

Our Expert Digital Marketing Recruiter talks CVs & Prosecco at event held by the award-winning digital community, Brighton Digital Women…

Who are Brighton Digital Women?

Brighton Digital Women are a Sussex based not for profit organisation with a passion for sharing digital knowledge. This award-winning digital community hold meet-ups once a month in which aspirational women are encourages to attend to expand & share their digital marketing knowledge.

Our Director Natasha Woodford got the opportunity to run the June workshop which was a great interactive success!

The evening, fittingly titled ‘Get Your CV Noticed, For Good Reasons!’ was organised by the Brighton Digital Women community to share best practice of CV writing and provide a better insight into hiring managers’ interpretations of CVs. The goal being to enable attendees to more easily write a quality CV for themselves which in turn will improve their chances in career progression.  It’s worth noting, having a better understanding of CV writing also helps with their own hiring practice. Being able to read between the lines and better question applicants.

With 20 years of professional recruitment behind her, Natasha is a digital marketing recruitment expert. Reading CVs is such a dominant part of Natasha’s daily job, it’s making her the Mark Zuckerberg of CV writing, knowing exactly what turns a good CV into a great CV when applying for a wide range of digital marketing jobs.

CVs dont have to be boring quote

clockworkTalent. & CVs

Time and time again, our inbox is greeted with the arrival of a mediocre (if not poorly written) CV which sometimes our intuition tells us could actually be quite good, so we follow up with a call which confirms what we thought – they’re actually really good but their CV didn’t show us this.

Having Skills, Tools OR Experience missing from your CV, or a CV that lacks personality can actually weaken your career prospects so remember to think of it as the first impression an employer will get of you, your “shop window”, so it should represent the best you that you can be!

This was discussed throughout the Brighton Digital Women evening along with so much more….

On the night…

We started the evening by live editing the CV of our Digital Marketing Exec, Emma, critiquing it with all of the elements we usually suggest candidates do to make their CV work better, we covered this in our blog of How To Write A Great CV. This step by step process allowed some great questions to be raised about why we do certain things with a CV.

Here are the top 5 questions & answers from the session:

Q- Should I use the title ‘Employment History’, ‘Work Experience’ or ‘Professional Experience’?

We would suggest using the title ‘Professional Experience’ as it sounds a lot more positive than ‘Employment History’ which could be perceived negatively, as being in your past and uninteresting to you. Following that, the title ‘Work Experience’ could be interpreted as internships / work experience placements. ‘Professional Experience’ ensures the reader knows you are showcasing what you have learnt from and have experience in, from your career to date.


Q-Should I include my date of birth on my CV?

For a role in Digital Marketing, there is absolutely no reason for your date of birth to be or not to be on your CV. However, we are aware that many employers do require a CV as part of their candidate tracking process i.e. when registering an applicant, it requires a date of birth to register on a database. We say it is totally up to you whether you include it or not on your CV. If you’re trying to “hide” your age (we know some people are sensitive about milestones!) as decision maker is always able to work out an approximate age through the dates listed for your education.

Q-Headshot or no headshot?

Having your photo at the top of your CV is much like your date of birth, it should neither increase or decrease your chances of getting a job i.e. no discrimination. However, if you choose to include one, ensure the photo is of high quality and appropriate, a blurred headshot is a pointless headshot.  In Europe, it is common to have a CV with a photo at the top right of your CV but note for some UK industries it would be very unusual to include a photo. You need to be conscious of who you’re applying to.

Q-How do I make my interests sound… interesting?

This was one of the biggest challenges of the evening, ‘I don’t have any interesting hobbies to add’, this is a common comment which just simply isn’t true!

Start by thinking about what you do with your friends, what you are interested in, how you spend your free time. One attendee said she didn’t have anything interesting to write and once we dug deeper we found out she was a huge fan of Japanese literature! – What a great thing to add to your CV to stand out to an employer!  It makes you memorable. One of Natasha’s most memorable applicants collected dollhouses – an irrelevant hobby to her professional but even now, years later she is memorable as a result of a stand out interest.

If you really are struggling to think of something, try alternative wording, for example, instead of ‘Travelling’ write ‘I enjoy exploring cities all over the world’ this makes it a much nicer read!

Q-What should I do if I didn’t like an element of my current role and don’t want to do it in the next job?

Make sure you aren’t writing your previous experience listings like job descriptions, write about your achievements, what you did successfully and enjoyed. We all know what most the job functions are in most roles, so don’t need you to parrot your job description. If you don’t like an aspect of your current role, don’t highlight it on your CV i.e. if you don’t like managing people but you manage a team of 6. Don’t showcase this as your leading sentence for the job (perhaps even leave this detail out, if you really don’t want to do it). Remember your CV is showcasing your skills. This way, an employer will not know you have experience in the area and you (hopefully) won’t have to do something you hate in your new job!

After the discussion, there an opportunity for attendees to bring their CVs along for a ‘speed dating’ session with Natasha, it was great to see so many of them take advantage of her knowledge.

Brighton Digital Women

Because we were all from different industry sectors and levels of experience, we accidentally became a group CV clinic to help each other understand how to best represent each person’s job situation, whether they had a series of freelance roles or a long period of career progression in one company.

From this, they received top tips, things to change, move and add to their CVs while sharing advice and gaining an insight into how someone might read their CV. We like to believe it gave some people confidence of their situation by hearing how others perceive them and their situations.

The final word from Natasha, ‘CVs definitely don’t have to be boring but they have to be real.’

We would like to thank Brighton Digital Women for a brilliant evening and hope we helped share some CV expertise!

If you were unable to attend, don’t panic!

All of Natasha’s expert CV advice shared at the event is available on company blogs which offer insights into JOB SEEKING (including CV Buzzwords to Avoid, how to optimise your CV with keywords, Do’s of interviewing and Don’ts of interviewing) as well as  RECRUITMENT TIPS TO HIRING.

You can also find our expert CV tips, as well as a plethora of Digital Marketing Job opportunities on our social media channels: TwitterFacebookLinkedInPinterestInstagram and Google+!

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Social Media Transparency & Job Seeking

Social technology has given us a window into spaces that were not visible before. We can now see into offices and learn about work cultures before even applying for a job. But, the window is always two-way.


A peek into businesses…

Through social media and other technology, we have been given the ability to not only follow businesses but get a glimpse of what goes on in their offices day to day.

LinkedIn offers up employee lists, Instagram contains photos of office dogs and Twitter shares news and snapshots of office events.

Businesses use social media to represent their work cultures, style and to entice new applicants by allowing the public to see what goes on ‘behind closed doors’ – which is after all, what everyone is interested in especially if it’s a well-known business!

Staff working together
Builtvisible and The Student Room use Instagram perfectly to display office culture and what it’s like to work there, another example of social media transparency is iCrossing.

Just by scrolling through these company Instagram pages, you can see the effort they make to promote staff work life and a fun office culture.

Another great example is Hootsuite! Their employees even have their own hashtag #hootsuitelife to use across social media to show off the company’s work culture!

Finding out what pizza the SEO team of your favourite brand had on Friday is all well and good, but we can go further still…

It’s easy to find out who already works at a business, employee retention & treatment with a quick LinkedIn or Glassdoor search. We live in a society of reviews, ratings & recommendations and this covers jobs too.


How can your current employees help clear the mist?

To create brand transparency, you need to get insiders to spread the word!

Many businesses are now treating employees as brand ambassadors, encouraging staff across all departments to share and engage with the company’s social media content. This is a great way to increase brand awareness and credibility.

Misty window

3 Things you should ask for from employees…

  • Complete LinkedIn Profiles- ensuring your company is listed as their employer. There is nothing more off putting than looking at a business on LinkedIn whose Employee list is full of incomplete or fake profiles
  • Encourage Social Media Use- Some employers think this is distracting but allowing your employees to connect with industry leaders and events through social will actually improve their productivity
  • Sharing is Caring- Subtly encourage positive things about the business to be shared online, photos to be taken at your office events, social media loves a good #PizzaFriday photo!

The way to make good use of staff on social media, if they aren’t producing their own, is to ensure the brand content is shareable. Staff are much more likely to share your content on their personal accounts if it fits in with their regular social media posts, i.e. content that is personal to the business and its staff but also relatable to outsiders.

Top Tip! Office Dog photos are always a hit on social media and staff are usually more than willing to share photos of them!

(Note: it’s always good to remember that some employees will wish to keep their personal social profiles separate from the company so it’s best to ensure staff know social media activity is optional)

The other side of the glass…

Like the business pages, your personal social media profiles allow readers a peek into your life!

Recruiters and employers want to inspect candidates in detail and there is no better place to do this than through social media.

That’s right- When your lecturers at university told you to keep your social profiles clean, they weren’t joking!

An almost instant reaction after receiving a CV for any employer is to track the person down on social media to gain a better understanding of how they would fit into their business.

They aren’t on the hunt to find photos of you drunk at a party in 2013 (although it’s probably still worth hitting that remove tag button!), they are instead looking to gauge who you are, what your everyday life is like, your interests and how you communicate with peers.

These employers could make judgements on whether you’ll fit in with their company culture based on their findings.

You should try and make your personal brand clean and consistent across all social networks, especially if you are job hunting. Simply having the same profile photo on LinkedIn as your Twitter page allows people to easily connect with you.

Woman working on laptop and phone

Mass delete my past button…

At the beginning of this month we heard the news that the government has plans to enforce new laws on Social Media Platforms. The laws would mean Social Media platforms will have to offer their users the ability to mass delete posts. For example, you would be able to wipe your Facebook clean of embarrassing teenage posts up to a chosen date without having to create a new profile.

As an obsessive social media profile cleaner and serial untagger, I love this idea and expect lots of people would like to remove things from their pages without having to do it one by one…

…I wonder if Facebook will ever let me mass unlike the 15 billion ‘like this if you love spaghetti’ pages I liked when I was 14? IF ONLY!

Job seeking and the way businesses recruit talent has been revolutionised by employer/candidate transparency all thanks to Social Media technology.

You should use it to your advantage in job applications, research what employees say about the company etc. In job interviews, talk about the office culture and events…

But remember…

However much you can see into a business, they can see just as much of you!

Click to see the other blogs in the Technology, Recruitment & Job Seeking series. We would love to hear what you think about social technology & transparency, leave a comment below! You can also find us on social media: TwitterFacebook, LinkedIn, PinterestInstagram and Google+.



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Top 10 Demand Side Platform (DSP) For Programmatic Advertising

What is Programmatic Marketing? 

Programmatic marketing / advertising can be confusing, especially for an outsider or someone new to the channel. However, it is growing significantly and considered to be the future of online advertising. Therefore, it is important to have an understanding, even if brief, of Programmatic Buying, Selling and Advertising.

Ultimately, programmatic marketing is the purchasing of digital advertising space through real-time bidding, an alternate to traditional, manual ad space buying.

After the advertiser has input their desired target audience preferences into a demand side platform (DSP), programmatic bids can be placed using Artificial Intelligence (AI). The auctions take place in the time it takes for webpages to load and the highest bidding ad will appear once the page has fully loaded. This includes ad space in online display, social media advertising, mobile, video and, most recently, television markets.

Feast your eyes on our top 10 DSP’s to help you understand some of the various programmatic platforms and make an informed choice about which would be best for your advertising.

Top 10 List of Demand Side Platforms (DSP)


facebook ads manager logo

Facebook Ads Manager | Facebook For Business

Back in 2016, Facebook cancelled plans to release ‘Atlas’, a DSP which would have been close competition for Google at the time. It seems concerns surrounding user’s privacy and data were challenged and Facebook wanted to work on these before releasing the DSP.

Now, Facebook has decided to do Programmatic Marketing slightly differently. Cutting out the technical middle man, they provide the buying platform and the biddable ad space. This means Facebook Ads Manager is a DSP that programmatically sells its own (and Instagram) inventory. Other than that, it fits in with the settings and features supplied by other leading DSPs.

Available as an App, Facebook Ads Manager allows advertisers to create, edit, manage, track and analyse their campaigns all from one place. Given Facebook’s active user count is nearing the 2 billion mark, the platform offers a huge degree of possibility for programmatic advertisers.

 rocket fuel logo  

Rocket Fuel | Optimises Media Placement With Moment Scoring

Founded in 2008 by alumni of Yahoo!, Rocket Fuel is now recognised as a strong performer in the DSP market.

A self-service DSP, it brings programmatic marketing inhouse, with the aim of using AI to predict what marketing actions to take with a person at a single moment in time. This type of predictive marketing allows customers to receive personalised, real time ads which are relevant to their tastes and online habits.

They also offer a separate Data Management Platform (DMP) where marketers are able to see all of their campaign data. Overall, Rocket Fuel stands by a strong ethic of working with people and not devices with an aim to offer marketers complete transparency.

Recently in the news:

Rocket Fuel Launches Anti-Malvertising Platform Via AI & Google Cloud 10/05/2017

Why Shares of Rocket Fuel Crashed Today  10/05/2017


MediaMath DSP

MediaMath | Integration Made Easy

“MediaMath is the leading independent programmatic company for marketers.”

Founded in 2007 and majority owned by employees, MediaMath is trusted by two-thirds of the Fortune 500 and is partnered with thousands of developers and agencies to improve business outcomes.

A negative aspect of programmatic advertising is that you are unable to see what your ad will be placed next to until it is published. To ease this pain for marketers, MediaMath guarantee brand safety for programmatic campaigns and, if an ad runs next to offensive content, they will give the advertiser a refund.

Priding itself on transparency, MediaMath ensures users have full access to their data, with customisation options and a team of dedicated experts that can help with campaign set up and maintenance.


amazon logo

Amazon (AAP) | Amplify Your Campaign

Amazon’s simply titled Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP) has been described as the dark horse of Ad Tech. With a reputation of being secretive as a business, Amazon has also kept a tight lid on the details surrounding this DSP.

With this tool, advertisers can reach Amazon shoppers across all Amazon sites, the web and mobile apps.

But, AAP has come under fire recently for offering little transparency for their users. Rob Griffin (Global Director of Product Development at Havas Media) stated that AAP users “get new customers, but they don’t necessarily know who they are, how [products are] selling or what the conversion rate is.”

Amazon Advertising Platform can see the online shopping behaviour of millions of people in real time which can be leveraged into precise campaigns aimed at relevant customers.


DoubleClick logo

DoubleClick by Google | Digital Advertising Solutions

DoubleClick is a leading DSP by Google and describes itself as an “integrated ad-technology platform that enables agencies and advertisers to more effectively create, manage and grow high-impact digital marketing campaigns.”

April 2017, DoubleClick announced users were now able to buy Television ad space via the platform.

Yet, Google has come under fire recently, along with Facebook, over concerns that their programmatic strategy works with cookies not people. Because Google and Facebook have, by far, the most data and insights about the public, other DSPs such as AppNexus, Rocket Fuel and MediaMath are teaming up as a consortium to challenge these programmatic giants.

But Google isn’t prepared to let competition overtake without a fight, and is currently testing whether it should relinquish the feature from its own DoubleClick AdExchange which meant it was easily able to outbid others.

LiveRamp DSP

LiveRamp | Identity Resolution Service & Data Onboarding

With a focus on pure people-based marketing, LiveRamp is an Acxiom company that provides the foundation for omnichannel marketing. With their identity resolution service, LiveRamp IdentityLink, they tie data back to real consumers, enabling people-based marketing initiatives across all digital channels.

Transforming the technology platforms used by clients, LiveRamp is dedicated to improving the relevancy of marketing, and ultimately allows consumers to better connect with the products, services and brands they love. Honouring the best practices of leading associations including the App Choices and Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) ICON programs, they deliver privacy-safe solutions to various markets.

Recent developments from LiveRamp HQ include the announcement of their involvement in the launch of a new technology consortium alongside AppNexus, MediaMath and others. With a focus on providing people-based marketing within programmatic channels, they are looking to challenge the precision advertising dominance currently being held by Google and Facebook, and move away from the uncomfortable invasion of the cookie.


choozle DSP

Choozle | Digital Marketing & Advertising Platform

“Don’t pay for an aircraft carrier when perhaps you only need a speedboat.”

Blending user-experience with first-in-class tools, Choozle is a design-focused platform which integrates powerful targeting, buying and execution features in a self-service platform.

With no minimum ad spend, Choozle is popular for enabling marketers to gain access to every programmatic impression there is, bridging the divide between the big and small spenders. Their service sees more of the client’s advertising budget be spent on media as they strip out any unnecessary costs, technology and complicated processes.

Transparent, powerful and simple, Choozle delivers real-time programmatic advertising, as well as buying & measurement tools, which rival the big players without the inflated costs.

TubeMogul logo

TubeMogul | Programmatic Advertising Software

Big News; TubeMogul joined Adobe!

A leading independent software platform that enables brands and agencies to plan, buy, measure and optimise their global advertising, TubeMogul is focused on building the world’s leading software for advertising.

Specialising in video advertising, they have developed the industry’s most comprehensive client training and award-winning customer service. They enable clients to orchestrate sophisticated programmatic ad campaigns across digital screens, television and out-of-home channels from just one platform.

In February 2016, they instigated a Non-Human Traffic Credit Program, whereby advertisers will be refunded if traffic is identified as non-human by White Ops. Whilst performance and economic transparency are both critically important, their commitment extends into their position as an industry leader.

BrightRoll dsp logo

BrightRoll from Yahoo! | Smart Video Advertising

Yahoo’s very own DSP, BrightRoll, blends proprietary data from the search engine with sophisticated targeting capabilities to uniquely position the ad campaigns of their clients. With tools dedicated to helping buyers and sellers achieve outstanding results from their digital advertising, their services cover video, display and native advertising.

Utilising more than 165 billion data points per day, the DSP solves the toughest challenges faced by advertisers and drives significant results. Their data-driven approach ensures advertisers reach precise audiences across all formats and devices.

With an Audience Builder and incredible data at their disposal, advertisers can use the vast and deep insights to easily build audiences. Then measure the results of campaigns with third-party integrations to ensure the creatives are seen by real viewers!

AppNexus logo

AppNexus | International Internet Advertising and Ad Management Software

Harnessing data and machine learning, AppNexus strives to empower the world’s open digital audience platforms. Their programme simplifies the most sophisticated capabilities so their clients can fulfil their full potential.

Become a trusted partner, being provided with solutions aligned with the best interests of customers, whilst being transparent and at a low cost. As an independent technology company, AppNexus is fully aligned to the interests of their customers and aims to create a better internet.

Their real-time decisioning platform supports core products that enable publishers to maximise yield; and marketers and agencies to harness data and machine learning to deliver intelligent and customised campaigns.

In May 2017, AppNexus, LiveRamp and MediaMath, as well as others, announced the launch of an open, technology industry consortium to make people-based marketing widely available within programmatic channels. It is well-worth staying tuned into current programmatic news to see how this develops in the coming months.


Which Demand Side Platform Should You Choose?

The difference between the various DSPs is not always obvious. We have only listed 10 here, there are many, many more on the market for you to choose from.

Each has its own benefits and drawbacks, and depends greatly upon your requirement and objectives.

The big debate happening currently is the privacy wars, with smaller companies joining together to challenge the status quo. According to Brian O’Kelley, CEO of AppNexus, “48% of all digital advertising dollars accrue to just two companies – Facebook and Google”. The establishment of a technological consortium by the likes of LiveRamp, MediaMath, AppNexus, Index Exchange, LiveIntent, Rocket Fuel and more is a response to this dominance.

They want programmatic advertising to be less intrusive and invasive, moving away from proprietary identifiers such as cookies and towards people-based marketing which is privacy-conscious. No doubt, this will be an ongoing battle and one we strongly suggest you keep an eye on!

If you are in the decision process as to which DSP your advertising needs, we recommend fully researching their websites before jumping in. You don’t want to be wasting budget on unnecessary costings or failing campaigns.

Programmatic marketing is exciting. It is rumoured to be the way forward for online advertising and shows no signs of slowing down. If you are looking for a career in programmatic / paid media and want to know more, get in touch with the team.

Alternatively, you can check out our current paid media jobs by following the link.

You can also find us on social media: TwitterFacebook, LinkedInPinterestInstagram and Google+.

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How To Write Your First CV

As Specialist Recruiters, we’ve shared a number of articles about How To Write A Great CV etc, but these are usually to help experienced professionals fine tune their CV’s.


What I’ve experienced recently is a series of conversations with first time job seekers, some of whom have never written a CV…

Some of these are graduates and some who are college leavers. Youngsters, who for some reason or another, appear to have no real idea on how to write a CV.

Some of their first attempts have astounded me!


Crowd of Graduates

First CV? We have everything you need to know!

On recent CV writer went so far as to only list the work experience and GCSE achievements which the job advert requested.

What I didn’t discover until speaking with him was that in addition to those 5 GCSE’s he had a BTEC, AS levels and further A-C grade GCSE’s which he hadn’t put onto the CV as the advert hadn’t specifically asked for them.

It also astounded me that as well as the 6 months office work experience (which was the only work experience listed on the CV) he had been working weekends since he was 15, as well as through all school holidays from pot wash, to warehouse stack, to being a local shop assistant.

This kid was a grafter but had thought that, as he was applying for office work, the other work experience he had behind him wasn’t applicable so he left it off!

I hope, like us, you thought his original CV would show us he was a minimally educated 21 year old who had only worked 6 months in his life. When in actual fact, he was a hard working, responsible young man who had finally figured out he quite liked and was good at office administration work.

Needless to say his original and final CV’s were like chalk and cheese.

I despair that the youth of today (did I really say that!?) can come out of our education system and not realise that CV stands for Curriculum Vitae – which essentially is a summary of one’s life or as according to Wikipedia: “a written overview of a person’s experience and other qualifications for a job opportunity.”

You have to remember when writing a CV that the reader does not know you.

You need to spell it out. Make it plain and simple to understand the logic. Who you are and what you’ve done so far.

We have found, no matter what age, level of experience or ambitions you bring with you, there is a simple recipe for writing a good CV.

Man working on computer

So for all of you out there attempting to write your first CV to get yourself a job, I am pleased to share our recipe with you below:

Ultimate CV Recipe:

1-PERSONAL PROFILE: 2 paragraphs describing who you are. This how your best friend would describe you to someone, then think about how your teacher would describe you and then think how you parents and/or siblings might describe you or even your last boss – if you’ve already had a job.

It is probably the blend of all of these which will make a good read. What are you best at? What can you bring with you in terms of experience and skills? What are you passionate about? What education, experience & strengths do you have?

2-SKILLS & TOOLS: These are bullet pointed. This section is about what have you already been taught to do and what tools you already use. If you’ve worked in retail or hospitality, it might be:

  • Cashing up
  • Speaking with customers…

If you’ve worked in a call centre, it might be:

  • Strong telephone manner with good patience with customers

OR it may be particular tools you’ve used for the job, like:

  • Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint


  • Online reservation system for bookings / CRM – data entry.

There are so many things you haven’t realised you know how to do and so you must think about the job you want to get.

Whether office based, hospitality, airline crew, retail or anything and everything in between, you will have applicable skills! If you get the opportunity to read a job description, see what skills it is asking for and whether you have got any of those skills and make sure they are on your CV!

Professional Kitchen

3-PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: This is where you get to tell everything about the work you have done. No matter how brief the employment was, it is good to include it to show you have given it a go.

For instance, the young man I mentioned earlier hadn’t included the 3 months he worked night shifts at a warehouse. His reasoning, he thought it was too brief and not worth mentioning. Given he was just starting out in his career, I felt it valid to write into the CV and mentioned it was 12 hour night shifts, 6 days per week.

By giving the full picture, I actually commend him for sticking it out that long! Rather than judge him on the brevity of that employment!

The idea is to give the employer a full and best insight into who you are. Tell them at 15 you were working weekends at the local B&B. Tell them that you went from being a Kitchen Porter to Sous Chef at the local pub.

It might not seem relevant to you but to a prospective employer it shows you are hardworking, ambitious and proved yourself worthy to a previous employer.

4-EDUCATION: List your education (Format: qualification, institute and date) with any accreditation’s you have, certification, training or courses you’ve been on.

Only when you’ve a number of years work experience behind you will your education become less important and eventually left off your CV.

5-INTERESTS: We thoroughly believe it is the person that an employer is hiring, not just getting a “bum” on a seat. It is nice to be able to tell an employer a bit about you, going back to the example of the young man I spoke with.

He had been a batter for 15 years at the local cricket club, which shows loyalty, commitment, team spirit and so much more. He also writes his own music, to the extent he’s even recording an album later this year. Again this demonstrates his creativity, perseverance and a personal interest.

6-Finishing touches: Make sure you put your name, address and contact details on your CV (I cannot tell you how many we see without a phone number!).

Please DON’T title it “CV” – We know it’s your CV, you don’t need to tell us!

We also DON’T believe you need to put “references upon request” – virtually every job offer is subject to satisfactory references, when the time comes provide those reference details. However, you don’t need to write it at the bottom of your CV.

Finally, your CV should be no more than 2 pages in length.

When you put all of this together, the result is a wonderful read.

It goes to show with the right recipe, showcasing all your ingredients, you can have a pretty fine dish which a lot of people want!


The perfect CV recipe

In our recruitment world, this would turn into a lot of interview requests. We are looking forward to hearing how this young man takes his recipe and good looking dish out to the big wide world and gets himself lots of orders!

Looking for more CV help? See our other blogs: 10 Top Tips to Writing An Awesome CV, How To Optimise Your CV Keywords, Will Your CV Get You The Invite To Interview.

If you would like assistance in job seeking or help with the recruitment of Digital Marketing talent, You can send us a message through our Contact Form, Email us directly or call 0203 751 4108.

You can also find job seeking tips and tricks from our Recruitment Specialists on our social media pages: TwitterFacebookLinkedInPinterestInstagram and Google+.

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How Technology Has Changed The CV Forever

Competition for career progression within the digital marketing industry is becoming more and more fierce.


With candidates leveraging their contacts, accessing jobs before they are released to the open market and 1000’s of vacancies featured on job sites, it is becoming increasingly important to stand out from the digital crowd.

FUN CV FACT! >>> According to Recruitment legend, the first CV was created by Leonardo da Vinci in 1482!

Previously, it’s believed people’s surnames would indicate their career destiny (nominative determinism– for example, if your name was John Smith, you were destined to have a career as a Blacksmith!).

But Da Vinci was the first person to note down his skills and abilities to send to a potential employer, the Duke of Milan.

Fast forward 530 years and the Curriculum Vitae, CV or, as the Americans call it “Resume”, is still living on, with the backing of technological advancements.

Vintage Typewriter

How has the CV evolved alongside technology?

Since the end of WW2, CV’s have been required at job interviews and now, with more candidates able to find and apply for the same position online, a great CV is needed more than ever to effectively display your skills and personality.

With technology by their side, candidates can include a huge range of digital material in their applications. For example: links to social media profiles, portfolios of previous work and websites can be added even to the simplest of word documents.

The rumours are true though, some naughty employers don’t read past the 1st page of a CV, so make sure your first page is outstanding! Handily, we have written a blog post which explains step by step How To Write A Great CV!


Is My CV Boring?

Social media enables us to see into businesses like never before! (Look out for a post on transparency between job seekers and employers which will be added to this blog series soon!).

Companies can represent their work environment and share office news instantly. From this use of social tech, we have seen a trend of businesses sharing images of the extravagant CV’s they receive.

Anything from baskets of cupcakes, resumes printed onto marshmallows to ‘Top 100 Facts about me’ sheets accompanying a hamper of KitKats.

CV printed onto Marshmallows

Credit: The Sun Newspaper


But do these unusual / over the top CV’s count as bribery? Should everyone be sending muffin baskets to businesses they’d love to work for?

At clockworkTalent, we would suggest- no.

We are more interested in the content of your CV, your experience and passion for the industry.

We don’t need a CV cupcake to be convinced of someone who is passionate about the digital marketing industry!

Of course, there are examples of successful CV’s that have been unusual and OTT! It totally depends on the industry you are applying for, remember not all employers would like your CV printed onto the wrapper of a chocolate bar but for a graphic designer role in the food industry, it might just work!

We even know of a Content Marketing professional whose application included a video in which they had filmed themselves travelling to that employer’s actual office, arriving for their “first day” of their “new job”. Note, he did also send a traditional CV but it was the creativity of the video which got him an interview! Appropriate in this instance as he is being judged on his creativity as part of his job!

If you want to have a creative impact, a quick look at will allow you to easily create intricate (yet simple) infographics from scratch! Or, a Pinterest search will offer up a multitude of CV templates varying in colour, design and layout ready for you to personalise.


CV Templates from Pinterest

Is Video An Option For Me?

Video CV’s have popped up in recent years, as since the rise of YouTube and social video more and more people are displaying their skills and abilities through video.

This could simply be a monologue of the individual’s career history and skills, but as a warning, video CV’s have the potential to become tedious if the creator is not comfortable in front of the camera.

On the other hand, video is a great platform to demonstrate creativity and enthusiasm as well as technical production skills.

Need inspiration? We have written a blog post that handily explains How to Use YouTube to Acquire Your Dream Job!


What About A Personal Blog?

The merge of technology and CV’s has also allowed people to produce brilliant, interactive personal websites, blogs and portfolios to increase their chances of landing the dream job.

In the Digital Marketing industry, it’s always important to display passion for your work. By creating a personal website, employers will know that you are deeply rooted in the industry, not simply looking for a day job but willing to immerse yourself in digital knowledge and strategy.

We have experience of a candidate who created a website to display his CV, and produced landing pages tailored to each job application he sent out.

This allowed him to track the analytics of the site and see which employer was viewing his CV and how many times! For the Digital expert, this is a highly original and creative way to utilise industry skills!

Social Media Is An Extension Of Your CV

Whether it’s a video, website or an A4 sheet of paper, your CV offers a great first impression of you, but remember, social technology is also a HUGE part of job seeking.

Prospective employers will head straight to your social media profiles after receiving your CV, so ensure your personal brand is consistent and squeaky clean throughout your online activity.

For more on this, check out our blog that discusses how social media has changed job searching and Recruitment!

Man taking a photo of wall with phone

Long Live The Curriculum Vitae!

Finally, ‘Curriculum vitae’ is a Latin expression which can be translated into the ‘course of my life’. With that in mind, remember that the foundations of the CV have remained unchanged since 1482! Technology now allows you to evolve your skills and experience into something great, use it!

If you would like help finding your dream Digital Marketing Job, get in touch with our specialist Recruiters today! You can send us a message through our Contact Form, Email us directly or call 0203 751 4108.

You can also find us on social media: TwitterFacebook, LinkedInPinterestInstagram and Google+.



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Tech SEO Professional Lands Job With Organic Agency – BuiltVisible

It seems a long time ago now but with a 3-month notice period, this job offer originated from an enquiry which arrived on the 16th January… It was, however, only 10 days later and we’d secured that enquiry an exceptional new job offer!

This is how we come to write about María Camañes Forés, who at Easter joined the much-admired boutique SEO agency, BuiltVisible.

An Organic Digital agency we’ve partnered with on recruitment projects a number of times now; we know their process, we know the type of talent they enjoy and above all we know the type of careers they can offer ambitious Digital Marketers.

For us, the process has been like a well-rehearsed play with all parties playing their roles to Academy Award winning levels. Interviews are tough (as they should be), as this team tried hard to hide their own exuberance and love for the industry. They were challenging our interviewee, Maria and required her to dig deep, soul searching for her responses to their questions on strengths, possible weaknesses, opinions and examples.

BuiltVisible the Organic Digital Agency
Maria rose to the challenge, ensuring she’d done her own due diligence and conquered her nerves in both interview meetings, as well as delivering a strong performance in the set task.

It wasn’t a surprise when we got told Maria would be getting an offer – but the enthusiasm and happiness has had to ride us through a lengthy 3-month notice period to get us to where we are today.

Now, some 3-months and 2 weeks later, Maria has taken up her new job as Technical SEO Consultant. We’ve been jumping up and down with excitement, publicly congratulating her and wishing her well in her journey of career development and SEO success with the BuiltVisible team!

Champagne and cork exploding from bottle

Maria has been kind enough to share her thoughts about working with clockworkTalent. She’s been very generous with her words – honestly, I didn’t pay her! She tells us…

If you are looking for a new SEO role, do not hesitate to contact Natasha, at clockworkTalent. She is one of the best recruiters I have ever met! She helped me find the perfect job within 2 weeks of my first meeting with her.

She clearly knows her stuff and her understanding of the industry along with her genuine interest in my success, really made a difference. Her guidance and advice really helped me through the interviewing process and her strong involvement in my research helped my find the perfect position I was looking for.

I’d thoroughly recommend her to anyone looking for a role in SEO.

María Camañes Forés, Senior SEO Executive, BuiltVisible

If, like Maria, you would like the support of a specialist recruitment agency and team who are well-connected in the digital marketing industry and can help you progress your SEO career and job search, you need to contact clockworkTalent!


If you’re ready for an expert to help you explore job opportunities feel free to:
Like you, we also LOVE Social Media. Please do follow us on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn & Google+. We’re also on Pinterest & Instagram, if you fancy getting picturesque with us!


Don’t forget to give us a Like or Share our content!!

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Job Interview Questions and Answers – Secrets Revealed

Learning from the experiences of others can be beneficial in all walks of life, but especially for a job interview. Read this Q&A with interviewers as they reveal stories and secrets which can help you prepare to land the dream job!

Laptop, notepad and pen writing

Amazing job interview questions and stories shared by hiring managers can help you in your preparation.


Before, during and after our CoFounder’s incredible search marketing conference, brightonSEO, we were delighted to have such an amazing response to exposing interview stories and secrets.

The renowned speakers from the event told us some humdingers, which you can read in our series of blogs OR if you still have your copy of the brightonSEO magazine, then you can find some on page 4.

Yet, we are not done! We wanted to find out more secrets and stories which can help you prepare for any upcoming job interviews you may have.

Job Interview Know-How: The Ins and Outs


Attending a job interview is something we all must go through, whether you are at the very start of your career or a seasoned professional.

Nothing is more important than your preparation; you need to make sure you are doing your due diligence about the company, the interviewer/s, their website, their competitors, the industry and their target market. You can never do too much research, so aim to know the company inside-out.

It is also vital you completely know your CV to pinpoint accuracy. You should be able to walk the interviewer through your career history with no hesitancy.

When choosing what to wear for an interview, you should make sure you are the best-dressed person in the room. Get ideas from our popular post providing tips on recommended interview dress code (and what you should avoid wearing!).

Smart-looking Men's clothing and shoes

Like any social or professional situation, there is a certain etiquette you should adhere to in a job interview, particularly one focused on a Digital Marketing vacancy.

As specialist recruiters serving the digital industry, we hear wonderful and eye-opening stories about interviews; from someone taking their shoes off to another having one too many beverages! Have a look at our posts on interview advice for what TO DO and what NOT TO DO in a job interview, as we draw on real life examples to help you nail the interview process.

Once you have done your research, feel comfortable discussing your CV, are dressed to impress, and know best interview practice, it is time to anticipate what you might be asked.

What are your strengths / weaknesses? What achievement are you most proud of and why? Why do you want to join our company? These are all stock questions which employers ask in most interviews, and we would highly recommend you consider how you would answer them before sitting down at the interview table.

But then there are those extra, off-the-cuff questions which can catch you unaware. They are often asked to see how effectively you can think on your feet. For example, what would be your response to; “If there was a brick on the table, how would you remove it without using your hands?”.

After having fruitful discussions with various friends across the industry, we discovered more fascinating stories and secrets which can help you in an interview. Read on to find out!

Interview Questions and Stories: Could You Answer These?


What’s your one Killer Question you love to ask when interviewing?

“If you were to give a talk at Brighton SEO, what would it be on?”

Tom Shurville, Managing Director at Distinctly


“”Why should we hire you?” is a great question for the end of an interview. It gives the candidate an opportunity to provide any information that hasn’t arisen yet, and encourages them to summarise their main points. Because it’s such a broad question, you can learn a lot from how the interviewee approaches it.”

Craig Hall, Operations Director at Glass Digital


“Tell me the biggest frustration you’ve had in your professional life…?”

Scott Colenutt, Head of Digital at SiteVisibility


“I am always intrigued to see how much research the candidate has done into our company not just about what we sell, but how long we’ve been trading, our social media presence, what sort of customers we have, who our competitors are, and what awards we have won.”

Georgia Metacalfe, MD / Founder at The French Bedroom Company

Wooden, White Clasp Box slightly open

What’s the most out-of-the-box question you’ve been asked at an interview?


“”If you were a part of a bus, what part would you be?”. A psychologist might say you can learn a lot about a person from what part they pick, but I think the interviewer was more interested in my reaction to the question — whether I would take it in good humour and come up with an interesting response in a short amount of time.”

Craig Hall, Operations Director at Glass Digital


“I was once asked my favourite colour in a most bizarre interview with a man who I swore I’d never work for. In the end- I did, for three years!

I also shared an existential pondering over the meaning of life when sharing a cafetière of coffee with an Ad Agency director who asked me how I would die if I had the choice.”

Sophie Wilson,


Red Bus Toy against a fake brick wall

What’s your most memorable interview story?


“One candidate told us that they wanted to get some training and experience so they could set up their own agency. We’ve also interviewed content writers who say they want to be an author. When an interviewer asks about your five-year plan, they’re usually hoping that you want to progress within the role and company you’re interviewing for.”

Craig Hall, Operations Director at Glass Digital

How Can You Perform Well At A Job Interview?


Each question and example seeks to explore a different facet of an interviewee, but often it is how you respond which is more revealing than what you say.

A quick-fire response might tell the interviewer you can think on your feet, but might this lead to queries over rash decision-making? If you take too long, this may indicate you are considerate yet indecisive? When answering, try to be a comfortable mix of the two, demonstrating your ability to make clever decisions at a speedy pace.

It is important you are prepared to answer the unexpected. Use these examples (and our previous ones) and advice when preparing for an interview so you may set yourself up for success.

What would you answer to any of the questions posed above? Leave a comment below and compare your responses with others. All interview tips are welcome!

Or if you have any questions you would like to share with the community, you too can comment below.

For more tips and tricks about interview success, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. We love social media and have plenty to show you!

CJ Carver, Digital Marketing Manager


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How Social Technology Changed Recruitment & the Job Search

Social technology has transformed the job search and recruitment process radically in the last 20 years. Remember searching for a new job by trawling through newspaper ads or sending a CV in the post? –Me neither…

Technology changes and develops every day. While the principles of recruitment and job seeking are the same, the tactics are constantly changing.

Way back when our founder Natasha began her career as a headhunter, she was receiving and sending CV’s by post until a marvellous piece of technology became common in offices which sped things up immensely – faxing!

Fast forward to 2017, Natasha is able to access millions of CV’s online, focusing on a targeted search and instantly connecting with highly appropriate people from all over the world by using simple keyword searches.

But has our incredible technology now removed the humanness of job seeking and recruitment; replacing it with a mess of matchmaking robots and ill-fitting CV’s?

This is, after all, why we set up clockworkTalent, to put the human elements back into recruitment within the digital marketing industry. To ensure we weren’t simply playing snap i.e matching jobs with people based on industry acronyms alone!

We wanted to harness and embrace technology to make us better Recruiters, rather than let technology dictate the process.

photo of metal chain links

Social Media has been a huge game changer for recruitment and job seeking, providing a breakdown of walls and giving everyone access to every job and every candidate across the globe.

Whether you are looking for a new role or to employ new talent, social media has become the place to gain the first impression and is a tool for connecting with people you might not have met offline.

Social Recruitment


Let’s start with LinkedIn, the mother of all professional networking sites:

The USP of LinkedIn is to encourage professionals to connect, share business news and information. A dominant feature being the vacancies and searching for new jobs, but the site has become much more than that.

Recruiters can use the site to headhunt talent from across the world as well as get in contact with professionals whom they haven’t previously worked with. Natasha, for instance, has 8,500+ connections, most of whom she’s at least spoken with once, enabling her a very extensive personal network.

She doesn’t just trawl LinkedIn like a database, spamming contacts with seemingly irrelevant advances, but uses it to support targeted headhunts, approaching very specific Digital Marketing individuals known to her for specialist job opportunities.


People on laptops and tablets

An outstanding Recruiter will use a blend of traditional techniques and new social technology.

For job seeking, LinkedIn has enabled users to add substance to their traditional CV. Its features include adding links to previous employer’s pages and personal social media profiles, links to previous work and a way to display which companies they follow.

By doing this, job seekers can enhance their applications and prove they are very much submerged in their specific industry. A sad thing has been to see a demise of Linkedin. A dilution of the personal network and a “spamming” culture being introduced. However if used correctly, with  strong security settings and a only a close network of connections being introduced, you can retain a solid industry network of assistance with this platform.

If you need help with LinkedIn, read our blog which focuses on how to successfully optimise a LinkedIn profile.

In February 2017 Facebook announced they were going to offer business pages the option to publicly advertise job vacancies.

The feature, which has since rolled out in some areas of America and Canada, allows users to add and save their information and CV as to automatically apply for jobs with one click of the ‘Apply Now’ button.

This Facebook feature could become a successful and direct competitor to other job sites and LinkedIn’s services, or it could attract job seekers that aren’t completely right for the roles.

The Dreaded Auto-Apply Button:


Because of the shear ease of clicking the Apply Now! button, job seekers will have the ability to send their CV out multiple times to hundreds of businesses without tailoring their application to each role.

This is seen across many job sites and is a feature that can initially be viewed as a way to maximise a job search. When in reality, and especially within an industry like Digital Marketing, these apply now buttons can greatly hinder a job search by removing the human aspects of job applications.

Some sites have even used features inspired by social apps like Tinder. The ‘swipe right to apply, swipe left to see next job’ features have further eliminated the need for job seekers to learn about the companies they apply for and simply use keyword and location matches to place candidates.


LinkedIn Coffee Headphones

This is where a specialist recruiter comes in handy!

At clockworkTalent, we have indepth discussions with all parties involved from the job seekers, to the hiring managers to the talent acquisition team. We spend time getting to know each employer and each individual job seeker, ensuring we know what they like / don’t like, what their ambitions are, their motivations and the career prospects and more. Only through our subtle questioning do we get to understand the employers and what they’re looking for as well as building a profile of the job seekers and what they’re aiming to do next.

We make it our business to ensure our introductions match. We can only do this through traditional methods like meeting in person or having these conversations over the phone, but it enables us to ensure a 100% guarantee on our placements*. Meaning if we suggest a candidate for your business, we KNOW they are the right fit.

Other social networks that you may not automatically think belong with job seeking and recruitment include Pinterest and Instagram.

But in fact, these sites offer a platform for creatively displaying jobs and attracting suitable candidates. For example, we use Pinterest to advertise our current live jobs and explain how people can apply:

Overall, social technology has made the world more connected, so why let our humanness disappear?

Recruitment and job seeking have the same process and goals as they did 20, 30, 40 years ago, but through social tech the tactics have changed completely. To find success in your job search or recruitment it is essential to keep up with new tactics but also to blend them with traditional techniques so not to lose your personality in the online spectrum.

Look out for more in this series, the next edition will discuss how tech has changed our CV’s. In the meantime, we have a whole series of blogs offering tips and tricks for using social media to find a dream job!

Join the fight against evil auto-apply buttons by sending your CV to or calling 0203 751 4108 to speak to our Digital Marketing Recruitment Specialists! You can also find us on our social media: TwitterFacebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+.




*Subject to signed Terms of Business

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