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10 Digital Tools Sean Nichols Couldn’t Live Without

We spoke to SiteVisibility’s Sean Nichols about the top 10 Digital tools he uses every day as the Brighton based agency’s Marketing Manager…

Sean Nichols is the Marketing Manager at our sister agency, SiteVisibility. We know him for his quick and clever skills in digital content and he runs a mean email marketing campaign! See with your own eyes with this quick sign up.

We have a unique partnership with this search marketing agency which you can read more about here.

By reading this blog series, we hope you’ll be discovering new digital tools from our industry experts and ultimately improving your own Digital marketing work!

Sean Nichols Headshot

Without further ado, here are 10 digital tools Sean believes any Marketing Manager should be using…

Trello is a web-based project management application. It’s essentially a visual way to organise projects and it makes my life much easier!

Our Head of Digital, Scott Colenutt and I share a marketing board where we map out our marketing plan through a number of cards that act as tasks. We’ve split the boards up into columns, To Be Done, In Progress & Completed and each has a number of cards (tasks) underneath.

The drag and drop system is simple to use and you can add attachments, deadlines, notes, checklists and different members of the team to the cards (tasks). This means it’s easy for us to see exactly how we’re progressing at any time. It makes managing our marketing plan and the tasks we need to undertake simple and easy.

Slack is an online communication tool/instant messenger that makes it easy to talk to colleagues about different projects. I use it every day to co-ordinate podcasts with our host, Andy White and to talk to other members of the SiteVisibility team working on our marketing efforts. You can create different channels for different projects and invite different team members to each, so if you need to stay up to date with a project, you can simply click into it, and see all the latest conversations. It has a great app as well, so I can also stay up to date when I’m on the move.

A relatively new tool for SiteVisibility, Intercom is a live chat tool that allows us to talk to visitors to our site whilst they are on it. Essentially, it’s great for engagement with visitors who you might not otherwise have heard from whilst it’s also helped us to generates qualified leads.

I’ve recently written a blog post on the benefits and what we’ve learned over the last 3 months.

Forced upon me by our Head of Digital, Scott, Dashlane is now a tool that I can’t live without! Dashlane is a password management tool that securely remembers each of your passwords and logs you into your tools, programmes etc. automatically. All you need to do is log in using your master password when you turn on your computer and the rest is done for you. You can also generate unique and secure passwords when signing up for accounts and Dashlane will save them automatically. It saves me a lot of time, and means I don’t have to remember every single one of my passwords!

Hootsuite is great as it lets me schedule social media posts. You can connect Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other profiles and schedule in posts for when you aren’t there. It saves time as you don’t need to log into each account and post there and then.

I’m able to log in once or twice a week and set up a number of posts to go out throughout the week and over the weekend and at any point I can monitor our social streams and any mentions of our business. Best of all, it’s free!

HARO or Help A Reporter Out is a free service that we use to find PR opportunities for SiteVisibility as well as our clients. We get emails through 2/3 times a day with journalists and bloggers looking for sources and quotes for upcoming stories. When we find a journalist or blogger request that’s relevant to us or one of our clients, we’ll respond.

It’s used by some of the biggest news outlets across the world and so can be a great way of gaining publicity for your brand as well as a source of gaining valuable backlinks.

Canva makes design simple! It’s a relatively cheap tool (free or the Pro version is $12.95 per month) that allows you to create designs and images for a range of purposes. It’s easy to use and the tutorials are really helpful. It means you can create professional looking designs easily, without having to be an expert.

I mainly use the tool to create social media images for Twitter and LinkedIn, but I’ve also used it to create case study images and button images across our site. You can set up your companies’ colour pallets, fonts, logos and images to make sure that your designs stay on brand. It’s great!

I use MailChimp for our email marketing and I love it. It’s simple to use and there is a load of support info available should you need it. We’re able to send emails to segments of our email list at ease and A/B testing allows us to review what works well and what doesn’t.

The automation emails are also really useful. Depending on the action someone takes on our site and where they’ve signed up for the newsletter, they’ll then receive a series of automated emails that we’ve set up, with other relevant and useful content. It means we can stay in touch with the people that matter to us.

Quite simply, I couldn’t live without Google Analytics. I use it on an almost daily basis to monitor our websites performance. There are so many things you can do with analytics but typically I’ll look at our sites organic traffic to see which pages are performing well, those that aren’t and use it to inform my marketing strategy.

The Moz Pro package is one that every good SEO agency should own. For me, I find Fresh Web Explorer useful to monitor mentions of “SiteVisibility” and associated keywords across the web on a weekly basis and I find the Keyword Explorer tool extremely useful for keyword research and making sure that we’re targeting the right keywords when creating content/optimising our site. Open Site Explorer is also a great tool to monitor backlinks and find new link building opportunities. When it comes to SEO, it’s a tool I simply can’t live without.

A big thank you to Sean for this brilliant list of digital tools!

Please do look out for future ‘10 Digital Tools … Couldn’t Live Without’ blog posts from additional digital marketing industry experts as we’ll be publishing more of this series soon!

If you’re looking to advance your career, did you know we offer a  Free CV Critique? Start a conversation by sending your current CV to and our specialist Digital Marketing Recruiters will get in touch with you for a discreet conversation.

On our job board, you can apply for specific digital roles and you can subscribe to our new YouTube Channel for extra information about our latest Digital Jobs. We also post all our jobs and news through our social media channels including TwitterFacebookLinkedIn Instagram!

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6 Reasons To Call Your Recruiter After A Job Interview

You walk out of the building having had an interview for one of the best jobs you’ve ever been put forward for. Who do you call? It’s likely it’s going to be your girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife but it should actually be your recruiter…

Your recruiter is the person who championed you into being considered for the job. Whether you were headhunted or applied directly for it, the specialist recruiter is the one this employer trusts and has been discussing the needs and the requirements of this job. They’ve been assessing who has what experience. Making comparisons of skills, knowledge and personality with other prospective candidates shortlisted for this job.

List of my Top 6 Reasons To Debrief Your Recruiter Post Interview:

  • Speeding Up the Feedback
  • Reinforcing That You Want This Job
  • Correcting a ‘Clanger’
  • Provide Additional Information
  • Priming for Job Offer Negotiation
  • Getting Your Recruiter Onside

person using their phone
1. Speeding Up the Feedback

Without being a fly on the wall, your recruiter won’t know when your interview finishes. This means they’d have to risk the faux pas that you didn’t put your phone on silent and it rings in the meeting (you’ll never forgive them for this) or have to wait for you to call. If you forget, they risk possibly missing you before you return to the office. Sometimes not getting the opportunity to speak with you before the employer calls with their feedback first. If you’ve called, the recruiter now knows you’ve finished the interview and can call the interviewer for “gut feel” feedback, if not their definitive decision.

2. Reinforcing That You Want This Job

It’s likely you will be one of several individuals shortlisted for the job. Most of the time it’s your recruiter the employer will turn to discuss their thoughts, then make ultimate decisions from the meeting. It’s essential you call your recruiter first and outline how the meeting went. Your recruiter can then understand whether you hated it or more likely, you loved it and WANT THAT JOB! If you’re not telling the recruiter of your enthusiasm for the job, how do you expect them to fight your corner?

3. Correcting a ‘Clanger’

If there was something which went amiss in the interview, tell your recruiter. A ‘clanger’ is recoverable if it is acknowledged and corrected. We’ve seen someone freeze when a tricky question was poised in the interview but as they’d mentioned this is our debriefing call post interview…. We discussed it with the employer, and ultimately because it was so very “acknowledged” straight after the meeting – it was less of a big deal.

4. Provide Additional Information

Post interview it’s common to suddenly think of “the perfect answer” to a question in the meeting. In your follow-up call with the recruiter, tell them your ideas and they can share them with the employer. This could be taken into account later when the employer deliberates before final decision making!

Extra Info

5. Priming for Job Offer Negotiation

Remember your recruiter is probably going to be first to hear about any job offer. If you want to be in the prime negotiating position make sure you call your recruiter and ensure they understand what you’re expecting, what’s essential and what you’re willing to accept.

It’s more challenging to have a low-ball offer and negotiate upwards.

Better to set the expectation from the offset now you know about the company, the challenges, the opportunity, training and perks! Most times your recruiter is paid in relation to your salary, so they want you to get the highest possible offer – so are working in your favour.

6. Getting Your Recruiter Onside

Don’t be afraid of appearing desperate for the job! If you really want the job, need the job – tell the recruiter. Ultimately every recruiter wants the job offer accepted.

Knowing you absolutely want it helps go towards fighting your corner. By all means, play it cool with the employer if you want to (personally, I don’t recommend this. In this competitive job market, better to tell a company if you love the job prospect and that you really want to join them. This passion and enthusiasm can go a long way in swaying decisions.


Working in partnership with a specialist recruiter means they’ve chosen to put you forward for an interview because you should, and CAN get the job. Keeping in close touch can assist the process, enabling you to better leverage any job offer. It’s worth keeping your recruiter up to date every step of the job selection process, as they can be a huge benefit to you.

Make them earn their fee, get them to champion you into the business and help you obtain your dream job with the best offer!

If you’re a Digital Marketing professional, whether a Specialist or a holistic Digital Marketer, you should be talking with clockworkTalent recruiters who support brands and agencies into hiring the best digital marketing talent. You can call 0203 7514108 to speak with any of our team (or ask for me, Natasha specifically!) or you can email your CV to  for consideration.

We offer a FREE CV critique (use the same email address).  We also publish all our Jobs, News and Top Tips through our social media channels including TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, YouTube & Instagram!

On our website, you can find our job board, where you can apply for specific roles and you can subscribe to our new YouTube channel for videos of our latest Digital Jobs.

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10 Digital Tools Craig Campbell Couldn’t Live Without

Welcome to the first of our new blog series 10 tools I couldn’t live without! This time, we spoke to SEO industry expert Craig Campbell about his favourite tools that make his SEO work that little bit lighter!

 Craig Campbell is a Glasgow based SEO expert who now has over 16 years’ experience in the field. He has single-handedly built an impressive offering of digital marketing services and is a regular face at industry events, online webinars and conferences!

Before we start, here are a few facts about Craig you might not know…

  • The clockworkTalent team first met Craig at the brightonSEO 2016 conference after competing for the top place on the brightonSEO app leaderboard… Craig’s still ranking number 1 on there now!
  • He has th’ most awesome Glaswegian accent, which we coods listen tae fur hoors!

Craig Campbell Headshot

Here are the top 10 digital tools Craig told us he really couldn’t live without!

SEMRush is a great tool for competitor analysis, it can quickly give me a guide as to whether a website or competitor is doing much online. It also has a good auditing feature and now has integration with Majestic SEO and a lot of good additional features coming into play.

Deepcrawl is my “go to” auditing tool. It is an amazing crawler, but over and above that its user-friendly reports and the fact I can easily share this information with clients makes this tool much easier to work with than many other auditing tools.

AccuRanker is a superb tool for checking rankings, the fact you can automate this process and directly send your clients an automated report puts it way ahead of similar tools. This is a great and accurate rank tracking tool that, coupled with the automation makes it an essential part of my process.

I have a virtual computer with these guys, which is fast & reliable and allow me to use my windows based marketing tools on my Mac. Sadly, these tool providers don’t make Mac versions, so I need to run on a VPS.

Link building is a major part of SEO and its ideal to see what links your competition are getting, using a tool like Majestic helps you identify those link building opportunities and help you build your own plan to do some outreach to get links.

Hotjar is a tool you can use to help you understand your website using heat maps to see where customers are clicking, getting stuck or whatever. This will allow you to implement any changes that will enable customers to navigate your website with ease.

This is another great tool that does real-time auditing, you can track changes made to the website and are able to monitor technical and development changes if you have multiple people working on a website. It helps when multiple people are working on one project which can normally be a problem if you don’t use ContentKing to keep on top of this.

Serped has 45+ tools all rolled into one, some of the main features I personally use it for are, uptime monitoring expired domain research and website backups but there are many other features the tool provides that you can use to help you if you are managing multiple websites.

This is a great tool for me, as with many of us we write fast and make mistakes, this plugin helps you correct your spelling and grammar and helps us write better content which is a big part of the website process, so it is key to helping me go about my daily business.

Again, another great tool I used daily as part of my outreach strategy, there are a number of similar tools on the market that all do pretty much the same thing, so it’s just personal preference but with some excellent automated follow-up options, this is my go-to tool for doing outreach.

A big thank you to Craig for this brilliant list of digital tools!

Please look out for regular ‘10 Digital Tools … Couldn’t Live Without’ blog posts from digital marketing industry experts as we’ll be publishing more of the series soon!

Did you know we offer a FREE CV critique? Get in touch by sending your current CV to

On our job board, you can apply for specific digital roles and you can subscribe to our new YouTube Channel for extra information about our latest Digital Jobs. We also post all of our jobs and news through our social media channels including TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, YouTube & Instagram!

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6 Headscratcher Interview Questions From Global Employers

Dreaming of working for Google? Desperate to get into Facebook HQ? Or want an insight into careers at your favourite brand? Take a look at these incredible, real interview questions from global employers…

We found loads of these headscratcher interview questions from real candidates on Glass Door after they attended interviews at global brands!

How many of our favourite 6 can you answer?

1. How would you describe AdWords to a seven-year-old?

Asked by Google’s hiring team during an interview for an Associate Account Strategist role. Don’t get thrown off, this is not specifically questioning your knowledge of AdWords but instead, is giving you a platform to demonstrate your communications skills.

An applicant with an ability to clearly explain complex ideas to non-technical clients is potentially extremely valuable to an employer!

by in smart clothes looking surprised

2. You’ve shrunk to the height of a 2p coin and thrown into a blender. Your mass is reduced so that your density is the same as usual. The blades start moving in 60 seconds. What do you do?

Another headscratcher from Google but fear not! We’ve done our research and found the answer….

All you need to do is jump!

The key detail is ‘your density is the same as usual’ meaning you will have the same muscle power as a full-sized human! This means you’d still be able to jump high enough to clear the blades, even when you’re the size of a 2p coin.


3. Use a programming language to describe a chicken

Got to confess, this one stumped us.

Aimed at developers and engineers hoping to join Facebook, the question aims to find out how deep an interviewee’s understanding of code and problem solving goes.

It’s thought that the Interviewers usually intend for the candidate to describe an individual chicken so that it might be distinguished from other members of its species. Would you have got this answer…?

describe a chicken using code

4. If you woke up and had 2,000 unread emails and could only answer 300 of them how would you choose which ones to answer?

This question was asked by hiring managers at Dropbox. They were looking for answers where interviewees suggested using filters to prioritise and sort their emails, distinguishing those sent by their manager/boss, before other priority emails and avoiding those that were spam.


5. How do you think the digital advertising world will change in the next 3 years?

This was asked during an interview for a Creative Director position at Google in 2016. A chance for you to show off your extensive knowledge of the digital industry and trends, but don’t shy away from getting creative. Who knows what new technology could bring us in the next 3 years!


6. Jeff Bezos walks into your office and says you can have a million dollars to launch your best entrepreneurial idea. What is it?

Asked by Amazon, this question aims to test your creativity and ambition!

That being said, a clever answer such as this one suggested by a reader on Glass Door could charm them into giving you the job: “I cannot tell you right now, I am in an interview, once I get hired we can talk about it”.

If you dream of working for your favourite, globally recognised business, you’re in luck!

Our client list spans across the globe, featuring employers which range from exceptional household name brands as well as exciting lesser-known companies. These include, but are not limited to Adidas, NHS Professionals, TUI, Hillarys Blinds, The Telegraph, Screaming Frog & more!

We always have new exciting job opportunities for digital experts like you! Get in touch with our Recruitment team via to discover what they can do for you and your career!

We offer a FREE CV critique, using the same email address and post all our jobs and news through our social media channels including TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, YouTube & Instagram!

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Job Interview Horror Stories For A Spooky Halloween

One thing that haunts many of us is the memory of job interviews that went horribly wrong…

Halloween is that one time of year where we love to celebrate all the things that go bump in the night! This year, we are celebrating horrifying job interview stories from people across the digital marketing industry.

We took to social media and asked you for the most nightmarish things to have ever happened to you during a job interview. You might be surprised to see some candidates endure behaviour from hiring managers which seems to have come straight out of Frankenstein’s laboratory! But it doesn’t matter which side of the desk you are sitting on, sometimes job interviews just go horribly wrong…

Halloween Pumpkins

Liam Cumber‏ in Folkestone

‘An interviewer once said I reminded him of Tony Blair. After I stopped grinning he told me he hates Tony Blair. The interview involved a 15 min presentation. He said it blew him away but didn’t think I could live up to it and he’d regret the decision.’

Mark  in Sussex

Met and discussed with a couple of key staff a couple of weeks before an interview + they explained how I could start the job in the next couple of weeks, showed me on schedules how they would fit me in. Direct quote – I was told: “The interview will be a formality.” Prepared a presentation for the interview. Did a pretty good presentation that I was complimented on as soon as it was over – then they told me there was no job. Or maybe there will be in about 8 months. Staggering, gobsmacked.

Kayleigh in Bristol

Jon in Sussex

…1 of the 4 panel members proceeded to close his eyes during all of my answers! It was so distracting, I couldn’t work out if he was doing it to listen closely or just because he was bored? I turned the job down

Agency Central

‘My GPS once sent me to a deserted building for a job interview… luckily, I quickly realised the new office was next door!’

George in England

I left the presentation I had prepared for an interview on the train! The interviewer asked what I was going to do. I said I’d try blagging it. He laughed and gave me the job.’

Ro in Sussex

When l was 16 (a few years ago now!) l got a second interview with jewellers. Being a family run business, they wanted to meet a few of my family members. My mum came with my then 12year old sister. All was going well until my sister started going a bit green & announced she was feeling sick. With that, she ran from the room, closely followed by mum.

I was left sitting with the interviewer, with the sound of my sister being sick on the stairs. All he said was “we’ve just had new stair carpet put down”. Needless to say, l didn’t get the job!


Greg from Receptional

The one that stands out for me was about a year ago. We invited in for a first interview a candidate, who looked very well qualified on paper. We did the meet and greet in the usual way, and he seemed to tick all the boxes – first impressions were good.

As the interview progressed, I bought up the fact that he had ‘WordPress development’ as a skill, which I thought could be useful if he was selling our development service. As such, I pressed him on this – I asked him to give some examples of sites he’d developed, and to elaborate on what he’d done. His response, “Oh I’m not too sure about that – the recruiter just told me to stick that on there.”’

It’s safe to say.. 1) the candidate was not represented by clockworkTalent and 2) he definitely wasn’t invited back for a second interview!

Craig from Glass Digital

One candidate told us that they wanted to get some training and experience, so they could set up their own agency. We’ve also interviewed content writers who say they want to be an author. When an interviewer asks about your five-year plan, they’re usually hoping that you want to progress within the role and company you’re interviewing for.’

If you have been spooked by our terrifying list of interview stories and are looking for some extra support preparing for a job search, check out our blog posts which are full of tips, tricks and interview secrets!

Get in touch with our expert Recruiters HERE or you can also find us haunting social media with our latest job opportunities including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram!

Have a spooky Halloween! 👻

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Digital Recruiters Join The Fight Against Prostate Cancer

The Father of our MD, Natasha, is a survivor of Prostate Cancer. Since his recovery, Guy Woodford has been an advocate of raising money for this Prostate Cancer charity, determined to help win the fight against the disease that affects 1 in 8 men…

In 2013, Guy received an MBE for his service to both the community and charity fundraising! From our most recent check, Guy has raised, incredibly, over £250,000!

Guy Woodford Receiving his MBE

Digital Recruiters Doing Their Bit…

As a business, we are continually looking for opportunities to help our local community and raise money for charity. That’s why, when we discovered a pile of old, unused laptops during an office cupboard clear out, our first thought was ‘donate, donate, donate!’

Because they were too old to give to a school or local charity, we decided to recycle the laptops using clockworkTalent received a respectable £123 for the computers, which will be added to the Woodford family JustGiving Page!

Prostate Cancer UK Logo

Next month our MD, Natasha will be joining nearly 100 of Guy’s friends at one of many Prostate Cancer fundraisers which Guy organises. This one is an annual lunch at the Oriental Club in London, an appropriate venue for this former corporate banker who had an extensive overseas career with Standard Chartered Bank.

With the statistic of 1 in 8 men being affected by this disease, it is not surprising how generous people have been with their donations and support. It’s said that incidence rates for prostate cancer are projected to rise by 12% in the UK between 2014 and 2035. Despite being a deadly disease, if caught early, prostate cancer is treatable.

It’s worth noting the first test to check if you’ve prostate cancer is NOT any of the horror stories of embarrassing and intrusive examinations but merely a simple blood test, known as a PSA test. If you are male, 40+ and there is a history of prostate cancer in the family it’s worth requesting this test from your GP.

Guy Woodford at brightonSEO

How Can You Help?

Every November, thousands of men unite in the fight against Prostate Cancer with ‘Movember’. All you have to do is get sponsored while growing a moustache throughout the month of November! Use this link to find out more about the Movember Foundation.  There have been radical advancements in the treatment of Prostate Cancer and donations fund a huge proportion of this research. This is why donations, of any size, are important.

Movember Foundation Logo

We are united in the fight against Prostate Cancer.  

If you’d like to join us in our fight against Prostate Cancer, please donate to Guy Woodford’s family JustGiving Page. Feel free to also connect with clockworkTalent on social media including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest & Google+.

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The 7 Deadly Sins of Digital Marketing

If you’re looking to drag your digital marketing strategy out of hell, it’s worth avoiding committing the 7 deadly sins…

Halloween is a terrifying night full of goblins and ghouls! This year, we thought we would help you revoke your digital marketing sins, so you can focus on the true meaning of this hallowed eve… the treats!

The Addams family


A thirst for success without a spooky strategy


We begin with our first deadly sin, Lust. In digital marketing, Lust is the passionate desire you have for success as a brand, individual or digital agency. Lust on its own is fine, but if you aren’t planning a spooky strategy to help achieve what you desire, it becomes a deadly digital sin!

Achieving the blissful Digital Marketing success isn’t instant and can take a lot of planning, experimenting and strategising. So, avoid being a sinner and work hard towards your goals!



Biting off more than you can chew on social media


Your business doesn’t need to haunt every social media platform. You should establish where exactly your customers sit as an audience and join them in their already active communities. If your target audience is over 60, Snapchat will probably resemble a ghost town for your marketing team.

As well as making sure your audience is active on specific platforms, it’s worth ensuring you can use your chosen sites to the best of their ability. For example, making a Youtube account without the budget to produce exceptional video would be a big waste of time.



You can’t sell to everybody… or skeleton!


Greedy marketing doesn’t work. Well researched customer profiles help to narrow down your campaigns and find the right people to advertise to. Audience segmentation or picking and choosing who to target will increase engagement, improving conversions and ultimately sales. All in all saving you from wasted efforts targeting an audience who will never convert.

Spooky Hands


Creepy content with lazy distribution


Lazy content creation is a huge no, no for any digital marketer! Your audience isn’t going to be interested in reading poorly written, unimaginative content.

If you have mastered content creation, the next step is to avoid being a content sharing zombie- lazy, slow and a bit confused. Be sure to build a story, delivering your content to the right people, using social media, online communities, strong SEO and email campaigns.

Keep your content alive and fresh by using keyword research, current topics and tools like

The Shining Jack Nicholson


Did Jack Torrance give up in frustration when his axe wilding strategy didn’t break down the door the first time?


Digital marketing strategies are unique to each business and require experimentation. It can also be said that some aspects of digital marketing will not produce instant wins, but instead can build relationships and trust with customers slowly before they make a commitment to purchase.

Don’t turn into a werewolf and fall into our fifth deadly sin ‘wrath’ by getting frustrated when your strategy doesn’t work the first time. Smash the door down by learning from what you have done, use your data and talk to people in the industry and then try again!

Halloween Pumpkins


Don’t be jealous of your competitors, get creative!


Data analysis will already be part of your Digital strategy and most businesses will track their competitor’s Social and SEO insights through tools like Facebook Insights and SEMrush.

Don’t let your jealous streak win, use it to get ahead of your competitors.

If your biggest rival generates more Facebook engagement than your own. Observe what they do, use your own data insights to adapt your strategy, making changes and improvements to your own social media strategy.

American Horror Story Dandy Mott


Don’t be a Monster believing you’re ‘too big for digital marketing’


Having too much pride in your current strategy can destroy conversions. You’ll always need to adapt and keep up with the trend. For example, if you are a bricks and mortar business who believes ‘we’re successful and don’t need Digital Marketing’ you are wrong!

Avoid ignoring developing digital aspects such as voice search, mobile optimisation and new social media trends because your brand will simply be left behind.

By hanging clear of the 7 deadly sins made by marketers, you’ll murder it, ending up with a killer strategy and heads above your competition!

Happy Halloween!

If you are looking for help to execute a search marketing strategy, our sister agency SiteVisibility can slaughter it- Check out their client work

But if you are looking to recruit new spirits into your supernatural team, please don’t hesitate to call upon Natasha, our digital marketing recruitment medium via 02037514108. You can also find us regularly haunting social media with our latest job opportunities including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram!

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Would I Swipe Right On Your CV?

Online dating is all about appearance and it’s the same in recruitment. Would your CV get the hiring manager to swipe right or is it a big “X”?

I just cannot believe it! The first email I opened this morning is an application with typos in the CV and two errors in their brief introduction email. Really? And you expect me to believe one of your core skills is “Finely honed attention to detail”?

It’s such a shame as these are glaringly obvious mistakes (after all, wouldn’t spell check have highlighted the typos?) and shouldn’t your own “finely honed” skills picked up that you put the wrong company name in your cover letter email?

I can’t help but feel disappointed and if we were putting them in piles, sadly, it’s most likely to go in the “Nah” pile, rather than the “oh, my god I’ve got to call them now” pile.

It’s this one snapshot reaction which is so hard to claw back from.

It’s crazy. If you want a date, you make some effort. You complete a great profile and find a superb photo. Not too professional but not too saucy. It’s the same with a CV. Take some time, have some pride and make some effort.

You might be good at your job but you have to show us proof of this in your CV. Before you get to dazzle in an interview, the only things we’ve got to judge you on are your CV and intro email or cover letter.

This is why it’s so important.

emailing your CV

Poor presentation, typos, grammatical errors, poor choice of format – there are so many elements for you to consider. A lot of these decisions will almost be decided for you by your profession.

So, for our digital marketing professionals, you’re lucky. Our industry is pretty forgiving on format or style. Just as long as it reads well, hasn’t got typos and introduces you accurately to any potential decision maker- you’re in!

BUT if it’s full of typos, has mistakes and generally looks a mess, I’m afraid the likelihood is you’ll receive the “thank you but unfortunately…” response.

There are so many guides out there to help you. But, everyone else can only do so much. As a job seeker, it’s got to be you who drives this. We’ve used our recruitment experience and shared job seeking tips on:

The rest has to be up to you and it starts with your applications. You need a good-looking, professional CV which really represents you at your best. You need to find out where you’re sending it to. Either direct to employers OR to specialist recruiters (like clockworkTalent) who have access to the decision makers of those employers.

It’s such a shame that I may not find out how good you actually are because I judged your CV harshly. But this is life. You have competition and I can only make my decisions based on what you present me with.

Without getting my call, you’re not getting an opportunity to make your case, show me your skills, eloquently present your case studies and demonstrate your potential in that first call or meeting. You may be absolutely amazing in person but if your application isn’t any good, we’ll never get to see this side of you.

All I will know is: this CV is from someone who couldn’t be bothered to take the time to proofread, make revisions or adapt their application for different roles. Ultimately that you were prepared to send your CV out in that state. Where was the care, the pride and the ownership? I can’t, in good conscience, overlook this and believe you’ll be great in the job I’m hiring.

Work Harder neon light

But fear not! Help is out there for you.

Experts like ourselves, offer to share our knowledge to help you make the most of your professional experience and show it off for your job application. There is no excuse for a shoddy CV nowadays other than laziness, haste or a lack of care and attention.

One recent successful job seeker clearly felt that that securing his new job was directly down to our support and time we took to critique his CV. What makes it even more interesting is that clockworkTalent didn’t actually make the introduction for the job! Have a read why he thought his new CV made all the difference in giving him the end result of a job he really loves.

I’m not saying everyone has a bad CV or that everyone needs our help. I only write this because I see too many poorly written applications to think it’s a one-off. Job seekers need to understand if are looking for a new job, take the time to show us how amazing you are, right from the very beginning.

It starts with that first interaction. Your application, phone call or email! And you only get one chance to make a great first impression!

If you’re in digital marketing seeking a new employment relationship, irrespective of whether you’re in client services, sales, SEO, paid media, social, content, analytics or anything in between – get in touch with Natasha via or 0203 751 4108. You can also find us on social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & Google+

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Paying It Forward In Recruitment

Despite being in the recruitment game for many years, I know I’ve made some decisions based on not everyone’s standard KPI’s.

I passionately believe in the ethos of treating others how you’d like to be treated yourself. I always endeavour to be professional and I believe in the ‘paying it forward’ mantra, some call it ‘karma’.

For instance, the question of whether to wind up a call with a job seeker because I know I’ll never place them perhaps because of their location. Or instead, do I spend an extra 10 mins discussing why their CV isn’t working and how to present it better.

For me, I know I regularly choose to do the later. I can recall many occasions where I’ve made choices which lead to an activity unlikely to result in money.

Because it was the right thing to do.

It may take a little extra time and effort out of my day but I really do believe that you should help someone if you can. As a business owner, it may be a little easier for me to make this choice but it certainly won’t make me rich overnight.

Moving Forward

My ethos is: if you choose to do something nice for someone else, it will come back around again to you. Paying it forward is another phrase which frequently springs to mind. This activity underpins our recruitment activity and generally goes unacknowledged.

It is however what has quietly added to our reputation for sharing quality knowledge and hand holding our industry friends through the job seeking process. It also builds on our ‘turn to’ reputation as the recruitment partner of choice for the Digital Marketing / eCommerce industry.

Hopefully, you’ll see why this review is so special to me.

It comes from David Lane, a guy who we didn’t hire. He had, in fact, landed his own new job…. Do read David’s review below as to how we were involved in his job seeking success and why he came back to thank us for our help!

I made contact with clockworkTalent after feeling under-utilised in my current role, feeling that I could offer and do a lot more than I was currently being tasked with.

I sent my CV in for consideration, a short while later Natasha gave me a call. We discussed each aspect of my CV and how I was under-selling myself. Based on this hour-long chat, I revised my CV, made a few additions to the content and sent in an updated version.

A few days later (after Natasha and her team had worked their magic) I received a brand spanking new CV. Gone were the monotonous list of unnecessary skills, replaced with interesting and relevant achievements from my past experiences.

I am just about to start my new position as the Senior Performance Marketing Manager at a £2,000,000,000+ turnover International business. Whilst this opportunity was not arranged by clockworkTalent I have little doubt that my CV was a major help in me being considered for the initial interview.

This was done completely free of charge, they really do want to help you find your next perfect role, even if they are not responsible for the recruitment.

David Lane, Snr Performance Marketing Mgr, © £2,000m turnover business

If, like David, you’re in eCommerce / Digital and want help with your CV, make sure you read How To Write A Great CV. Also, make sure you send your CV to  and book a time for a FREE CV critique. We’ll discreetly consult with you on how best to position for a great career move. If you need a little more help on the way, we’ll hold your hand on the journey!

You can always reach out to the team in another way… a digital way! Follow our Social Media and feel free to send us a message on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn or Google+!

If you enjoy our content, please feel free to like and share it!

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Job Seeker Abducted By Aliens Or Too Busy To Call?

Going AWOL (absent without leave) or between you and me… that is, missing, disappeared, gone astray, done a bunk, not returning calls, emails or text or Just. Plain. Vanished. This is one of the worst situations for a recruiter.

It doesn’t happen often but when a candidate goes AWOL it’s like a kick in the teeth.

The reason I take this so personally is that clockworkTalent pride ourselves on being different from most recruiters. We pay particular attention to keeping close with both our job seekers and employers. Taking that extra bit of time and effort to get to know our candidates, keeping all parties informed and upto date (of course there are occasions when this goes wrong but the backbone of our ethos is to treat others like you’d like to be treated yourself!).

BUT, what kind of impression does an employer get of clockworkTalent’s services if we can’t even keep our candidates under control?

What are we saying they’re going to be like when they’re actually employed?!

It’s worth noting, clockworkTalent offers a 100% guarantee* on our placements. So, in the rare times when a candidate goes AWOL at this stage, it’s my gut feel to pull them from a campaign as I’d rather risk losing them now before any major investment has been made, interviewing, selecting and onboarding them into a new role.

If they can’t ‘behave’ right at the interview stage (unless there is a very real explanation) better to lose them early.

Empty train

However, back to my point….

Going AWOL…. when someone who you’re working with goes missing while you’re helping them find a job.

You’ve taken the time to sit down with them, understand their experience, ambitions and interests. Shortlisted the ‘right’ job opportunities for them and made the employer introduction and discussed that opportunity in detail. Looked at mutually convenient diary dates to organized meetings and took the time to give them clear instructions for their due diligence and preparation for the interview.

Then suddenly that job seeker (or candidate, if you will) disappears.

It is very hard not to take it personally. You ask yourself, did I do something wrong? Did I act unprofessionally or did I do something to make them lose confidence in me? Did I, god forbid, send the wrong information to the wrong person? OR did I read that individual all wrong and actually, they’re not the amazingly talented, digital marketing professional I thought they were.

Is this why they just feel it’s not important to get back to me? Or, god forbid has something bad happened?

The first day passes.

There is no call back from the individual in response to your email saying you’re ready to confirm the job interview details with them. So you give them another ring and drop them a text asking to call you back.

You never called me back

Day 2 arrives…

Still no response to your messages. So you deliberately call them early during what should be their commute to work. After all, you’d asked their working hours so you knew when they should be available to talk. It rings out and goes to voicemail. You leave a message. Nothing.

Day 3…

now you’re fielding questions from the employer who wants to know, why hasn’t this all been booked in? it’s been 3 days since providing a couple of options of when is good to interview? Is the job seeker not as interested as you made out when introducing them? (in the pit of your stomach, you just don’t know. Where have they gone? Why aren’t they returning your calls, emails, text?)

Not wanting to be that grim ‘stalking’ recruiter who rings candidates incessantly at work. Or worst of the worst, calls them on the office landline (!). Don’t do it, no matter how desperate you are to reach out to a job seeker – they’ll never thank you for calling them in the office!

So, you opt for reaching out directly through social media, which allows you to message them directly without notifying anyone else…

Suddenly, a response.

The candidate pops up saying they were fine, that they hadn’t meant to worry anyone but hadn’t realised responding was important.


Despite the 3 days of messages which were deliberately left to prompt a response. Clearly indicating the potential interview which was to be scheduled from 2 days ago?

Desert landscape

Bizarre is one thing that springs to mind. Is it a different generation thing? Perhaps a lack of awareness? No matter how you feel about recruiters, you are engaging someone services, their time and effort to source job opportunities for yourself.

It’s not my ego which is bruised, it’s your reputation you’re tarnishing in what is essentially a relatively small industry. Do this too many times and you’ll begin to burn bridges.

There are of course exceptions to the rule and sometimes there is a good reason to vanish for a few days. Perhaps illness, unexpected surgery, kidnapping, alien abduction or similar. Otherwise, I have to say you are just plain rude, disorganised or unprofessional.

Again, I am not talking about a cold calling, one-off discussion. I am specifically speaking about when a series of job opportunities have been lined up and you’re in the final stages of discussing interview details.

An excuse that they’ve been busy and hadn’t thought it important to return the voicemail, text, or call doesn’t wash I’m afraid. Really? Too busy to drop a one-liner saying ‘I’m busy but will get back to you soon’?

Amazing after I’ve spent time with you, used my resources to introduce you to job opportunities which are in your locality, offer career progression, great environment, significant financial rewards and more.

We had already discussed this on the phone and with your agreement I went to my clients telling them how great you are.

Contact us pink phone

So easy to burst that bubble, better to pull out now based on the intuition that all is not well, that I’m not convinced of your integrity or professional courtesy.

Seen in the many testimonials which clockworkTalent publish with pride, our team have been helping source exceptional talent for many years now.

The upshot is this elusive behaviour is not common.

We really enjoy helping employers source great talent for the many types of jobs throughout digital and the flip side is we get to work with hundreds (if not 1,000’s) of amazing people to find exceptional jobs and career moves!

If I can offer a few words of advice when job hunting it would be…

“don’t blow your chances by behaving unprofessionally as you’ll quickly lose your reputation – it’s such a small industry, everyone does know everyone”.

I’ve allowed my fingers to have this rant in the hope it helps job seekers who perhaps are at the start of their careers and yet to start sending applications.

Remember that old saying… treat those around you as you’d like to be treated yourself. Have the courtesy to return a call.

The recruitment profession is like estate agency in many ways. Everyone loves to hate them but remember, they’re all human and yes, I agree there are lots of bad ones. But if you’ve found yourself a great recruiter who takes the time to get to know you, it’s a really good thing to pick up the phone speak, develop that relationship.

* Subject to terms and conditions.

If you are currently job seeking or looking to hire talented digital marketing professionals into your business, please do get in touch with me, Natasha on 0203 7514108 or email

You can also find us on social media TwitterFacebookGoogle+PinterestInstagram & LinkedIn.

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