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Would I Swipe Right On Your CV?

Online dating is all about appearance and it’s the same in recruitment. Would your CV get the hiring manager to swipe right or is it a big “X”?

I just cannot believe it! The first email I opened this morning is an application with typos in the CV and two errors in their brief introduction email. Really? And you expect me to believe one of your core skills is “Finely honed attention to detail”?

It’s such a shame as these are glaringly obvious mistakes (after all, wouldn’t spell check have highlighted the typos?) and shouldn’t your own “finely honed” skills picked up that you put the wrong company name in your cover letter email?

I can’t help but feel disappointed and if we were putting them in piles, sadly, it’s most likely to go in the “Nah” pile, rather than the “oh, my god I’ve got to call them now” pile.

It’s this one snapshot reaction which is so hard to claw back from.

It’s crazy. If you want a date, you make some effort. You complete a great profile and find a superb photo. Not too professional but not too saucy. It’s the same with a CV. Take some time, have some pride and make some effort.

You might be good at your job but you have to show us proof of this in your CV. Before you get to dazzle in an interview, the only things we’ve got to judge you on are your CV and intro email or cover letter.

This is why it’s so important.

emailing your CV

Poor presentation, typos, grammatical errors, poor choice of format – there are so many elements for you to consider. A lot of these decisions will almost be decided for you by your profession.

So, for our digital marketing professionals, you’re lucky. Our industry is pretty forgiving on format or style. Just as long as it reads well, hasn’t got typos and introduces you accurately to any potential decision maker- you’re in!

BUT if it’s full of typos, has mistakes and generally looks a mess, I’m afraid the likelihood is you’ll receive the “thank you but unfortunately…” response.

There are so many guides out there to help you. But, everyone else can only do so much. As a job seeker, it’s got to be you who drives this. We’ve used our recruitment experience and shared job seeking tips on:

The rest has to be up to you and it starts with your applications. You need a good-looking, professional CV which really represents you at your best. You need to find out where you’re sending it to. Either direct to employers OR to specialist recruiters (like clockworkTalent) who have access to the decision makers of those employers.

It’s such a shame that I may not find out how good you actually are because I judged your CV harshly. But this is life. You have competition and I can only make my decisions based on what you present me with.

Without getting my call, you’re not getting an opportunity to make your case, show me your skills, eloquently present your case studies and demonstrate your potential in that first call or meeting. You may be absolutely amazing in person but if your application isn’t any good, we’ll never get to see this side of you.

All I will know is: this CV is from someone who couldn’t be bothered to take the time to proofread, make revisions or adapt their application for different roles. Ultimately that you were prepared to send your CV out in that state. Where was the care, the pride and the ownership? I can’t, in good conscience, overlook this and believe you’ll be great in the job I’m hiring.

Work Harder neon light

But fear not! Help is out there for you.

Experts like ourselves, offer to share our knowledge to help you make the most of your professional experience and show it off for your job application. There is no excuse for a shoddy CV nowadays other than laziness, haste or a lack of care and attention.

One recent successful job seeker clearly felt that that securing his new job was directly down to our support and time we took to critique his CV. What makes it even more interesting is that clockworkTalent didn’t actually make the introduction for the job! Have a read why he thought his new CV made all the difference in giving him the end result of a job he really loves.

I’m not saying everyone has a bad CV or that everyone needs our help. I only write this because I see too many poorly written applications to think it’s a one-off. Job seekers need to understand if are looking for a new job, take the time to show us how amazing you are, right from the very beginning.

It starts with that first interaction. Your application, phone call or email! And you only get one chance to make a great first impression!

If you’re in digital marketing seeking a new employment relationship, irrespective of whether you’re in client services, sales, SEO, paid media, social, content, analytics or anything in between – get in touch with Natasha via or 0203 751 4108. You can also find us on social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & Google+

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Paying It Forward In Recruitment

Despite being in the recruitment game for many years, I know I’ve made some decisions based on not everyone’s standard KPI’s.

I passionately believe in the ethos of treating others how you’d like to be treated yourself. I always endeavour to be professional and I believe in the ‘paying it forward’ mantra, some call it ‘karma’.

For instance, the question of whether to wind up a call with a job seeker because I know I’ll never place them perhaps because of their location. Or instead, do I spend an extra 10 mins discussing why their CV isn’t working and how to present it better.

For me, I know I regularly choose to do the later. I can recall many occasions where I’ve made choices which lead to an activity unlikely to result in money.

Because it was the right thing to do.

It may take a little extra time and effort out of my day but I really do believe that you should help someone if you can. As a business owner, it may be a little easier for me to make this choice but it certainly won’t make me rich overnight.

Moving Forward

My ethos is: if you choose to do something nice for someone else, it will come back around again to you. Paying it forward is another phrase which frequently springs to mind. This activity underpins our recruitment activity and generally goes unacknowledged.

It is however what has quietly added to our reputation for sharing quality knowledge and hand holding our industry friends through the job seeking process. It also builds on our ‘turn to’ reputation as the recruitment partner of choice for the Digital Marketing / eCommerce industry.

Hopefully, you’ll see why this review is so special to me.

It comes from David Lane, a guy who we didn’t hire. He had, in fact, landed his own new job…. Do read David’s review below as to how we were involved in his job seeking success and why he came back to thank us for our help!

I made contact with clockworkTalent after feeling under-utilised in my current role, feeling that I could offer and do a lot more than I was currently being tasked with.

I sent my CV in for consideration, a short while later Natasha gave me a call. We discussed each aspect of my CV and how I was under-selling myself. Based on this hour-long chat, I revised my CV, made a few additions to the content and sent in an updated version.

A few days later (after Natasha and her team had worked their magic) I received a brand spanking new CV. Gone were the monotonous list of unnecessary skills, replaced with interesting and relevant achievements from my past experiences.

I am just about to start my new position as the Senior Performance Marketing Manager at a £2,000,000,000+ turnover International business. Whilst this opportunity was not arranged by clockworkTalent I have little doubt that my CV was a major help in me being considered for the initial interview.

This was done completely free of charge, they really do want to help you find your next perfect role, even if they are not responsible for the recruitment.

David Lane, Snr Performance Marketing Mgr, © £2,000m turnover business

If, like David, you’re in eCommerce / Digital and want help with your CV, make sure you read How To Write A Great CV. Also, make sure you send your CV to  and book a time for a FREE CV critique. We’ll discreetly consult with you on how best to position for a great career move. If you need a little more help on the way, we’ll hold your hand on the journey!

You can always reach out to the team in another way… a digital way! Follow our Social Media and feel free to send us a message on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn or Google+!

If you enjoy our content, please feel free to like and share it!

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Job Seeker Abducted By Aliens Or Too Busy To Call?

Going AWOL (absent without leave) or between you and me… that is, missing, disappeared, gone astray, done a bunk, not returning calls, emails or text or Just. Plain. Vanished. This is one of the worst situations for a recruiter.

It doesn’t happen often but when a candidate goes AWOL it’s like a kick in the teeth.

The reason I take this so personally is that clockworkTalent pride ourselves on being different from most recruiters. We pay particular attention to keeping close with both our job seekers and employers. Taking that extra bit of time and effort to get to know our candidates, keeping all parties informed and upto date (of course there are occasions when this goes wrong but the backbone of our ethos is to treat others like you’d like to be treated yourself!).

BUT, what kind of impression does an employer get of clockworkTalent’s services if we can’t even keep our candidates under control?

What are we saying they’re going to be like when they’re actually employed?!

It’s worth noting, clockworkTalent offers a 100% guarantee* on our placements. So, in the rare times when a candidate goes AWOL at this stage, it’s my gut feel to pull them from a campaign as I’d rather risk losing them now before any major investment has been made, interviewing, selecting and onboarding them into a new role.

If they can’t ‘behave’ right at the interview stage (unless there is a very real explanation) better to lose them early.

Empty train

However, back to my point….

Going AWOL…. when someone who you’re working with goes missing while you’re helping them find a job.

You’ve taken the time to sit down with them, understand their experience, ambitions and interests. Shortlisted the ‘right’ job opportunities for them and made the employer introduction and discussed that opportunity in detail. Looked at mutually convenient diary dates to organized meetings and took the time to give them clear instructions for their due diligence and preparation for the interview.

Then suddenly that job seeker (or candidate, if you will) disappears.

It is very hard not to take it personally. You ask yourself, did I do something wrong? Did I act unprofessionally or did I do something to make them lose confidence in me? Did I, god forbid, send the wrong information to the wrong person? OR did I read that individual all wrong and actually, they’re not the amazingly talented, digital marketing professional I thought they were.

Is this why they just feel it’s not important to get back to me? Or, god forbid has something bad happened?

The first day passes.

There is no call back from the individual in response to your email saying you’re ready to confirm the job interview details with them. So you give them another ring and drop them a text asking to call you back.

You never called me back

Day 2 arrives…

Still no response to your messages. So you deliberately call them early during what should be their commute to work. After all, you’d asked their working hours so you knew when they should be available to talk. It rings out and goes to voicemail. You leave a message. Nothing.

Day 3…

now you’re fielding questions from the employer who wants to know, why hasn’t this all been booked in? it’s been 3 days since providing a couple of options of when is good to interview? Is the job seeker not as interested as you made out when introducing them? (in the pit of your stomach, you just don’t know. Where have they gone? Why aren’t they returning your calls, emails, text?)

Not wanting to be that grim ‘stalking’ recruiter who rings candidates incessantly at work. Or worst of the worst, calls them on the office landline (!). Don’t do it, no matter how desperate you are to reach out to a job seeker – they’ll never thank you for calling them in the office!

So, you opt for reaching out directly through social media, which allows you to message them directly without notifying anyone else…

Suddenly, a response.

The candidate pops up saying they were fine, that they hadn’t meant to worry anyone but hadn’t realised responding was important.


Despite the 3 days of messages which were deliberately left to prompt a response. Clearly indicating the potential interview which was to be scheduled from 2 days ago?

Desert landscape

Bizarre is one thing that springs to mind. Is it a different generation thing? Perhaps a lack of awareness? No matter how you feel about recruiters, you are engaging someone services, their time and effort to source job opportunities for yourself.

It’s not my ego which is bruised, it’s your reputation you’re tarnishing in what is essentially a relatively small industry. Do this too many times and you’ll begin to burn bridges.

There are of course exceptions to the rule and sometimes there is a good reason to vanish for a few days. Perhaps illness, unexpected surgery, kidnapping, alien abduction or similar. Otherwise, I have to say you are just plain rude, disorganised or unprofessional.

Again, I am not talking about a cold calling, one-off discussion. I am specifically speaking about when a series of job opportunities have been lined up and you’re in the final stages of discussing interview details.

An excuse that they’ve been busy and hadn’t thought it important to return the voicemail, text, or call doesn’t wash I’m afraid. Really? Too busy to drop a one-liner saying ‘I’m busy but will get back to you soon’?

Amazing after I’ve spent time with you, used my resources to introduce you to job opportunities which are in your locality, offer career progression, great environment, significant financial rewards and more.

We had already discussed this on the phone and with your agreement I went to my clients telling them how great you are.

Contact us pink phone

So easy to burst that bubble, better to pull out now based on the intuition that all is not well, that I’m not convinced of your integrity or professional courtesy.

Seen in the many testimonials which clockworkTalent publish with pride, our team have been helping source exceptional talent for many years now.

The upshot is this elusive behaviour is not common.

We really enjoy helping employers source great talent for the many types of jobs throughout digital and the flip side is we get to work with hundreds (if not 1,000’s) of amazing people to find exceptional jobs and career moves!

If I can offer a few words of advice when job hunting it would be…

“don’t blow your chances by behaving unprofessionally as you’ll quickly lose your reputation – it’s such a small industry, everyone does know everyone”.

I’ve allowed my fingers to have this rant in the hope it helps job seekers who perhaps are at the start of their careers and yet to start sending applications.

Remember that old saying… treat those around you as you’d like to be treated yourself. Have the courtesy to return a call.

The recruitment profession is like estate agency in many ways. Everyone loves to hate them but remember, they’re all human and yes, I agree there are lots of bad ones. But if you’ve found yourself a great recruiter who takes the time to get to know you, it’s a really good thing to pick up the phone speak, develop that relationship.

* Subject to terms and conditions.

If you are currently job seeking or looking to hire talented digital marketing professionals into your business, please do get in touch with me, Natasha on 0203 7514108 or email

You can also find us on social media TwitterFacebookGoogle+PinterestInstagram & LinkedIn.

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6 Easy Tips For Improving Your Company’s Social Media Pages

There isn’t any proof that social media has a direct effect on a site’s SEO, but it doesn’t hurt to ensure your business’ social pages are fully optimised, ready for Google & potential customers to find!

Follow the Links below to find our top 6 tricks for improving your business pages on Social Media:

Pile Of Light Bulbs

  • Keep Business Details Up To Date

More and more people are searching for local business information on social media, especially Facebook. Ensure your company info is up to date including:

  • Opening times
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Postal address

Having this information correct and consistent across networks will avoid confusion amongst potential customers. Don’t forget to claim your business (if you haven’t already) on Google My Business, Maps & Bing.

When it comes to LinkedIn, you might manage both a personal and brand profile. Make sure each identity is kept separate. Your brand profile should be squeaky clean in terms of business info including who the current staff members are.

If you use a personal LinkedIn page, it should be up to date with your most recent career info, projects and contact details.

Google My Business

  • Track Your Competitors

Facebook business pages come with an ‘insights’ tab. This is where you will find your Facebook analytics. But the most exciting feature…

Within FB insights, there is a ‘pages to watch’ tool where you can add your competitor pages and track their FB activity alongside your own!

You can track your competitors Twitter activity by creating lists and watching what they publish or track their branded hashtags using tools such as Keyhole, Hashtagify & RiteTag.

  • Ask For Customer Reviews

A brilliant way to optimise your social media accounts is to encourage your existing customers to leave you a review. Adding authority to your page, Facebook & Google+ reviews can sometimes even be found in SERPs which adds to your PR fuel.

Talk To Your Customers

  • Engage With Real People

Engaging in real time with your community is a great way to build relationships and develop trust with potential customers.

Twitter is home to hundreds of Twitter Chats which are effectively open conversations that anyone can join.

We are a huge fan of #SEMrushchat which takes place at 4pm on Wednesdays. All you have to do is follow the hashtag and give some input to the discussion, you never know what it might lead to!

Google+ communities are another place to get yourself noticed! By starting your own community or joining another, you will find people from every industry. Many Google+ communities have active discussion boards and, contrary to popular belief, vast amounts of engaged users ready to become your customer!  Somewhat underestimated by many, we’ve been surprised just how valuable this platform can be.

On LinkedIn, the best way to engage with your audience is to post what you know.

Write posts about your specialist subject, poise questions about what interests you the most and what problems you have recently resolved in your professional work.

These types of posts will encourage a reaction from the LinkedIn community and increase your influence on the site.

  • Upload Videos & Other Media

We’ve been telling you all year that 2017 is the year of social media video, if you aren’t using it yet you are missing out! Facebook users alone watch more than 8 billion videos per day!

If you don’t have the budget for video, GIFs are a nice alternative! They’re mobile friendly, more engaging than images and help you to participate in internet culture.

  • Use Consistent Profile Photos Across ALL Social Media

You’ve heard this one before, but it’s so important!

Whether you are a business or an individual, having consistent social media photos will help people recognise you across all platforms, allowing you to build trust with your audience.

Hootsuite's social media images

Final Thoughts…

Finally, to ensure you have strong social media profiles, you must learn to understand your audience, their needs and their agendas. Answer their questions and give them what they want to better understand you and your business product or service.

If you are looking for a Social Media Expert to join your business, or need an outlet for your SM skills to shine, get in touch with our specialist Digital Marketing Recruiters by sending your CV to or calling 0203 7514108. You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram & Pinterest

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Swedish Based Marketer Lands Brighton Role Within 1 Month!

It all began with a talented marketer in Sweden & a flattering recommendation…

Being overseas, this Job Seeker had asked a few locally based friends who might be best to help her in her digital marketing job search for her move back to Brighton. We’re delighted to report clockworkTalent came top of their list!

With a solid track record of providing a professional recruitment service and an in-depth knowledge of the Digital Marketing industry, clockworkTalent appears to be on the tip of the tongue for many when recommending a good specialist recruitment agency.

The suggestion was based on clockworkTalent’s reputation for a strong network of contacts and track record of hiring marketing jobs in the Brighton area. Whilst this is great, don’t forget clockworkTalent also has a track record of hiring across the UK and internationally – as far afield as Sydney, Australia! But I’ll take being strong in Brighton, our home turf, any day!


Photo by Matthew Henry

It’s this kind recommendation for being deep-rooted in marketing recruitment which attracted Swedish born, Alexandra to contacting clockworkTalent. She was looking for job opportunities which would enable her to return to Brighton with her Sussex born boyfriend at the end of the summer AND further her marketing career.

It’s worth noting, whilst Alexandra had previously worked in Brighton, this move would actually be her first marketing job in the UK although she’d had some marketing experience in Sweden.

We handheld Alexandra from her speculative email enquiring if we might have any interesting marketing jobs for a marketing coordinator with experience of the travel/education sector. We had pre-screened her and got her a telephone interview with a hiring brand within one week of our initial connection!

The next hiring steps moved along swiftly. Using a long weekend for the couple in Brighton, Alexandra was able to meet with the hiring team and deliver a well-prepared response to an interview task. It was very evident Alexandra had prepared herself with her research into the company, the industry, the job opportunity and the interviewing panel.

People in a meeting working together

The feedback after their meeting was a credit to Alexandra! She had allowed her personality to come through and left all parties feeling confident she’d make a great addition to this highly collaborative company culture!

They also agreed she would bring with her bundles of potential to grow in a marketing executive role, critical as this was just one of several hires in an expanding Marketing team. It was this great feedback which meant the company was prepared to wait whilst Alexandra and her partner relocated and settled themselves back into the UK before starting work!

Alexandra has been kind enough to testify to the great support clockworkTalent has been able to provide her in finding her new job…

Natasha at clockworkTalent was extremely helpful in finding me a new amazing job in Sussex within digital marketing. She was 100 % engaged from the start and was truly dedicated from the beginning. She listened carefully and gave me a lot feedback and advice the whole way through. Four weeks later from our first call I ended up with a job offer from this super exciting company!

In a couple of weeks, I will move over to Brighton from Gothenburg, Sweden and thanks to Natasha’s help I am convinced that I will have the best possible start going further in my career in a new country. If you are looking for your next career move and If you want to speak to someone who is highly dedicated, professional, quick and supportive – I recommend you to get in contact with Natasha!

Alexandra Sundell, Marketing Executive Mind Tools

If, like Alexandra, you know what you’d like to do next in your marketing career but not sure how to find it, reach out to clockworkTalent or speak with Natasha directly. You’ll find an experienced team who love what they do and are keen to assist you using their vast network of contacts and deep expertise in both recruitment and the online industry. Their goal is to find you that perfect career move!

You can get in touch with our specialist recruiters today on 02037514108 ☎️ or email 📧

Our live Digital Marketing job opportunities can be found on our website & across all of our social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram & LinkedIn.

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Sussex Masters Graduate Acquires CRO Career Move

When it comes to successfully placing a Digital Marketing Professional, timing can mean everything…

Already someone I was aware of in the Sussex digital marketing community, I reached out to Matt Dawson to see what he was doing. I wanted to see whether a new job opportunity could be of interest. Imagine my delight when I discovered, at the time, he was not working but in the final throes of his Masters degree with just final exams and thesis to go! Timing might not have been any better from my perspective. He indicated once his thesis was complete, he would be ready to start considering what career move might be right for him once the thesis was complete.

Back when I had known Matt, it had been early days in his career with Matt just establishing himself in SEO and beginning to dip his toes into CRO. He was loving the digital journey he could take a brand on. Either in terms of enhancing a website or app, improving the user experience, increasing organic traffic and improving conversion rates and so much more.

CRO continues to be what excites Matt, and it just so happened to be what my client was looking for when expanding their marketing team. The fact Matt was also undertaking a Master’s degree was an additional feather in the cap. This employer demonstrates a genuine delight in those furthering one’s own personal development as they offer management training and development solutions!

We had the luxury of time on our side with Matt. In reality he did need to focus on completing his exams. To knuckle down and deliver an excellent dissertation to complete his Masters before starting any new job. We were also fortunate that Mind Tools were able to accommodate the delayed start, once we successfully proving Matt really was the right guy for the job.


Like other successful job seekers, Matt really applied himself to the interview process.  The first meeting went well. Matt walked the interview panel through all he knew and shared his passion for creating and implementing CRO tactics. The 2nd meeting was a little tougher, instead of ‘HR & Marketing’ this time it was a “Technical” panel from the Development team who Matt had to impress.

Needless to say, as with most of our stories, this has a happy ending. Matt did himself proud. He’s joined the Mind Tools’ marketing team as SEO & CRO Executive, with a focus on taking this British online management training company on a journey of improving online conversions.

Matt has been kind enough to share his experience of clockworkTalent’s recruitment service below;

From the offset I knew that Natasha was not your average recruiter, the way Natasha approached my requirements and workplace desires was attentive and scrupulous. Throughout the journey, from initial contact to securing employment, Natasha was there for me at every moment, she was more of a mentor to me rather than recruiter. Natasha’s expertise is highly desirable when searching for that dream role.

Natasha and everyone at clockworkTalent are greatly recommended. Thank you for everything!

Matthew Dawson, SEO & CRO Executive, Mind Tools


If, like Matt, you’re an ambitious digital marketing professional, always looking to hone your skills. Make sure you get yourself onto the radar of the digital recruitment experts, clockworkTalent by sending them your CV to

Hiring for both brands and agencies, the clockworkTalent Job Board is regularly updated with new jobs coming to our attention daily. If you’re not on our radar, how are you going to get considered for exceptional Digital Jobs? If you’d like a discrete conversation about your career ambitions, make yourself known to . It’s best if you provide an up to date copy of your CV (in word format) as she can then critique your CV whilst having that discussion with you.

Our live Digital Marketing job opportunities can be found on our website & across all of our social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram & LinkedIn.

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Experienced Fashion Social Media Manager Lands Global Job With Adidas

Getting a recruitment enquiry from one of the world’s most well-known brands is always a good moment…

To know this enquiry comes from a repeat client whom you’ve helped before and that the brand has its own exceptional resourcing team. It is only a tribute to the specialist digital marketing knowledge and recruitment experience the team at clockworkTalent is able to provide.

We were delighted to be able to help adidas on a new project.

Earlier this year, adidas was expanding the global PR and Social Media expertise in the company headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany.

clockworkTalent has again been fortunate in bringing the adidas Originals team exceptional talent in the form of Jamel Derdour. A talented Social Media professional who brings with him a wealth of London Fashion industry experience working for Topshop, Jack Wills and more recently what was Conde Nast’s luxury eCommerce platform,



I hear you asking: But how’s this going to work? Jamel is in London and the role will be based at adidas HQ in Germany.

It’s only with the close communication between the hiring manager, the internal talent team and of course Jamel. We were able to work through the interview process using Skype, video conferencing and lots of calls before flying Jamel to Nurembourg to visit the offices where he would work. These can only be likened to an amazing university campus with the adidas spirit underpinning everything.

With Jamel ticking all the boxes with his professional skills, cultural fit and the right levels of ambition, passion and commitment. It was with pleasure he was offered and accepted a new job as the Senior Social Media Manager for Originals at adidas.

This is where adidas comes into their own. Being such a well-established organisation they are accomplished at relocating new employees. Jamel is our 2nd international introduction to be relocated with adidas and it still astounds me at the simplicity with which the well-oiled mechanics take over. Once contracts were signed the process appears seamless.

Map Travel

Starting with Jamel’s personal stuff being packed up. This and he were transported to his new, temporary accommodation in Germany. Jamel was whirl-winded through an induction program which started with the basics from opening up a bank account, organising his transport to sourcing his longer-term home.

Within his first few months we’ve heard great reports. He’s had a whistle-stop trip through New York introducing himself to the agency and team and continues to build his identity within adidas. This is what can happen when you join an iconic global brand like adidas.

Jamel has been kind enough to review the support clockworkTalent were able to provide on this journey.

An asset in my application process, Natasha supported every step of the way from providing initial feedback about my new role to introducing me to my moving consultants. Natasha is a Recruiter I would highly recommend to any applicant who may want to explore opportunities presented to them.

Jamel Derdour, Senior Social Media Manager at adidas Originals

I am sure you join us in wishing Jamel continued success in his career. If, like Jamel, you’ve got a flourishing digital marketing career behind you. And if you’re open to job opportunities in either a brand or agency environment, please call me, Natasha for a discrete conversation on 0203 7514108 or send your CV to!

New jobs are posted on the clockworkTalent job board. However, you may wish to be notified of new jobs, industry news and opinions go live. We do this through our social media channels. Please do follow us on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn & Google+. We’re also on Pinterest Instagram if you fancy getting picturesque with us! Don’t forget to give us a LIKE & SHARE our content!

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10 Things We Learned At BrightonSEO

Another brightonSEO has come and gone, only this time the clockworkTalent team weren’t exhibiting which meant we had the pleasure of hearing the many influential speakers share their wisdom throughout the day!

In a few short years, brightonSEO has grown from a handful SEO’s meeting above a pub to 3,500+ marketers selling out the Brighton Centre in under 5 minutes! Now legendary in the industry, brightonSEO has expanded its offering to include a pre-conference training day, a full day conference loaded with much-revered industry speakers, a pre-party & an after party sponsored by leading marketing businesses!

The brightonSEO weekend was kicked off with The Tech Off! An evening previously described as ‘The Lovechild of TED Talks & WWE!’ which featured Mexican wrestlers, tech talks and chaos!

Kudos to the Tech Off organisers who have taken a perceived intellectual event into a cerebral crowd fuelled, geek off!!   And even more kudos to Dom ‘The Hodge’ Hodgson for laying it all out there and slam dunking the night with the most awesome share of ‘things he bought online’!

The Tech Off 2017 BrightonSEO

Then came Friday! Our MD, Natasha & Digital Marketing Executive Emma attended the brightonSEO talks and were amazed at the amount they learned! The conference itself is extremely highly regarded in the industry and offers Marketers an opportunity to share ideas, learn from their peers & meet likeminded people in their field!

And that’s exactly what clockworkTalent did!

The team were able to spend a great day in Brighton, catching up with some folks we’ve already found jobs for, people we’ve hired on behalf of and just lots of old and new friends including lunch with Brighton Digital Women.


Here are the top 10 things we learned at brightonSEO:

  • ‘Near Me’ is no longer needed for mobile search

Users are beginning to realise that Google knows when they are using mobile to search, and therefore that they mean pizza/shops/parking etc. nearby!

  • Dom Hodgson is an incredible rapper (and online shopper)

After winning The Tech Off on Thursday night, Dom was spotted at the conference with the prize wrestling belt! You can see his performance here. Don’t forget Dom is running (yes, running) multiple 10k’s for charity, donate here.

  • Orange suits are in but ‘funny’ 404 pages are out!

Christoph Cemper (in his now iconic orange, from top to bottom) explained ‘customers aren’t laughing’ when their search is interrupted by a pointless 404 page, they will simply go to your competitor.

brightonSEO September 2017 (29)

  • Future digital job titles will be shaped like a ‘Digital Knowledge Manager’

An interesting one for our Digital Marketing Recruiters, Duane Forrester explained that he has seen a shift in senior Digital roles. Instead of hiring Department Managers, new roles are evolving in businesses that aim to have one employee with overall responsibility for ALL digital assets of the business.

  • Sometimes you do have to answer to ‘generic cynical man’

Amy Harrison explained that even with the most exciting, successful digital campaign, you sometimes have to think like ‘Generic Cynical Man’ to back up your data.

brightonSEO September 2017 (24)

  • Google is not planning to mark non-HTTPS sites as insecure in SERPs

Google’s webmaster trends analyst, Gary Illyes explained during the conference’s Keynote Q&A that he is not aware of any plans for Google to mark sites that are not yet using HTTPS as insecure.

  • brightonSEO does the best freebies!

Did you manage to get your hands on the frozen cocktails, BrightLocal beer, yoyos from Sendible and Fresh Smoothies from SEMRush? Just to name a few!

  • Voice search is growing!

Already in the mainstream market with Google Home, Amazon Echo and Siri, voice search is growing and by 2020, 50% of searches are set to be through voice!  It’s becoming so mainstream that even Natasha’s own Sky Q TV can be voice searched using her remote control! Be prepared folks, voice search is only going to grow.

  • You CAN track dark social shares!

Chelsea Blacker explained how Marketers are able to track Dark Social shares by tracking URLs, find out how many times your content has been shared privately here!

  • Though it might be a personal aim, ‘having 300,000 Facebook fans is not a business objective’

Allegra Chapman opened her talk on measuring ROI for Social Media with the above statement explaining that no customer purchase journey is linear and your consumers aren’t on social media to buy things, they’re on there too… well, socialise! So measuring the success of your social media can be a challenge, see tips on Allegra’s slides here.

brightonSEO September 2017 (3)

If we have missed a key takeaway from the day, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

We hope you enjoyed the conference as much as we did!

If your day of networking and learning has inspired you to think about career progression, let our digital marketing recruitment specialists help you get your “utopia” job in digital. Get in touch by either calling 0203 7514108 or sending your CV to!

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Digital Diploma Determines Dream Job With NHS Professionals

You’ll know by now clockworkTalent is a recruitment agency which specialises in the hiring of digital marketing jobs…  

So it fills me with pride when other talent acquisition businesses turn to clockworkTalent for support in building up their inhouse digital marketing expertise!

Whether a job Board or a full blown recruitment agency, we’ve supported quite a number now. Most recently it has been NHS Professionals, introduced by our sister digital marketing agency – SiteVisibility, where we’ve expanded their team with a junior who came with bundles of enthusiasm and knowledge, looking for a great new home for her skills.

NHS Professionals is an organisations in the UK which supplied temporary staff to the National Health Service, currently managing the “bank” staff of more than 65 NHS Trusts across the UK.

The Head of Marketing and Communications, took the time to brief us, so we knew what she was really looking for. We also knew we had to get it right as she’d already had her time wasted reviewing applications which weren’t quite right.

Which is why we’re delighted to report we nailed it!

NHS Professionals Logo
Our candidate was Anum Choudhry we found after searching high and low. Already with a couple years industry experience under her belt, Anum has just received her Diploma in Digital Marketing from the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDDM). With this one year of learning, she was at the most cutting edge of the theory of marketing practices.

This was evident in her interview preparation, where she was great in the face to face competency interview but also delivered an exceptional response to the brief she was tasked with. Her response was not only innovative but showed the abundance of potential she would bring with her.

It’s with pleasure we wish Anum all the best in her career and thank her for the kind testimonial we received, reviewing our recruitment support which has resulted in her securing her new digital marketing job…

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for helping me get the ideal job i was looking for long time. I would highly recommend Natasha, her recruiting and communications skills are excellent, she is fast paced and transparent in her work, who is always keeping in loop all the key stakeholders during the process of recruitment. Her hard work, passion and commitment to work is incredible and rewarding. Thank you for all your support and constant feedback to help me get this role.

Anum Choudhry, Digital Marketing Executive, NHS Professionals

If you’re like Anum and are focused on progressing your Online / Digital Marketing career, register your details with clockworkTalent so we can consider you for our live jobs across the industry…

Like you, we also LOVE Social Media. Please do follow us on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn & Google+. We’re also on Pinterest & Instagram, if you fancy getting picturesque with us!

Don’t forget to give us a LIKE & SHARE our content!

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5 Brands Winning With Social Video!

Consumption of video content through social media has reached astronomical heights and 2017 is set to be a record year for video production & engagement but which brands are standing out from the rest?

2017 has, so far, lived up to expectations of being the year of video marketing! New video techniques are being explored and released every day, from live video to creative Instagram filters. In an expected response to this, marketers have made the most of the developments in video and are producing increasingly exceptional content.

FUN FACT! Facebook users watch 8 Billion videos per day!

We have previously written about our favourite digital marketing campaigns, but this time we are focusing solely on Social Video! With 60% of marketers using video in campaigns last year, it wasn’t hard to list stand out examples from memory!

Here are the top 5…

1- Buzzfeed Tasty

Part of the Buzzfeed family, Tasty has taken ideas from millions of POV instructional videos that can be found online and created their own winning recipe!

The videos take simple recipes and infuse them with beautiful shots of the cooking process. By adding a pinch of professionalism, a tablespoon of tech & generous helpings of cheese pulls & gooey chocolate slow mos, this company has championed the food porn industry.

Tasty is Buzzfeed’s fastest growing revenue source and the company are now setting their sights beyond video. In 2017, the brand published made-to-order recipe books and since then have developed the ‘One Top’ which is a mobile cooking hob that connects to their smartphone app.

This video, ‘Sliders 4 Ways’ has been viewed 194 million times on Facebook alone!

2-, “Melt”

Boohoo took LADbible’s Last lolly Standing live video concept to new, interactive heights by adding the element of competition.

The Brand froze a golden shoe inside a huge block of ice placed it in front of a heater. Users then commented ‘melt’ on the video to increase the heat and whoever commented closest to the shoe dropping from the ice block, won £500 worth of Boohoo vouchers!

Overall, the stunt reached an amazing 2,278,261 people and achieved a record-breaking 1,323,274 engagements, including 332, 895 video views.

3- LG

Low battery anxiety has become an internet joke, with memes, gifs and exaggerated posts allowing people to make fun of themselves.

LG recognised the relatability of low battery panic, especially across millennial social media users and created this therapy session video ad explaining how their product can solve low battery worries!

4- Knorr, #LoveAtFirstTaste

Knorr aced the merging of our 2 obsessions: Food & Romance!

As a society, we are fascinated by romance, specifically first dates. Dating programmes dominate television and videos of romantic events are shared widely across social media. Alongside this, food is said to be the one thing to bring people together.

This brilliant video campaign bought human emotion and the Knorr product together, producing amazing results! Generating over 31 million views in a single week, the video was a huge success and was later accompanied by a Knorr online quiz for users to discover their own flavour profile, to help with future romances… or cooking.

5- adidas Originals

adidas’ marketing strategy has now completely moved away from television and is concentrated on digital / mobile platforms. What this means is that their use of social video game has therefore stepped up to better engage with younger consumers.

Not only did they begin the year with an inspiring video campaign of female fitness & creativity but they have recently revamped one of their previous campaigns to prove ‘ORIGINAL is never finished’

The film was shared on YouTube before being broken down into clips for the brands other social channels including Instagram. Each clip features an influential figure, from Kendall Jenner to James Harden, 21 Savage and Young Thug.

Viewers are encouraged to use the hashtag #ORIGINALSis to share their own adidas clothing creations across Instagram – bloggers and fashion influencers included!

If you want to create exceptional video marketing campaigns for successful brands like those we’ve showcased in our Top5, check out our live job board where you’ll find a range of jobs in the social media landscape based across the UK and oversees! Did you know that clockworkTalent has even placed digital job seekers into adidas’ marketing team?

You can also find our latest opportunities & news on our social media channels Instagram, TwitterFacebookLinkedIn & Google+!

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