Digital Marketing Recruitment Agency.

Let’s face it, both hiring and job seeking in the digital industry can be painful. If you’re looking for a job you have to put up with recruiters talking to you about jobs which are completely irrelevant. If you’re an SEO or PPC marketer why are you going to be interested in a PHP development role…?!

…and if you’re the one doing the recruiting, you’re probably sick of receiving calls from recruiters who don’t really understand what’s involved in delivering search engine optimisation, content marketing and pay per click campaigns. Equally, there’s probably a good chance you’re receiving irrelevant CV’s just because they have a couple of acronyms within them that the recruiter doesn’t truly understand.

Well, the good news is that’s not us!

clockworkTalent are Specialists in Digital Marketing Recruitment, having been created by Online Marketing professionals who experienced the above and think it’s time for a change. We understand both employers and job seekers are looking for a recruitment partner who understands their market; who listens to what you want and who does what recruiters should do; speak to you about relevant opportunities, whether that’s candidates or jobs.

Although we are based just outside of Brighton, we support the hiring of Digital Marketing jobs right across the UK and Overseas. So no matter if you’re in London, Brighton, Cornwall, Merseyside, Edinburgh, Berlin, Amsterdam, New York or Sydney, we can help!

We’re experts in our field. We listen, we discuss, we offer our opinions and we give you the solutions.

If it’s time to make a career move or you’re struggling to find that ideal candidate, get in touch with us, we’re one click away…

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